Thursday, October 5, 2017

Common Sense Guns Laws: The Time Has Come

The TL;DR idiots will kneejerk shoot themselves in the ass on this, but the rest of you can hear it out.

Dopey DiFi wants to ban BumpFire stocks.

My 2d Amendment position is unequivocally slightly to the right of the guy who has this rec room:

In fact, to be perfectly frank, that guy's a puss, because I see no grenade launchers, recoilless rifles, anti-tank guns, or field artillery pieces. Half-credit for flamethrowers and one measly mortar. Maybe the other things are out of frame behind the camera though, so I'll give him at least passing marks. (But I'm keeping my eye on him. And there better be a damn M4 Sherman tank in the garage.)

But if Dopey wants the Bump-Fire toys to go, my unequivocal response, is to let her have the damned things.

Because they're silly, stupid pieces of $#!^, and anyone who wants full-auto should move to a legal Class III state, and get an honest-to-god full auto, because everyone knows that's the best way to turn money into noise and smiles, rather than those jackassical bump-fire abortions clapped onto a decent firearm that wasn't hurting nobody.

But for 80 effing years, the Leftards' mantra is that we troglodyte gun-owning real Americans should meet them in the middle on gun laws.

For 80 years, to the Leftards that's meant "That which is yours is mine, and that which is mine is mine". We give and give and give and give (and by we, I mean spineless shitbags in both the NRA and Congress, who should have, on the spot, been set on fire while alive, and the flames beaten out with axes, picks, mattocks, and running chain saws, and then we should have gone after their families) and all we get is starting 20 yards deeper for the next round of "meeting in the middle".

So for this once, I want a small change in how we do business.
Give Dopey Di her effing Bump-Fire ban.


This time, we do a real, honest-to-god horse trade.

Bundle her dimwit bill onto the SHARE Act, currently languishing in presumptive purgatory until it dies, after the events in Las Vegas this past weekend. Slap them both into one bill, and make it all-or-nothing. If either half dies it all dies. And amend it so that if any part of it ever gets amended in the future, it all dies.

No more jackassical $#!^ sandwich something-for-nothing our Team Fucktard folks keep handing us (and then wondering why we want to slap them on the back - with a machete).

The dipshits get something they want (which ain't, frankly, a helluva lot, but they picked this hill to die on) and we get something we want: making suppressors as hard to buy as a spare magazine, or a new accessory rail for your AR. Kicking the BATFE ding-a-lings right in the nuts. And undoing the first brick in the silly-ass NFA.

You do that, and I'll cheer when every swinging Richard in Congress votes it all up, or all down.

They do that, and I'm down for it, baby. DiFi can stop people from f**king up a perfectly good rifle, and those of us who know what's what can go shooting with a can, and not need Mickey Mouse Ear hearing protection.

And you let them know that's how it's going to be from here on out.

Next time they want something, we're taking out the "no new machineguns" provision in the 1986 Volkmer-McClure Act. Forever.
Want something else, the 1968 GCA is going down in flames.
Three bites at the apple, and the NFA of 1934 is repealed in toto.

Choose carefully, Lefty lunatards. No more one-sided duplicity, or getting stabbed in the back by "our guys".

From here on out, once we've bought a guy off, the sonofabitch stays bought, or he gets taken out at the knees.

Say, Dopey Di, I hear you also wanted to go after trigger cranks?
Hey, sure, no problem. We'll just repeal the "new MG ban" in Volkmer-McClure at the same time.

You get these:

We get these:
Complete with the selector that goes from "No" to "Yes" to "Fuck yeah!"

Did I forget to mention what happens at the fourth bite?
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives goes from federal agency to one-stop department store, by act of Congress. And we'll be starting with US military surplus.
Uncle needs the money, and WTF good is restored/recreated PT boat if you can't put live twin .50s, a 20mm Oerlikon, and live torpedoes back on that bitch?

The Coast Guard will get over it after the first safety inspection, and wait'll you see the waiting list we're gonna have for the first cartel drug smuggler submarine hunting trips out of San Diego, Galveston, and Miami. It's gonna be yuuuuuge!

Because if you SJW idiots want women in combat, Congress will start re-issuing Letters of Marque, by lottery, on a one-for-one basis with female Ranger grads.

You want to give citizenship to Dreamer kids?
No problem. Let me show you the organizational TO&E of the new American Foreign Legion: American officers, and foreign recruits. Six years faithful service in the Legion, pass the ESL and American History tests, and you get an American passport.

