Wednesday, October 18, 2017

San Diego/Santo Domingo = Same Same

If anything, I'm being too harsh on the far-cleaner streets of Santo Domingo's slums.

By request:
"Not to change the subject, but could our esteemed host do a post concerning the Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego?"

File this under: Dealing With Other People's Sh*t. Literally.

A wise historian once said that the story of western civilization's progress boils down to the rise of sanitation, refuse removal, and achievement of running water and indoor plumbing.
And that the most frequent reason for near-area migration was literally a village/town/city moving far enough away to escape the smell and pest problems from their burgeoning trash heaps and dung hills.

Herein, living proof of concept.

San Diego (indeed, all of CA, esp. the coastal regions) is overrun by homeless waste-of-skin douchebags. Frisco's been dealing with the problem for decades, and they even publish poop-avoidance maps in Shitistan By The Bay for the feces-averse:

(I call it Frisco because it pisses the natives off.
Pissed on, pissed off, in for a penny, in for a pound...of feces.
Maybe Bay Area folks could change the name to San Franshitsco?)

Then, there's the perennial problem of drug addicts carelessly leaving their discards where anyone can get punctured by them. (So, where are all the "Legalize everything!" folks now...anyone? Beuller? Ferris Beuller...?) This helpfully adds lifelong incurable Hep B and C to the treatable Hepatitis A problem. Any large-"L" Libertarians in the audience? Tell me how you deal with near-zero government solutions to this problem. Or does this sort of thing fall inside the lines of Things It's Okay-to-beat-folks-into-submission-to? Just curious.

Pssst! Someone tell the Sierra Club and
EarthFirst! that junkies are polluting pigs.
When Antifa starts beating up homeless junkies,
I'm buying popcorn.

Rather than run them in for lawlessness, or run them out of town, city governments full of jackholes (San Diego city council, call your office...) let them shoot up, piss, and shit everywhere, which has real-world public health consequences.

And Unintended Consequences Factor: Last November the Usual Leftarded Jackholes Reliable Demotard Voters in the coastal enclaves inflicted a ban on plastic bags as a free item, requiring retailers to begin charging customers starting the next day the princely sum of $0.10@ for every plastic bag everywhere, forever.

Which took a handy expedient crap receptacle out of the arsenal of the 17 homeless people who'd at least make the minimum effort. (Thanks, Governor Moonbeam!)

Thus, when shit and piss literally run down the streets and carpet the town from one end to the other, San Diego more resembles Santo Domingo. Or, the bottom of an outhouse sump.
Hepatitis A (invariably with a fecal-oral vector, meaning someone else's chocolate gets in your peanut butter) ensues. Unless you bleach your shoes after every foray outside your domicile, and surgically scrub your hands after removing them, or touching anything outside your safe space.

If you think it's funny, imagine you're eight or ten years old, and ride your bike past Joe the Wino's refrigerator-box castle, stop to fill you bike tire with air at the corner gas station where Mary MethFreak unloads whatever squirts out after she's salvaged half a  burrito from behind Taco Bell or the rotten produce behind the QuickieMart, but poor eight year old you didn't wash your hands afterwards, and hastily consumed a chocolate and hepatitis-flavored candybar with your besplattered hands. Wait a day or three. Then ask mommy why your eyes are yellow where they should be white. Not nearly so funny now, is it mijo?
Or you walk from the car to the strip mall business door, not realizing that wasn't dew on the sidewalk or parking lot, but rather it was doodoo, and later on, took your (no, that isn't mud wedged under the heel) shoes off, and then pulled back the tab on a cold one. And now have N/V/D: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, along with fatigue, and looking a shade of yellow you don't recall ever looking before.

In 1980, this was all good fun.

This is not. Ever.

They're trying to vaccinate everyone in jails, but that's a tail-wagging solution to a rabid dog problem: it only stops the inmates from getting Hepatitis A (for awhile) not Average Joe. Or his kids.

