Saturday, October 14, 2017

Las Vegas Still Makes No Sense

Everything about this case leads nowhere. Exactly as I suspect was intended from the outset.

We know Stephen Paddock was found dead at the scene.
We know 197 people were shot, ostensibly from a suite comped to Paddock, from a pair of rooms he began staying in 6 and 1/2 days prior to the shooting.
We know in it were found thousands of rounds of ammunition and 23 weapons, at least 20 of which were nothing but props, and which the carting to the premises was nothing but theatre, and not expediency.
We know that Paddock acquired 33 of the nearly 50 weapons he owned in the last 12 months.
We know he stayed at hotels overlooking several other concert sites recently.
We know he had 10-20 or more 100-round Surefire magazines that fit all the .223 AR-type rifles found in Vista Suite 32-135.
We know Paddock had virtually no online footprint, no political or religious affiliations, a far-beyond-comfortable nest-egg, and no discernible reason(s), neither personal, mental, or physical, to shoot 197 strangers and kill 58 of them, plus himself.
We know cameras were placed to allow a shooter inside the suite to see the approach of police coming up a long corridor to the room.
We know the emergency stairwell right outside his suite door was secured shut.
We know that a hotel security person, and a maintenance worker, were summoned to the exact floor and wing in question mere minutes before the shooting, by an unsecured door alarm three doors down from Paddock's rooms. How convenient.
We know someone inside the room fired several bursts at both of these men, at spitting distance, yet managed only one superficial injury to the guard, and none to the maintenance man.
We know that hotel security was notified within seconds, several minutes before shooting began on the concert, but that it took the police 18-19 minutes to arrive on the 32d floor, and who waited another hour and change after that to enter the suspect suite.
We know that over several minutes after that, hundreds to thousands of rounds were fired, ostensibly from the suite, at a concert site packed with attendees, at a range well within the effective range of an AR .223 rifle, and at a rate boosted to near full-auto cycling by the use of bump stocks.
We know that target was nearly the size of a WWII aircraft carrier.
We know no one on the ground immediately beneath the hotel reacted untoward after the initial bursts.
We also know that the initial pounding or shooting out of the windows on the 32d floor also produced no alerts, alarms, or anything else below.
We know that most of the exits from the concert venue were locked, trapping attendees in a large, stadium-lit killing zone for minutes during the onslaught, with a rat maze of obstacles to contend with to attempt to flee.
We know that after the initial burst down the hall, and after finishing the 6-minute killing bursts on the concert, no further fire was placed on either venue, and that it was several minutes, perhaps as many as 10, between the end of firing from the suite, and the arrival of the first LVMPD officers at the hallway landing on the 32d floor.

And that's everything.

We don't know why Paddock (or whoever) did this.
In fact, we don't know of any motive whatsoever, we have every circumstantial reason to suspect he did not, except for the fact that he was found dead in the room, with one bullet through his head.
We don't know the estimated time of his death.
We don't know how many rounds were fired.
We don't know how many expended brass shell casings were recovered from the suite and adjoining rooms.
We don't know how many shooters there were.
We don't know who came and went from his suite in the days and hours before the shooting, nor who might have left in the minutes after it.

And then there are the questions.
Why should any wealthy retiree decide to kill three-score strangers, just for the helluvit?
Where did Paddock's money actually come from? (You don't win millions at video poker. But it's a great way to launder millions playing video poker, while losing a token amount; call that a laundry service fee.)
Why would a guy with two planes, several houses, and no worries shoot hundreds of strangers?
Why not just crash a plane into them, and vastly increase the tally of dead, assuming you were going to do that at all?
Where did Paddock fly to and from, from the day he got his license to the day he died?
Where did he regularly disappear to in the years before his death?
Why is one of his planes now owned by a VA LLC whose profile screams "CIA cover company"?
Why is there a number of discrepancies between federal records and registrations for his aircraft, and that of a private site that notably simply mirrors federal records?
Who has the power to scrub flight plans, and fiddle registration numbers?
What trips, and where, did Paddock take to and from anywhere since, say, 9/11/2001, when federal records-keeping should have notably become more comprehensive?
Where did Paddock - if he did it - sight in his weapons and practice with them? (I'm good, but no one just wakes up one day and opens fire on a crowd at optimum sniping ranges and hits center of mass, at night, with cold shots, from never-fired weapons, on bump-fire. No fucking way.)
Where did Paddock learn to shoot? Not from family, military, or any other discernible sources, yet everything about the act, including the paper calculations found on the paper near the body, bespeaks of training and education in the gentle art of killing people with a sniper's meticulous precision that he shows no evidence of ever having received, save by osmosis from gun oil.
I could go on, as I have only a hundred more, because so far, every fact revealed about this case produces five necessary new questions for every one it answers.

