Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Latest Vegas Shooting Press Conference

They've got a new briefer...

But his story never changes:

"I know nothing!"


The Gray Man said...

Idiots are wasting our time.

Cavalryman40 said...

The bomb just dropped, it hasn't exploded yet. I was listening to Wayne Allen Root on the radio on the way home this afternoon. He came on after the break and said he just got off the phone with a "very reliable source that he has known for years" in the Clark County DA's office. His source told him that Sheriff Lombardo is lying and he has been covering for the FBI at their insistence. And that the FBI is covering up what really took place at the shooting. I think we all suspected that, at lease we all know we are not being told the truth. BUT to have someone in a local DA office call a national syndicated radio show and accuse a local Sheriff and the FBI of covering up a crime is unheard of. At least to me. Now does the National Media pick this up and run with this? If so then the bomb goes off. Or do they ignore it, as I expect they will? I think we will know in 24-48 hours.