Monday, October 9, 2017

Field Of Screams

So, the Official Cover Story is that Doofus did this, all of it, single-handed.
And that besides dragging half of his unused firearms collection to the 32d floor suite, he had cameras in the hall and on the peephole, to detect the arrival of Juan Pedro Paco De la Mar Sacramento Avocado, and the LVMPD, to discourage their efforts to interfere with what was being done.

Okay, arguendo, let's say that's the Real Story.

But we're also told he set up a video camera to record himself, in flagrante delicto.

Well, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: if that were true, TPTB could have released the video of sole actor Doofus merrily plugging festival concert goers like a little monkey on crack, and shooting through the door at the guard, and the police, and then capping himself, mirabile dictu.

And since, under this explanation, Doofus knew he was making the devil's own selfie of his misspent life's final deranged act, he might even have made some final explanation of the whys and wherefores of the whole caper, because crazy people like to have the last word, especially suicidal ones. Which would also have filled in that Alaska-sized hole in the narrative from last Sunday onwards to infinity.

Cutting this video loose would also bolster The Official Story to being proven, QED, at an unassailably bulletproof level of reliability, beyond anyone's reproach (except for the folks who listen to Coast-To-Coast every night, take notes, and keep the transcripts cross-referenced and filed in a small warehouse of file cabinets).

But, they haven't done that.
WTF not?!?

In increasing order of likelihood:
1) There's no video.
2) It exists, but it doesn't show what they need/want it to show.
3) TPTB are incompetent tone-deaf idiots, because government workers.
4) It doesn't show anything like the Official Cover Story, and what it does show isn't something they want to see the light of public scrutiny.
Possibly ever.
Possibly so catastrophic as to threaten all sorts of dire responses.

I have no idea which, or what other reason(s), there is for not releasing that video.
But if The Official Narrative were the truth, there are only hundreds of reasons in favor of letting it out ASAP.

But they haven't. Even eight days later. From a case they cracked in the first two hours.
With the Sole Perpetrator cold and stiff.

Which just convinces me of what the Fabulist Bullsh*t Inventors are really up to, and how reliable what we're being fed really is.

Draw your own conclusions.


George True said...

But, but, but...they have top people on this. TOP people.

Anonymous said...

“gunman shot security guard before opening fire”

Now they have to scramble to adjust the story...

jim rock said...

Dr. Jones: What men?

Govt F)cktard: Top men.

Aesop said...

Good point.
Post amended!

Aesop said...

And thanks for the story tip.

RSR said...

At one point, I saw that the video camera used to record was some sort of internet connected baby or pet monitoring camera... So it possibly was not recorded, just viewed, recorded somewhere in the cloud, or captured on a desktop by someone listening in...

So pure conjecture, but why would he have felt the need to stream his actions to the world wide web?
-Being blackmailed regarding something he considered to be "worse" than this shooting from his past?
-His girlfriend held hostage or other loved ones by bad guys?
-Sending the video to other bad guys to release it if needed in support of some larger plot? Perhaps related to his "plan to escape" and whatever else came after?
-I can't really think of any other plausible reasons even under conjecture, so etc?

RSR said...

*saw it mentioned on the interwebs, but uncertain of veracity.

froginblender said...

Yeah, I don't think that camera(s) recording inside Paddock's suite was stated by an official, merely "reported" in the media. Though I could be wrong and it wouldn't surprise me, given the general incompetence shown by authorities.