The official narrative is plainly bullshit.
A security guard with no guard papers.
A killer with no motive.
A sniper with no training.
"Mental illness" pulled out of the hat with much hand-waving, but only to explain the final 72 minutes of a case that demonstrates anything but that. (If you go there, you're a retarded jackhole building castles in the sky with cotton candy. Quote me.)
Dozens of weapons with no purpose.
A convenient alarm right by the suite, just before the attack. (Pull the other leg, it's got bells on it.)
An ear-witness, miraculously not killed by hundreds of rounds fired at him in a straight hallway at mere yards, who then disappears the minute scrutiny turns to him.
All potentially corroborating video and electronic evidence of the Official Narrative hoovered up (you should forgive the unintentional pun) immediately afterwards by the FBI, and unreleased two weeks later, conspicuous by its total absence, and which would shut down further speculation in three seconds if the narrative were anything close to the truth.
A sheriff who can't get the most basic facts of the case assembled coherently, despite two weeks and multiple attempts. (And with the Bureau's vulture sitting on his shoulder and looking shark-eyes at him for every word of every press conference since Hour One.)
A total official stonewall until all further information is squelched and pinched off.

Nearly two weeks later, there are still stories full of metric fucktons of derp; and others full of well-informed clarity, but even the best of them only add questions far more than answers.

(And sorry boys and girls, but wild flights of "the belt-fed .30 cal", pseudo-scientific analysis of shitty audio and shakycam cellphone vids, and tales of multiple shooters from hysterical victims fleeing for their lives, all the way to "The One-Armed Man On The Grassy Knoll" theories, aren't helping anything along. Corroborated evidence beyond hearsay, or it didn't happen, capice?)

This is all - everything we've been told to "just accept" - so much horseshit.
Fifty eight people were killed, and 197 shot, in service of nothing whatsoever but a bullshit narrative, which serves nothing, so far, except the agenda to overturn the Second Amendment, and restrict the liberty of millions of people who didn't do it.

And, just saying, but isn't it miraculous how there were no mass shootings for pretty much the entire last administration - oh, except for some "workplace violence" at Ft. Hood - but totes coincidentally, both of the last two Republican admins get, respectively, 9/11, and now Vegas, both at the end of their first summer in office?
After being hamstrung in both cases by overweening, overwhelming, well-orchestrated astroturf campaigns and frothingly insane attempts to completely de-legitimize their elections?
I'm sure that doesn't mean anything, and it's all pure random chancey happenstance.
Move along. Nothing to see here.

If anything substantial comes to light, I'll come back to this. But nothing more seems to be forthcoming at this point.
By Official Design and Intent.

If they wished it were otherwise, they could be doing daily show-and-tell with bank records, flight records, travel records, a parade of the dozens to hundreds of corroborating witnesses, and hours of video from the Mandalay Bay Resort security cameras.
They have not done so, deliberately, and probably because they don't have anything that would show that, and what they do have undermines it, wholesale and totally.
Chew on that for awhile.

The only thing they produce by that is uncertainty, and widespread unease and distrust.
Chew on that for awhile, too.

This entire case is a naked man with a rhinoceros in his armpit trying to do magic tricks and pull it out from under his handkerchief.
"Nice try, genius, but we can see the rhinoceros!"


RSR said...

Aesop - what do you make of the "fake wounded" angle? My take is too darn difficult to pull off by anyone, but found this an interesting take nonetheless:
Alleged military surgeon says that odd/raises ?s that none of vegas alleged wounded ended up dying from wounds and how alleged wounded acted during trump tour:

Aesop said...

Seen it, days ago.

It's a guy who has to be 75-90 years old, prognosticating about things he doesn't know, with his head shoved up his ass, and complete bullshit.

Send him his 15 Minutes of Fame Award, and get the hook to pull him off of the stage of this episode of Internet Idiot.

The tally of dead/wounded gibes perfectly with 200 victims all occurring 5 minutes from a world-class Level I trauma center straight up the I-15.

58 people Dead Right There, 139 distributed roughly evenly between critical, delayed, and superficial GSW injuries, and nearly 400 people with FDGBs, contusions, abrasions, minor fractures, and shit stains in their underwear while fleeing, and spouting incredible tales of panicked lunacy while hopped up on adrenaline and in justified mortal fear for their lives.

In other words, exactly what you'd expect if you opened fire on 20K people at night, out of nowhere, despite the senile ramblings of Sumdood from his surgical days back in the Nam, and who knows jack and squat about the details of this case, but does have a keyboard.


loren said...

Your take seems spot on except for;
" hits center of mass, at night, with cold shots, from never-fired weapons, on bump-fire. No fucking way.)"
The center of mass was 20K people and it was lit up like daylight. Sniper doesn't enter into it, just hold the trigger and reload very 100 rounds. Like shooting fish in a barrel if there was no water and topped up with fish.
Just glad he didn't have a tripod mounted 30 cal loaded with hunting rounds.

Badger said...

Told a friend immediately after news broke that someone was going to make sure every item on someone's ban wishlist was found. This includes sufficient redundant sheer numbers of weapons & ammo to drive possession limits, like crappie or bluegill. Suppressors? No problem, that'll be DOA by association. I can tell they're lying; their lips are moving.

Aesop said...

You evidently totally missed where I pointed out the target in question was the size of a WWII aircraft carrier, and stadium-lit.

