Friday, October 20, 2017

Playing To Half Empty Stadiums: NFL=Not For Long

h/t IJR

How To Make Your Audience Disappear In One Season:

Well played, f**ktards. No Fans Left.
This is what happens when players with IQs lower than their jersey numbers are put in charge of things. At this rate, a team next year made up entirely of quarterbacks will still be able to make the salary cap, and players can look forward to jobs selling cars and insurance in the off-season, just like they used to do.

Here's your prize, doofusii:


Phil said...

You know it's bad when the Raiders fans quit showing up.

loren said...

The game itself is getting worse. There's a steady stream of commercials that every once in awhile has some football breaks. Enough hype to make even the strongest patriot embarrassed.
The biggest issue really is most players are giant 300 lb. black felons all suited up in armor. More of a low IQ robot squad than men.
Seems to me we American always take things to their extreme limit where they inevitably fall into shittiness.
After years of being away in Oz during the season, I've come to find Australian Rules as a much better game both to watch and play. Big fields, no pads and the players look like normal human beings that mostly can talk, make a normal salary and seldom commit felonies.

Tim said...

Their income is down less than 10%, with the leagues bankroll, and govmint subsidies they will be around for long time. Remember about half the folks in this country don't give a shit about the flag or the anthem. The other half has a bunch that will just ignore it because they can't do anything else but watch sports. Doesn't matter anyway, this will spread to other sports and across the nation as socialists continue the attack on our republic.

Aesop said...

The half that don't care aren't the ones who buy the tickets and go to the games.
A half-empty stadium is yuuuuuuge.
Dozens of them, week in and week out, point to a ship going down. Fast.

The Gray Man said...

Well I will say this: The Falcons and Jaguars have had their stadiums looking like just that for years and years now. Raiders too, I believe.

Anonymous said...

The only way the NFL gets me back to watch is to remove all the plastic pads, give the players armor and swords, winning team plays again next week, losers are buried.