Public defecation/urination should get an automatic non-negotiable hefty cash fine and non-time-reducible six-month chain-gang sentence for the first offense (No money for the fine? not a problem, Leaky Pants: you will work off the fine at the prevailing prison wage rate, at something like $0.30/hr, after doing the six months, on the same chain gang), with summer months being served in the hotter-than-hell desert section of East SD County, filling potholes and cracks with asphalt and hot tar from can-see to can't-see each day, six days a week. On Sundays, they can rest, in their tents, in the same desert.

Winter should be spent shoveling sand and mud hip-deep in the S.D. harbor when water temps run right around 50 degrees. If Navy SEALs can handle it, so can pubic crappers, as overwhelmingly most of them are the toothless, banjo-playing kinfolk from the Other 49 States, here for the sunshine and welfare bennies. If they elect to GTFO of California after the first such sentence, boo frickin' hoo.

Repeat offense should garner a longer sentence, and a third strike and all subsequent should be a felony, where the penal system can administer to them the basic toilet training mommy and daddy neglected.

If they're adjudicated too crazy for that, establish a lovely colony for them on San Miguel Island, some 35 miles off the CA coast, and currently inhabited solely by goats, and let us airdrop food bundles to them weekly, where they can pee and crap themselves wherever they choose, but their free-in-society privileges are permanently revoked on the second offense. (If someone wants to rename it Shutter or Devil's Island, I'm fine with that too.)

Live by society's most basic rules, or lose your right to roam around in it freely.

Someday, when I'm Emperor For A Day.


Phil said...

The Commie fucking morons in Seattle went so far around the bend that they declared hosing the streets and sidewalks to get rid of the excrement to be reminiscent of the firehosing of the blacks protesting back in the 60's and banned it.
Until they finally figured out what San Diego, Frisco and the rest of the stupid bastards down in Kommiefornia are just now realizing, people crapping all over the streets and sidewalks is a major health hazard.

It's hard for me to fathom people being that ignorant about this basic bit of centuries old wisdom but then again, that's why Velcro straps were put on foot wear, because some of these humanoids are too fucking stupid to tie their own shoes.

As if the Hepatitis outbreak wasn't bad enough, you watch, Dysentary is going to be making a comeback right behind it if they don't get a handle on this problem.

When you can't take care of basic sanitation then you have a very serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. A few years ago I was in Italy and visited Pompeii, THEY had indoor plumbing with actual pipes and closed sewers twenty centuries ago. And people in modern-day America are crapping in the street. My freaking CATS knew to crap in the litterbox and cover it (well, until they realized that not covering it didn't scare the cat food away).

Hepatitis, Dysentery, Cholera, E Coli, just a few items on the crap-everywhere hit parade, none of them good.

Maybe this is just what happens when you interfere with Darwin and allow people lacking basic survival skills to survive?

Mark D

MMinWA said...

Ahhh, that was a pretty graphic take down. It used to be a C note for a round trip flight from Denver to SD and we'd hit it once or twice a month-the beaches were wonderful. Them dayz are long gone.

loren said...

Did the same exact thing. Stayed on Chrystal Pier. No snow in sight and a great respite from Colorado's crappy Spring weather.
SD not the last place I'd go now, but close. Just booked a flight to Cambodia to avoid the Wisconsin winter. It may be poor and chaotic but the people are civilized enough not to crap in the streets.
It's really a mystery to me why liberals tolerate, even encourage this life style. What possible benefit does it infer to them or society? Do they want society to come crashing down? They have to realize that the aftermath would clearly not be kind to the liberal way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

GREAT solution to the problem in those last few graphs!
We were out in SD a coupla months ago for my Dad's 90th and walked a bit of downtown from the rental car agency to the Maritime Museum; apparently we didn't tread in anything (we're pretty observant of our path) but I get the feeling we narrowly dodged bullets.
And yes, loren; on some level the left does want OUR society to "come crashing down" because we're all BAD. They have NO rational idea (I could just stop there) of the aftermath.
Boat Guy

lineman said...

It won't be just dysentery Brother it will be every 3rd world disease imaginable...

lineman said...

It all comes down to they are suicidal problem is they want to take as many as they can down with them...All of their ideas lead to the death of them and others...