The point is, to hit that accurately, which he did, you still don't pull an unfired rifle (or 23) off the shelf, point them roughly that-a-away, and get 200 hits, at night, with bump-fire. You can get hits on that target at that range, but not that way.

You also don't do napkin math on bullet drop and your elevation above the target with zero weapons training.

So somebody, somewhere, was schooled. Which, we're assured, would not include Paddock. So once again, they rule him out as the shooter, then double down on him being the shooter.

That's why every time we're told something, it contradicts something or everything else we were told before.

They can't make the shooter fit the shooting.
They can't make the timeline fit the incident, or any of the witnesses.
They keep trying to pound square pegs into round holes.

There is precedent for this sort of thing: Roman and Jewish leaders trying to explain what happened to Jesus' body after his burial.

Irish said...

From Ann coulter. FWIW:

loren said...

Nah, still not buying it.
Hit what accurately? 173 people out of 20 thousand? Figure he picked those particular people out?
Bullet drop over 300 yds? A few inches? Hit one guy instead of the guy next to him? Cold barrel? Who gives a shit with minute of aircraft carrier accuracy. He did miss most of his shots.
I've shot bump fires. Can't hit shit, but can hit every damn thing around it which is exactly what this dude did.
Well some dude anyway.

Anonymous said...

"...We know that over several minutes after that, hundreds to thousands of rounds were fired, ostensibly from the suite, at a concert site packed with attendees, at a range well within the effective range of an AR .223 rifle, and at a rate boosted to near full-auto cycling by the use of bump stocks...."

IT IS ABSOLUTELY INARGUABLE THAT THERE ARE MULTIPLE SHOOTERS, and that at least one of the weapons being fired is a belt-fed .30 caliber (7.62mm) machinegue like this one unleashing bursts in excess of 100 rounds in a volley (100 rounds is the maximum capacity of a SureFire magazine, and they are the largest available for AR or AK platforms).


Rambo knows a belt-fed .30 caliber machinegun when he hears it.

(If any of these videos do not play for you, install Opera and try again.)

So can we all get the same page here?

- - - - -

And now that we are, we can move on to finding the bitches I.e., where are the fucking belt-fed machineguns used in the attack? They're *gone* down the stairwell is where (or never there in the first place, as from acoustics it sure doesn't sound like everything blazed away from the 34th floor, and there would be belt-links and 7.62 brass in Paddock's room if an M60 or M240 were used...unless they shoot on top of a blanket, then wadded that up and took it with them). *Everything* in Paddock's room appears to be a prop (although a few were apparently fired briefly, either that night or elsewhere).

And: where are the FUCKING BULLETS? Are you seriously shitting me that not one has been obtained yet from the crime scene? I wouldn't trust a coroner not to lie straight out his ass because they're government employees who know where their bread is buttered and are frequently tasked with covering up LEFO malfeasance, but for fuck's sake: has not one of 21,000 unshot people found a spent round? For realz?

Not even the LVMPD has trotted out a "magic bullet" photo yet, and it doesn't appear than any have been found in a victim, or at least not that anyone is advertising yet.

- - - - -

If you are talking about anything else (bump-fires, accuracy, etc) prior to nailing down the weapon platform then you are wasting everybody's time either inadvertently (through ignorance or stupidity) or deliberate malfeasance (i.e., are a professions shill FUD'ing comment threads to push narratives).

Anonymous said...

Addendum: To head off any jazz about how the "overlap" audio signature might be pavement ricochets, listen here. Very, very obviously two different weapons. Not echoes. Not ricochets.

Anonymous said...

This is planned.

Obfuscate the investigation. Put out confusing "facts".
Within a few weeks, no one will care.

Plan next mass shooting.

Repeat as necessary to eliminate our rights to gun ownership.

Do you see this yet?


Anonymous said...

"High Incident Project".

Part 1
Part 2

bobbookworm said...

Just out of curiosity, has anybody out there looked at this from the magician perspective? That is, one hand distracting so the other can do something unnoticed.

RSR said...

Thanks for the reply Aesop. Zero experience with treating GSWs and associated recovery and figured you'd probably seen a few to indicate whether that angle had any credence...

Bezzle said...

4 seconds: a short burst from close by, followed by echoes two seconds later. Silence until about 47 seconds, then two short faint bursts from a much more distant weapon. At 1:08 the close weapon opens up again, loudly, followed by echoes, pauses a few seconds, then begins firing again. The distant weapon weapon then begins firing with overlapping sound and the first falls silent. At 1:22 a weirdly muffled, possibly even further distant third weapon is heard firing. At 1:26, a nearly continuous twenty-second-long volley is unleashed with three half-second pauses. Either a single shooter was swapping magazines in under a second, or there are three guns, or a belt-fed weapon is hiccuping due to belt-tension.

RSR said...

LV PD reporting Campos used cell phone to report shooting:

Campos allegedly started working at hotel 6/30/17:

Valet who unloaded Paddock's car said in an interview:
"seemed like a normal guy" "nothing too weird about him... Didn't have anything crazy with him that I can remember [...] like weird luggage"

The news station ultimately scrubbed that interview and article from their website.
And now the valet is allegedly missing just like Campos

halfdar said...

