Monday, October 2, 2017

Vegas Shooting - Updated

This story is developing minute-to-minute, and will be updated as possible.

Unidentified victims on the ground immediately after the Las Vegas shooting.
Those of you waking up will hear, or have heard, that there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Suspect on 32d floor fired approx. 300Y across street, from Mandalay Bay hotel into crowded music festival.
At this point, Vegas local Sumdood (unidentified as of this moment) unloaded what multiple video recordings make plain was easily 100+ rounds on what had to be either extremely rapid semi-automatic, or possibly full-auto fire, from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, onto fans crowded into the Harvest Festival country music concert event below.

Another victim awaiting rescue down after the shooting stopped.

At this moment, the shooter (there apparently being only one) was taken out by LVMPD SWAT after exchanging fire with the police, in a rather one-sided event, once they figured out which floor and room he was in, and is dead on scene.

At least 20 victims at the concert below are reported dead as of now, including two police officers, and 100 more people are injured, many of them critically. The death toll is likely to rise.

Bystanders carrying woman gunned down at concert to help.

No information on the shooter - other than that he was a local resident - has been released yet, including possible motive(s), the weapon(s), how many rounds fired, etc. are available at the moment, and per LVMPD, their investigation is ongoing. The believe they have the one and only shooter, but they're looking for his female companion, one Marilou Danley.

Kudos to Las Vegas Police for finding the sumbitch, and killing the fuck out of him on the spot.

I won't speculate who'd open fire on a huge crowd of country music fans with hundred(s) of rounds, and stick around afterwards for a certainly and actually suicidal confrontation with the police, exactly as transpired.

Best wishes to the victims and their families, and congrats to the police who took care of business. If there are any accomplices, I hope they get them all the same way as efficiently as the first one.

UPDATE: NBC News ID'ed shooter per PD as Danley's roommate/bf:
The suspected gunmen in the Las Vegas shooting has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, Nevada, according to NBC News.
CNBC  and ABC have both also upped the tally of victims to 50 dead and 200 injured, but based on no discernible sources anywhere, at this point. Caveat emptor. I hope they're both wrong about those numbers. 20 is bad enough.

Daily Sheeple's site has reported that approx. 45 minutes before shooting, a "crazy woman" got into altercation at concert, and told everyone there they were all going to die:
In yet another startling revelation in a night full of pure craziness, an eyewitness to the shooting in Las Vegas that left at least 20 people dead and over 100 injured has claimed that a women pushed her way to the front of the concert 45 mins before the actual shooting and threatened everyone around that they would soon be dead.
“So there was a lady who pushed her way forward into the first row and she started messing with another lady. She told us we were all going to die tonight – it was about forty five minutes before the shots were fired,” stated the witness.

If that mystery woman turns out to have been Marilou Danley, she's looking at conspiracy and accessory charges, unless they happily shoot her on sight as well.


Signifying Nothing said...

For what it's worth, ISIS is claiming he's a convert.

SAM said...

The FBI always state that there is no connection to ISIS. Think about that Orlando nightclub shooting. Old Macdonald had a farm sorry ISIS say the shooter [Omar Mateen] was a member of ISIS (got it right this time) and Omar Mateen said he was a member of ISIS. But the FBI, the media, and Obanner all said “nothing at all to do with the followers of Mohamerhead”.

Aesop said...

Reality will come out eventually.
He may have been just a sick twisted bastard.

And as usual, pity he didn't kill himself before opening fire.

SAM said...

To be fair all we know is he was found dead in his room after the shooting and it looked like sometime after.

Aesop said...

No, we know he was in the room shooting, which is how they homed in on the right room, but when they breached the door, he was dead of a likely self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Given the layout of Vegas hotel rooms, it isn't likely the "real" gunman rappelled out the window, or exfiltrated through the toilet trap, with a full SWAT team outside the door having cleared the entire floor.

Hoofbeats = horses, not zebras.

Anonymous said...

i have been saying for over 5 years now that i avoid large crowds and large venues. wonder if all the fuckers that laughed at me now get it thru their head. 4-chan listed shooter was democrat voter some time ago.

rick said...


The reports I have read show something like 70 minutes between opening fire and the room assault. I've also read that the shooting only lasted 20 minutes or so. There is ample time in that window for people to simply leave by the front door, right? Forensics is the only way we will know for certain.

Aesop said...

The only problem there is that the way SWAT found the room to assault was by the gunfire coming from inside before they breached.

There's no doubt somebody was in there shooting when they set up their perimeter.

But the fact that you have multiple weapons, windows, and possibly rooms indicates it's quite possible that he wasn't the only shooter of all the rounds fired, and the fact that there were possibly two vehicles there is curious. Clearly, he didn't drive both of them there himself simultaneously, from Mesquite, some 82 miles away on the Utah state line.

Another shooter might easily have been there at the beginning, split early, and not been there at the end. But someone, overwhelmingly Paddock, had to be there and shooting long enough to let the cops know which door to kick down.