What's that? You wanted women in the Dreamer program too?
Why sure; we'll issue those Letters of Marque for them on a two letters for one recruit plan.
Or, we can go back to one-for one, but we eliminate the "anchor baby" misinterpretation from constitutional citizenship, forever.
Your choice. We're nothing if not reasonable.

You want single-payer health care?
No problem. But only as an option, competing in the marketplace with private insurance.
In return, we remove abortion and marriage from the purview of federal courts (Stop spluttering and flapping ma'am, you'll have a stroke; it's all perfectly legal Senator, check your Owner's Manual), revoke Roe v. Wade and gay marriage via the black-robed legislature, and put it back in the states in perpetuity.

And by the way, since y'all seem to think that NICS background check is no infringement on the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, we've decided to expand it to all 50 states and seven US territories: just slap your ID down, verified by the database as legitimate, get a thumb print scanned, and you can go vote for whoever you like, just like when buying a gun! You liked it so much before, we figured you'd love seeing it enshrined in the Voting Rights Act forever.

The term you're looking for, Madame Senator, is quid pro quo.
No more quid pro stercore .

And if you don't take that deal?
We're going to start kicking folks out of the party, and primarying them out of Congress, and then your side will be stuck with John McCrazy, Lindsay Grahamnesty, Marco Foolio, Bitch McConjob, and Quisling Ryan.

Dick around after that, and Rush Limbaugh is the new White House Chief of Staff, Ann Coulter will be the new AG, and Sean Hannity will be the White House Press Secretary.
And we're bringing back Steve Bannon, to be the head of the RNC for the next few years, until Kurt Schlicter is ready to take over the job.

The first order of business will be to issue lifetime national federal CCW permits with Social Security cards to every citizen who registers for Selective Service, and passes the criminal background check, on their 18th birthday. We'll be citing the Second Amendment as the authority for that.

Somebody get a doctor! I think Senator Dopey Di is having a stroke!

ROWYBS, bitchez. America is back in style.


Anonymous said...

As Dear Old Dad was won't to say, they'll be rolling snowballs in Hell before that happens, largely because the alleged conservative Republicans we sent to Congress and Senate will roll over for it.

The swamp aint drained, and it ain't looking to be.

Mark D

Aesop said...

Consolidating competing bills in Congress that both address the same issue is SOP.

If the Dumbocrats don't like their half of the baby, they shouldn't have brought the case to King Solomon, should they?

The first bill alone would pass 100-0 in the Senate, and 435-0 in the House, and be law by next Friday.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly put Aesop.
Quid pro effing quo.
Don't figure any band having force of law on me anyway
Boat Guy
Oh and right on with the fully armed Higgins MTB ( I'd prefer Elco myself)and especially Letters of Marque

Arthur said...

"...the alleged conservative Republicans we sent to Congress and Senate will roll over for it."

That's the problem. If we had any faith that the Republicans wouldn't sell us out immediately for no reason whatsoever, 'deals' might actually work.

But politicians in D.C. with an 'R' behind their name have proven over and over again that they are simply Democrats who can't spell.

Anonymous said...

Really? After Hillary told everyone how much worse it would have.been in Vegas if he'd had a silencer? Never happen.

Not trying to be disagreeable but they've spent the last century taking and giving nothing back.

Besides Hillary knows what it's like to be under rifle fire....

T-Rav said...

As an undeniable puss who didn't know what a bump stock was last week, or the difference between a silencer and a suppressor, I will defer to those who do and just agree that this is a great idea, start to finish.

On a (semi?) related note, the Vegas sheriff appears to now be agreeing that Paddock did not plan on dying in that hotel room. Interesting. I wonder what other interesting info we'll be learning soon.

Cavalryman40 said...


Retired Spook said...

From your mouth to G-d's ear, but I ain't holding my breath, because I don't look good in that shade of blue! Still, to quote the Bard, "Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished."

Teshuvah said...

I don't think you should give an inch on gun law. Stand your ground. I wrote here - -

Paddock was working for the FBI in a gun running scheme. He had a lot of guns because he was an Arms Dealer and he was preparing to sell them to ISIS, ISIS caught wind of it and killed Paddock ISIS did the shooting after they killed him. Because the scheme is illegal, the FBI can't talk about it because it makes them look bad.

James said...

I liked these ideas till the last paragraph and national permits,no need for em.Oh,law abiding,please loan me your decoder ring so I can find the law abiding part of the 2nd,keep real criminals in jail,or,crime warrants it like rapists ect.,shoot em and be done with em.