Mike_C said...

> it will be every 3rd world disease imaginable
Yeah. I've been wondering about what's appearing in western Europe, what with all the poor refugee military-age males (with mean IQs well below body temperature).

The MMWR (CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) is a good resource for data on numerous health problems in the US. The link to Table II (part 6) gives the pertinent hepatitis A data.

The TL;DR is that California has (provisionally) 507 cases of hepA so far this year, while the total for all of 2016 was 187.

Bear in mind that the number of cases reported/suspected is probably considerably smaller than the actual number of new cases of hepA.

Anonymous said...

About a month ago I saw a guy spray a crap on the wall of the CVS at 7th and Market. You can still see the outline of the stain. Now the homeless are moving into the bike paths on both sides of the San Diego river. A formerly enjoyable ride is suddenly feeling unsafe and dirty.

Anonymous said...

This is a fun map:

With over 80% of the population living in urban areas, this does not bode well.

Anonymous said...

And hey, plague is back!


Anonymous said...

I was actually homeless for a time (my fault) so I know a bit about living without and living poor. There's no excuse to be dirty. You can keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Soap is cheap and water is free. You also need not shit and piss all over. In an urban area you can urinate in containers and defecate on paper or plastic, seal it up and dispose of it in a dumpster. In a more rural setting you can dig a simple latrine. It's not rocket science. The entire time I was homeless I was working 2 jobs and no one had a clue I was homeless and living in a tent. I was clean and the only odor I had was soap with a hint of wood smoke. I saved my money, got back on my feet and got a roof over my head and no one was the wiser. Most homeless are homeless by choice. They're druggies, crazy or just lazy bums. If you want to not be homeless, especially in an urban area, there are people falling over each other trying to help you.

Aesop said...


The Gray Man said...


I absolutely MUST know more about this San Francisco "shit map". What is it and what the hell is it used for?

Mike_C said...

> I absolutely MUST know more about this San Francisco "shit map".

You don't need to know about any shit map. No one needs a shit map. Just dress modestly, cover your hair with a scarf, and keep at least one meter distance, and the shit will not bother you.
-Henriette Reker, Mayor of Cologne

Aesop said...

The story:

The map:

"In San Francisco, the sh*t piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it." - Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now

Dianna said...

Anonymous wrote: " If you want to not be homeless, especially in an urban area, there are people falling over each other trying to help you."


I work in nonprofit world on the funding side. There are agencies, and they will help you if you want help. I cannot emphasize this enough - if you see someone on the street begging who says they can't get help, they are either lying or not looking very hard.

Dianna said...

Gray Man, it's to help those of us who work in SF avoid the worst places.

Not that it does much good. *Shudder*

There are a lot of reasons that I don't eat in San Francisco any more. I bring my lunch, I sanitize my hands and I don't touch anything on public transit.

tweell said...

During my time as a reserve squid, a homeless guy decided to target the reserve center with his 'leavings'. Every duty day, there'd be a large deuce on the front doormat, and the guy'd wipe his crack on the edge of the building there. The duty NCO got to clean it up, which made an annoying duty a disgusting one.

The first and last time I had to deal with the mess, I had a chat with the unit XO, who'd come up through the ranks to warrant and then LDO. He and I armed ourselves with candy and visited the marine detachment, and managed to borrow a CS grenade. My XO unscrewed the top of the grenade and powdered the edge of the building with CS. The next morning, a deuce was waiting, but there was blood on the building, and it was the last time we had that problem. :)

Sentenza said...

I currently live in Montana. 40 below winters help keep the riff-raff away.


John ShootBetter said...

We have relatives in the San Diego area whom we visit once or twice per year. We've taken to running plastic shopping bags to them when we visit. We live in a free state and thus have a surfeit of them. I always wind up with the Smokey and the Bandit theme song stuck in my head.

It's interesting to think about the relationship between homeless defecation and plastic bags. It's not a link I would've made on my own. File it under, "unintended consequences."

lineman said...

Amen Brother it sure does...