Howdy, all.
Just wanted to note something here. Since the MSM have by now noticed that 'you can't stop the signal', they have turned to the only option they really have, which is to convince you to ignore the signal. It's dangerous, or it makes you a racist. It's wrong, it's lies, it's homophobic. All of these and more become operative simultaneously, so obscuring the signal that it is in short order difficult to discern.
It explains why the police keep changing their story. We are watching the process of the signal being dismantled. I understand the lead on this one are the FBI, and that being the case this would mean that the local police aren't saying shit until the Bureau tells them how much and what colour. In sum, then, the Feds are doing the dismantling, the discrediting, and the obfuscating, and it is by now rather insulting how obviously they proceed in this with the assumption that you & I won't notice.

Truly breathtaking, so it is.

The Gray Man said...

Keep prepping.

lineman said...

In sum, then, the Feds are doing the dismantling, the discrediting, and the obfuscating, and it is by now rather insulting how obviously they proceed in this with the assumption that you & I won't notice.
It's not the assumption that we won't notice it's the assumption that we can't do shit about it which is a pretty damn good assumption...They know from Waco one and two, Ruby Ridge, OKC, 9/11, Malhaur, that no matter what is revealed or not that government will keep on lumbering on...

lineman said...

100 rounds is the maximum capacity of a SureFire magazine, and they are the largest available for AR or AK platforms).
Actually they make a 150rd drum mag for a AR so your wrong about that which doesn't lend much credence to the rest of your screed...

Cavalryman40 said...

It would be interesting to examine his tax returns for the last decade of so, and see if his income matched up with his lifestyle. My bet is it doesn't. But that is two obvious an approach. Haven't heard of one word about it from the Feds who are so "baffled" in this case. I am willing to guess we have a guy with a couple of million dollars in reportable income who managed to launder 10 times that amount through video crack machines. Funny how that kind of action did not raise any red flags with the IRS. For those who don't understand any winning over $1200 is reported to the IRS. For someone who played at the level Paddock did, that would be an almost daily occurrence. Unless he never cashed out and just kept playing until it was gone. But then, if that was his style of play, he would have been broke in a month.

Yore Quotes said...

Very nice post

Anonymous said...

Sir, the middle ground between uncritical acceptance of whatever authorities happen to put out and paranoid flights of fancy has often seemed exceedingly narrow to me.

However, your ongoing analysis of the Vegas shooting proves that it is possible to be critical, skeptical and highly productive in raising the questions that need to be asked and holding LVPD and FBI accountable. In a sane world, investigative reporters working for major news media would be getting paid doing what you do as a labor of love.

Thank you.

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 5:56P
1) It is easily arguable that one shooter did all this, and with any of the weapons and magazines actually found in the room.
Nothing that was accomplished requires a second shooter, for any reason whatsoever. There may have been one, or more, but there needn't necessarily be any more than one.
(It also could have been anyone, and may have been someone other than Paddock, or in addition to Paddock, which is the exact problem with what we don't know, and what TPTB can never know: they had no one in position to secure the hallway before the Rockettes, naked, and each carrying Trunk Monkeys with Assault Slingshots exited the suite in question.
TPTB: "We know that didn't happen, because we had no one there to see it, but it's still impossible, because we say so."

Jumping up and down, stamping your feet, and hand-waving doesn't make your case any better than they make theirs.

2) "Audio analysis" of horseshit sound from horseshit microphones compressed by horseshit software in an echo-rich environment with a four-acre wall of glass bisected at an obtuse angle, and rounds snapping across another 4 acres of hard concrete, and any number of other hard surfaces, and trying to tell me what weapon you heard, at what caliber, how many, etc. is the equivalent of telling me that Stevie Wonder can tell you where a single molecule of water came from in the ocean, in the middle of a hurricane. The reverberation just from the primary sound source of hundreds of shots per second intermittently for 5-6 minutes would be, and was, epic. The proof of the pudding is that no one was pointing their cellphone cam directly at Paddock's suite, but rather at the opposing wall of the Mandalay Bay, or just generically at the entire hotel.

In scientific lingo, (H x H x H) + (4E x 4E) x Infinity = any number between 0 and infinity.

That is the Drake Equation, for mass shootings. You should look it up.
If that's too obscure, allow me to point out its value to scientific enquiry:

It's like someone telling people that if you just pound enough charcoal up your butt, hard enough, and clench down, you can make a diamond.
Ain't. Happening.

3) And while we're supposing, why pull a belt-fed .30 (or two) out of thin air?
Why not this?
Or this?
Why two shooters?
Why not 197 snipers?
Why not just pull 1000 guys with bolt actions firing one round apiece out of thin air?

Or we can just stick to what we actually know, based on documented evidence, but where's the fun in that, right?
You find a belt fed .30, and a shitpot of links for one, bring out the data.
Not imaginary "this is no shit!" supposing, but a gun, the links, and the slugs, and we can talk.

Not "earwitnesses" based on thrice-screwed pseudo-data.

But otherwise, you want to hog bandwidth for fairytales?
Sh'yeah, as if.

As I pointed out some number of posts ago, there's a famous blooper from the radio serial era, where one of two bad guys in an episode of The Lone Ranger was given the classic dumbass line of all time:
""Hey Pete! Listen: I hear a white horse coming! (Hey, that's a great line; I wonder who wrote that...)"

Anybody telling me they can hear the gunfire, and deduce from it number of weapons, caliber and type based on available audio source material, is quite simply a poached egg telling me he can tell me what animal passed by from tasting its urine.

My response is go ahead on, but don't expect me to swallow that.

Angus McThag said...

One quibble.

If you can hit the paper to zero your AR as it came from the factory, it's accurate enough to hit the "target" presented in Las Vegas.

The center of the groups won't match the sights, and your napkin calculations will predict a different impact zone, but it will still get there.

Six inches off at 25 yards (which is really as bad as a factory rifle can get before you zero it or it's rejected) is 24ish MOA off the point of aim.

Less than half a degree on a degrees wide target area. Machts nichts.

Google can provide the knowledge to get to napkin calculations without ever taking a single class. We gunnies like to share things about shooting and the internet is full of information that was even 20 years ago was obscure "dope" that only military trained snipers and extreme long-range marksmen were even aware of. The learning paradigm shifted under some of us while we were attending to life getting in the way.

Where I do agree that he's been practicing somewhere is how smooth those strings of fire were. I've watched lots of novice bump-stock shooters get 15 rounds at a time, max, from the things. It takes practice to make them work right, and the shooter in LV clearly had some.

During this practice he likely did zero the gun(s) but didn't NEED to to hit where he did.

RSR said...


"At Friday’s briefing Lombardo said he agreed with MGM Resorts’ statement that Campos was hit about the same time shots were fired into the festival crowd. The guard was shot at about 10:05 p.m., he said. The 9:59 p.m. time stamp, Lombardo said, instead referred to the time when Campos encountered a barricaded door.
Lombardo confirmed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal after the news conference that a barricaded door he mentioned during the briefing was one that led from a stairwell to the 32nd floor hallway adjacent to Paddock’s room. He also confirmed that it was the same door that officers used a crowbar to break open when they arrived on the floor at 10:17 p.m.
In the hours following the shooting, preliminary information was released to the public to provide “calmness in the community,” Lombardo said, warning that details from Friday’s media briefing would likely shift as the investigation continues.
Before refusing to take questions from reporters, the sheriff addressed growing criticism of the Metropolitan Police Department, citing the magnitude of the investigation.
“In the public space, the word ‘incompetence’ has been brought forward,” he said. “And I am absolutely offended with that characterization.”
On his second day of field training, Cook suffered four gunshot wounds from one bullet the night of the shooting. Cook and his field training officer, who were among the first to arrive at the scene, joined three other units stationed across the festival grounds. The lights from their patrol cars momentarily pulled the brunt of Paddock’s gunfire off the crowd of more than 22,000 concertgoers.
“So the response of those individuals, I believe, saved lives,” he said. “And the reason I bring this one up, he asked me if he could go back to work today.”"

And first I've seen casualty status updates:
"Lombardo also updated the number of injured, which has fluctuated over the past 13 days. Lombardo said they now believe that 546 people were wounded in the shooting, and that 501 of them have been discharged from medical care.
The number of people killed remains unchanged at 58 as of Friday, though Lombardo said some of the 45 wounded who are still hospitalized are in critical condition." said...

I have to agree with your post. It's also still unclear what the actual intention/end-game of this was? To quote from one of your previous posts - "Cui Bono?" The obvious and recurring "we need gun control & confiscation themes" are now heavily in play.

But if that was the goal, then whoever the power & money behind this are, they have clearly crossed a significant line by killing 59 Americans and wounding 100's more, to push that agenda. I seriously doubt that they will allow the truth to come out.

So assuming that the end-game of this was gun control & confiscation, I will refer you and your readers to the following post:

SilverDeth at The Deth Guild was very much like you in how he could "spin up a blog post". Generally very on point and inspiring. This particular post was dealing with all the gun control mewling after the Oregon college shooting.

He must have been prescient about what was going down in FUSA as he dropped off the grid back in January 2016. His post above remains sadly relevant 2 years later.

Anonymous said...

Lineman: Actually they make a 150rd drum mag for a AR so your wrong about that which doesn't lend much credence to the rest of your screed...

Your screed might have some credence if they'd actually found some of those 150rd drums in the room. The schools of thought here are:

A) Paddock was a lone-shooter, in which case those 150rd drums would be there.

B) Paddock was a patsy in a false-flag conspiracy to jam a surveillance state and gork the 2nd Amendmant. (So why leave SureFire or other high-cap mags but take the drums? (I.e., it makes no sense, given the room otherwise laid out like one-stop-shopping for gun-control hypochondriacs.)