Aesop said...

Gosh, thanks for pointing out that when the Constitution and Bill of Rights was written, by only 32 lawyers out of 54 signers, that there wasn't five millennia of well-understood jurisprudence stretching back from 1787 common law to the Hammurabic Code and Ten Commandments as a frame of reference, which is why they had to spell every niggling detail out for folks in a document comprising only some 4,543 words (including the signatures), comprising only four large parchment sheets plus a ten-amendment addendum.

And FTR, hanging was vastly preferred, a tradition's return devoutly to be wished, as rope was re-useable, and powder and ball were dear.

Teshuvah said...

A Muslim plan from the beginning.

And the Mandalay Bay CEO Donated Money To Groups Tied To Islamic And Domestic Terror Groups

Was Las Vegas Fast And Furious On Steroids, A Massive Gun Running Scheme Gone Wrong?

RSR said...

NRA wants the BATF to ban slidefires/reissue their ruling without it touching Congress. They also indicated that b/c they think slidefires are illegal (and presumably other high rate of fire devices short of f/a as well) that many of their members are breaking the law/committing felonies...

The problem with gun owners conceding here is that so much of the Constitutional theory driving the restoration/expansion of 2nd Amendment rights is due to interpreting the Amendment as written and without restriction. So legally, the NRA is undercutting the very legal theory arguments that are essential to eliminating a whole host of firearm restrictions that are blatantly unconstitutional when interpreting it to the same standards as other constitutional Amendments, such as the 1st/freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion, and petition...

So ultimately conceding on slidefires is in fact a cowardly surrender, not a strategic retreat -- regardless of what the NRA or Washington elected officials tell you. Principles should matter.

Reg T said...

The NRA has assisted in the writing of every major - and many minor - piece of gun control legislation since NFA in '34, and including GCA in '68 as well as the Lautenberg Amendment. They were so proud of themselves for being willing to "compromise", to be "reasonable", that they admitted this in print, in an article in the August 1968 American Rifleman (except for Lautenberg, which came later).

In fact, Lautenberg was the last straw for me, because they didn't alert us members until _after_ it had been passed and signed into law. When I found that out, I wrote them to explain that they had lost a member who had been loyal - and contributing beyond simple dues - for over twenty years. (I also dropped my JPFO membership when Aaron (Zelman) died and the remaining staff decided to sell out to Alan Gottlieb - without telling any of us members what was going on. If Claire Wolfe hadn't alerted us to the situation, they would have pulled it off before any of us knew it had happened.)

The NRA has compromised our rights away, while still acting as if it is the protector of the Second Amendment. They are in it for them money, and the prestige of being thought of as the premier gun rights organization, while they pull a Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, sell-out on us. As they have for more than 80 years.

DAN III said...


Where the hell did you find that copy of PM magazine (DA Pam 750-30) ? That was published back in the day when they used depictions of big-titted women to make emphasis. You know, back in the day before they became politically correct like the rest of the fUSA.

Good find. Brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article

A Texan said...

While I agree with you on ALL of what you wrote - mainly that our side actually needs to get something besides a gift-wrapped package of steaming dog crap in return for giving up ANYTHING of substance, especially Constitutional rights - with respect, I think that you wrote it while in Stage 4 REM sleep.

If our "representatives" had that much in the way of brains and balls (or backbone, in the case of the females among them), then we'd have never gotten to this sorry state of affairs in the first place. Expecting organs to suddenly grow, fully formed and developed, into these creatures is almost certainly expecting a bit too much. Now, perhaps, President Trump would do these things...if the gun issue was a big deal with him (and I think that it is a relatively minor issue in his view).

BTW, that American Foreign Legion idea is fantastic. Let's see how much these "dreamers" actually care about being an American, and if their ideas change after serving for a number of years (6 is fine, but I'd be OK with 4)...and if they refuse, then "hey, folks, that Wall has a hinge that swings both ways - start using the outbound one, and do so before the door swings and hits you in the ass."

I'd love to see your dream of ACTUAL compromise that got our side benefits come true, and I'm going to be emailing and calling Senator Cornolio about that TODAY...but what indication do you have that we might get any such deal?

Aesop said...

By all accounts, the number of Dreamers who've elected to serve in the US military is a fraction of a single percent. I'm fine with keeping them, and sending the other 99.whatever% back where they came from.

Anonymous said...

For NRA complicity in gun control, google " angel american rifleman nra regulation". Here are the magazine page scans: