Monday, October 2, 2017

Dancing In The Blood Of The Victims

It's nice to know you can always count on Hollyweird celebutards, mostly high school dropouts, who work behind gated walls, live inside walled mansions in gated communities, and only venture out in public among the hoi polloi when there's more armed security than at an Israeli-Palestinian summit meeting at the White House, to jump on their idiot boxes, and show us their little twit tweets about how Las Vegas proves a need for more gun control laws, because reasons, evidently the 30,000 such laws already on the books not being quite enough yet to suit them.
Celebutards: If thinking was your forte, you'd be college professors, not human circus animals.
I'm not even bothering to excerpt the ones from the link, because if you ever had a bad burrito, you've probably already dropped those same arguments right into the porcelain at home in your own Thinking Room. 

We also know you're just virtue-signaling, because your real feelings were captured when a (suddenly former) SeeBS executive shyster got fired at the speed of rockets up her ass this morning, for tweeting that I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Shut up and dance, monkeys. And somewhere besides in the pool of blood from the victims.

And think real long and hard about what your next outdoor concert would be like if the Right were really the homicidal maniacs you project about endlessly and knee-jerk reflexively, despite time after time it being your own tards doing the gunslinging.

Notably, you could probably count on your thumbs the airheaded bastards who tweeted anything like "prayers and support", or where to donate blood, or will give one red cent of their own money to help the victims. Tragedy only exists to give them a pile of bodies to stand on for a stage, and tell us lesser boobs how they think we should live. How majestic of their royal flaming jackholishnesses.

If Congress wants to revoke permission for Leftists to own guns and declare the DNC a terrorist group, we can talk about making society safer for everyone.

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