C) Crime deal gone bad, with Paddock made fall-guy. (They scoop up some belt-feds worth more than the rest of the shit in the room combined, especially if newer rigs like a Mk 48, and skiddadle down the stairs.) Doesn't explain explain external weirdosities.

D) Larger-scale Vegas mob deal gone bad. Like C, but can explain witnesses "disappearing" or dying out-of-the-blue (up to four dead or missing at last count), and corrupt police Keystone-copping and wholesale evidence disappearance.)

E) some combination of more than one of the above. (D + B explain media narrative-shaping. Lower rank-n-files become patsies-cum-sacrified-pawns in a higher game of power. I.e., nobody ever "retires"; they might think so, but they remain a piece on the board while still breathing.)

- - - - -

Aesop: "Audio analysis" of horseshit sound from horseshit microphones compressed by horseshit software in an echo-rich environment...
....3) And while we're supposing, why pull a belt-fed .30 (or two) out of thin air?
Why not this?
https: ("Predator" Vulcan minigun)
Or this?
https: ('Nam 'Puff the Magic Dragon')

Because those aren't 600rpm.

Anonymous said...

Shit audio is as shit audio does, but 600rpm is 600rpm.

- By the way, Wikipedia's "Bump fire" article, which currently speciously claims they "...can achieve rates of fire between 400 to 800 rounds per minute.[2][better source needed]". The most recent edit prior to the Vegas shooting is here, and makes no such RoF claims accommodating of the official narrative.

Aesop said...

And you're pulling the alleged RPM from the exact shit audio from shit microphones with shit compression, and telling us someone can determine that rate, and tell original gunshots from a cacophony of thousands of echoes off multiple surfaces, or sh*t from Shineola.

Got it.

See: "circular reasoning", because the proof of your proof is your proof.

I note for only the 200th time on this incident, GIGO.

So is the Sheriff now claiming that out of the crowd, all the injuries were "wounded", i.e. by GSWs, and virtually none of the injuries were from crowd behavior in a panicked melee?


Because that moves him from incompetent, to retarded, and ups Paddock's/whoever's performance to something like from 50% hits to maybe 80%, depending on how many rounds were actually fired, instead an expectedly abysmal <10%.

That's what happens when Sheriff Clodhopper doesn't articulate the difference between "wounded" and "injured".

And the likelihood of 541 people hit by .223 gunfire and discharged would probably required Paddock to have been shooting paintballs, or rubber bullets, not FMJ rifle rounds.

If he's actually claiming those numbers are "wounded" rather than merely "injured", he's seriously not tall enough for this ride, or the shooter was closer to Zombie Chris Kyle (perhaps blindfolded Zombie Chris Kyle), and not Some Random Unschooled Doofus firing "to whom it may concern".

Hitting a specific black and white that was lit up at some point in the festivities and hitting one officer in it multiple times using bump fire gets back to a zeroed weapon with some level of practice (again), and away from hosing down a couple of grid squares.

Once again, throw out an infobit, raise five new questions.

I analyze data for a living under a similarly dynamic situation, and as a rule, the more information you get generally reveals and narrows the likely truth, it doesn't obfuscate it further the way it does every effing single last time in this incident.

Just the law of large numbers and random monkeys throwing darts argues that by now, they should have nailed something down, and start zeroing in on what probably happened, rather than widening the uncertainty with each passing dribble of info tidbits.

Just saying...

lineman said...

Do you actually believe they are showing you everything that was in the room with Paddock...All we have is speculation at this point...

RSR said...

Aesop - Wounded, specifically this was what I was referencing in regards to my ? re that article that started the comments here... " 45 wounded who are still hospitalized are in critical condition."

Lineman -- what police saw vid if you haven't seen, some of the early stuff cops look to be searching for what they're supposed to say or allowed to say, later discussion seems to be more frank:

Also, important to note that Mandalay bay is also a "no weapons" zone:

RSR said...

Some officer cam footage has been released:

Anonymous said...

Aesop: "...And you're pulling the alleged RPM from the exact shit audio from shit microphones with shit compression, and telling us someone can determine that rate....

1. shitty phone compression algorithms result in lower quality, but unless the PEOPLE are squeaking like chipmunks or croaking like toads, then the audio's frequency has not been altered. Girlfriend yammering for five minutes is still five minutes, and ten rounds a second remains ten rounds a second.

2. Others have already layered the audio over .30 caliber belt-feds, and since the pitch hasn't changed in their video, see no reason to assume they've altered it. In other words, I don't need to "determine" or "allege" anything if layered-over audio not only precisely matches the RoF of an existing weapon, but also sounds more like that weapon than any other weapon anybody has made a video comparing it to.

-- If anybody has video to a bump-stock AR not only firing 600rpm but also managing to sound more like an M240 than a full-auto 5.56, I'd like to see it.

Aesop said...

You're still missing the point: how can you tell the difference between the sound source original gunshot(s), and one of dozens of echoes, with shit audio?

Answer: There is no effing way.

You don't have a source location, or a recording device location, nor any idea of the number, quality, and delay/reverb of the echoes; and the frequency response of a cellphone mic make two cans and a string seem like studio standard by comparison.

So are you counting 600 original gunshots, or 300 originals and 300 echoes?
Or 150 originals and 450 echoes?
With crap sound, you have no way to tell.

You literally don't know what you don't know, which is why analysis of garbage gives you garbage product.
You're trying to take a ton of bullshit, and filter out individual grains of salt.
Using chicken wire.

Can you hear me now?

Watch this vid:

Now drop 100 pebbles into a pond in one minute.
Take an HD picture one second after the last one hits.
Now, tell me you can identify the 100 waves out of a thousand or more that are original waves created by the pebble.
This is before we introduce ripples hitting solid boundaries, and reflecting back into the incoming waves.

This is what you're telling me you could do, except not with a HD camera, but with with a pinhole camera, using a single candle light source for illumination, and a print developed by Stevie Wonder.

Irish said...

Good afternoon Aesop,

I will preface this with yes, it's Alex Jones and Infowars, but the clips they
show of the sheriff during the press conferences are quite interesting.

He really appears to be under a lot of duress.

Aesop said...

I betting at this point he's wishing he'd retired about a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Aesop: "...You're still missing the point: how can you tell the difference between the sound source original gunshot(s), and one of dozens of echoes, with shit audio?..."

The video I just linked doesn't feature echoes or ricochets, so I don't know what you're getting at with this.

"...So are you counting 600 original gunshots, or 300 originals and 300 echoes?..."

I hope you're not seriously suggesting that Paddock was firing this magical bump-stock AR with a RoF of only 300rpm but whose shot echos bounced *perfectly* off adjacent buildings in such a way as to not only...

1. be at exactly the same volume and pitch from every recorded direction
2. and also interleave perfectly mid-shot when recorded from any direction
3 and also create the auditory illusion of a 600rpm weapon happening to perfectly match the sound of sound of an M240 or other belted .30/7.62mm but oddly enough no other bump-stock AR with a video on YouTube.

-- How can I tell the difference between main shots, echoes, and ricochets? Because I've watched the videos, and know that the echos are fainter and lag by two seconds, while pavement-striking ricochets are loud, sharp cracks overlaying the steady thump-thump-thump primary shot sound.

The linked video contains neither of these easily-discerned distractions.

Irish said...

This guy put out a video the day after the shooting and with full confidence said it was a bumpfire stock. Which, is what they have reported since then. Here's his analysis

Papa said...

The Las Vegas shooter timeline changes again.
Video by Stephan Molyneux.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenting...
Just want to note that recent research suggests that gunshot recordings acquired from cellphones and surveillance cameras  actually can help determine the number of guns, type of guns, presence of echoes, whether it was fired from an elevated position, and other such info about the location of the shooter(s) depending on a number of factors, even under realistic conditions. 
(Here is an 2012,article by Rob Maher at Montana State about gunshot audio forensics
And then there is this more recent interview with him. . .

So, it seems like Anonymous here is onto something when he suggests that it is possible to use crappy cell phone audio to confirm (or deny) much of the stuff you guys are arguing about... . especially if there are multiple recordings from a distance and from different angles to the shooter (which there are). 

Now, I understand that having ascertained that it is possible in general doesn't mean that it is doable in this case, but since I'm not a forensic scientist I am not going to rule it out. Instead, I would assume (and hope) that someone with the necessary acoustical forensics  expertise has reviewed the audio already but I haven't had time to look into it so I don't know for sure.  For that matter, if I had time, I'd probably drop an email to Rob Maher himself at Montana State to get his thoughts and maybe put one part of the speculation about this terrible event to bed.

RSR said...

More on the Campos disappearance follows.
Safe to say with the fleeing that either he's worried about all the exposure whether some sort of conspiracy with the shooting that might threaten his safety -- or something else he's involved with (is he a legal citizen of the US for instance)...

"The Mandalay Bay security guard who disappeared last week moments before he was scheduled to break his silence in television interviews has not been seen since he went to a walk-in health clinic, his union president said.

David Hickey of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) told reporters Friday that he got a text the night before saying Jesus Campos was taken to a UMC Quick Care facility, though he did not specify where or whom the text came from.

A spokesperson at the UMC Quick Care, which has eight locations throughout the Las Vegas area, told Fox News on Monday that they had "heard nothing" about Campos visiting them.

Multiple requests from Fox News for SPFPA to comment on the matter were not returned Monday.

Hickey said he was meeting with MGM officials Thursday afternoon in the hours before Campos’ scheduled television appearances, including one with Fox News.

But when the meeting ended, Campos had fled."

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 1:06

I'm not suggesting anything.

Ingot9455 said...

I have not yet heard any official source claim that bump-fire stocks were actually used - just that they were in the room.
I have heard that at least one of his firearms was illegally converted to full-auto.

I have NOT heard that Paddock owned any fully-automatic weapons legally, going through the background check and sheriff's approval and so forth that it requires to get a pre-1986 grandfathered weapon. I can't help but think that I would have heard it on the news, loud and clear and over and over again, if he did.

Radio Patriot said...

Now add this to it:

Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas — and surfaces on the set of 'Ellen'

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not redundant, but I found this video quite believable with regard to the sound analysis of cell phone audio. Full Disclosure: I am by no means an expert with regard to the subject matter of the differences in sounds produced by belt fed vs bump fired nor do I know from experience the sound differences produced by varied platforms, using different calibers.

Capitalist Eric said...

Mike Rogers of Natural News has a great video analyzing the sounds based on time delay between bullet impact on the ground and the muzzle report. Mathematical ly sound, straight physics. The methodology is sound. So on this particular point you're just wrong.

But the rest of the essay I agree with 100%.

Unknown said...

Who were the 50 killed? Is there anything among those 50 that stand out with some kind of importance?

Whole thing as you layout is nothing but a fractal pattern of questions.

swimologist said...

Exactly right. What is Aesop talking about> There's not a lot of bullet drop when you're shooting
DOWN from over 300 feet high. And what does it matter about a cold gun that's never been fired. Guns
work well right out of the box. The target was people packed shoulder to shoulder. YOU CAN'T MISS!
A ten-year-old who can hold the barrel firmly in the direction of that crown couldn't miss!
What the hell is Aesop talking about?!

Anonymous said...

Most Everbody keeps harping about this was all a set-up to confiscate or ban weapons. But money talks and BS walks-as they say. All 50 states and US territories along with the federal govt. take in untold billions of $ every year off sales & excise taxes from the sales of guns & ammo. Do you really think they are going to just give up that kind
of revenue? How will they replace it? They can't just raise other taxes enough to cover the resulting loss. Most of that money is budgeted towards law enforcement. Imagine if all new sales of guns/ammo banned. States/local govt.
would end up laying off half their police depts and other services. How well would that work out. I've yet to hear
a politician say how they would replace the lost revenue if a ban went through. Face it-They love the money more than than the lives of average citizens. How come during the "Roaring 1920's" with all the mob violence that happened with guns did they never ban them then? They banned alcohol which ended causing most of the violence instead. I guess they couldn't stand the loss of tax revenue on 2 commodities at the same time-go figure.

checkers said...

How do we know he purchased the 33 guns? do we have video of him in the gun shops? I have looked and have seen nothing put forth to place him physically at these locations.

Papa said...

Jesus comes out of hiding on Ellen safe, feel good, drivel, show.

Papa said...

MGM and Ellen cross promoting each other with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Drums don't work.

Anonymous said...


lineman said...

Your thinking of that movie Jack Reacher...Kill a bunch so that one person seems random... Problem is that would be pretty tough when most of the crowd was facing away from you...

Anonymous said...

yep, makes sense

Anonymous said...

"it's the assumption that we can't do shit about it which is a pretty damn good assumption..."

Don't think that is quite true, since they continually have Gun Control Staged Events. They Are Worried About Something, as they demand more Gun Control after everyone of their Staged Events.

Reg T said...

Not just the _two_ suppressor bills, but national reciprocity, Constitutional carry, protecting the rights of veterans, ditto for elderly gun owners, and a bunch of others. I am suggesting this mass shooting comes at a most convenient time if you are Leftist and want to shut down these bills en mass.

Just as even paranoids have enemies, so are some "conspiracy theories" true. And how easy for the Left to pass this off as such.

Reg T said...

I agree with Irish that, although Jones is frequently "over-the-top" in his theatrical presentation of his material, the video clips shown of the Sheriff are curious. Not only does he appear nervous and "shaken" when talking at the podium, his insistence upon speaking directly from his notes causes me to think he may be reading what he was _told_ to say, probably material written by the FBI or whoever might be pulling his strings.

Also - examine several of those videos, and tell me why the same guy not only is standing next to the Sheriff in the various videos, but appears to be staring directly at him, with a look that I choose to see as possibly a forceful reminder to the Sheriff that he is not to deviate from the script.

I didn't watch the whole Jones video, but if that is fear that the Sheriff is displaying, I would guess it might be more for his wife and/or children than for himself. I don't think he would be that shaken if they were only threatening him.

Anonymous said...

The authorities took the alleged shooter's brain for analysis to see if they could find any evidence of a medical condition that could have provoked his behavior. They found an implanted chip. (humor, not funny, sorry)

Unknown said...

REMEMBER: The SECOND Amendment guarantees the FIRST Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas is the worst and deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States and also of North America and one of the worst in the world. The gunman is dead and being dealt with God. There is really no need for retribution, the gunman is gone for good. Also, please feel free to forgive, although it is too late for the gunman to receive God's forgiveness as his fate is sealed and it is up for us (Christians) to forgive him. There was no trial to prepare, no jury to persuade, and last but not least, no judge handing down the sentence. It saved taxpayers an arm and a leg and a pretty penny for a trial! I am glad they do not have to go through a trial. Now, they can rest easy. Best of all, rest easy, dear 58 souls. Well done, 58 people. Rest in peace. Best wishes. God bless.

Aesop said...

And if you believe the patsy found dead in the room was the actual lone culprit, contrary to all evidence and basic logic, I have a bridge to sell you.