Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Anything But A Spree Shooting

The Las Vegas gunman specifically requested to stay in the 32nd-floor suite that he turned into a sniper’s nest.
Stephen Paddock, 64, asked for the room ​overlooking the country music Harvest Festival ​when he checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel last Thursday, but it wasn’t immediately available, a source told the AP.
He finally moved into the two-room suite, which he was given for free, on Saturday, then opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people at the Route 91​ music fest​ Sunday evening.
So he was planning this at least three full days in advance.
If he had made an even earlier reservation without confirming that room, possibly long prior to that.

And at some point, he had to load all that stuff, first into the car for the drive, and later to transfer it up to the rooms.

Once again, not a sudden impulsive killer, but a meticulous planner.
Who'd thought about how to secure the emergency stairwell door, and brought cameras to surveil all likely approaches.

But who supposedly wilted at the prospect of the police knocking at the door, after capping nearly 600 victims, and with enough arms and ammunition to hold off an infantry squad.

The longer this dribble goes on, the more the only thing we can be certain of on the day becomes one thing: he was definitely the guy found dead in the suite after the shooting was over.


Irish said...

Keep up the good work Columbo.

Irish said...

Nothing adds up on this. I have had friends that barely pay attention to lthe news for things other than sports or weather call me and say this is all so wrong. That's with the limited info the are getting.

Retired Spook said...

For every answer they give out, they raise four more questions. How long is this going to go on? This stinks to Niffleheim. This would stink ON Niffleheim! (H/T H. Beam Piper)

Irish said...

And more stuff:

Question: Do you see any evidence that he planned to survive this or escape?

Sheriff Lombardo: Yes.

Question: Can you tell us what that is?

Sheriff Lombardo: I can’t tell you.

From here:

Irish said...

This shooting also Conveniently got Ryan to pull the SHARE act:

Irish said...

I'm done hijackinv your blog. Gnite.

RSR said...

Font color in this off for me -- reads gray almost black and can't read this line: 32nd-floor suite that he turned into a sniper’s nest.

Bezzle said...

Percentage of "belt-fed" in articles by the mainstream press over the last 24hours concerning the Vegas shooting: 0%. Percentage containing "bump-fire": nearly 100%

RSR said...

Posted in "Some Answers, And More Questions" and wanted to ensure you saw it if not checking back comments, but TITLE XVI—LAWFUL PURPOSE AND SELF-DEFENSE in the current Congress' SHARE Act (many circulating 2015-2016) involves weapon and ammo imports among other items. On the ammo side allowing armor piercing ammo and on the weapon side involving a greater number of imports as well.

Financially, this is the only gun-related legislation that I'm aware of that would involve the millions+ $ necessary to organize something like this. I think the Russians will receive a net benefit, but opening the door to cheap Chinese and Russian surplus would certainly put a dent in the current production non-corrosive Russian steel/bimetal sales. So if I were to conjecture a theory, this would be it -- and also Russian oligarchs, gov't, etc, over there aren't afraid of violence for financial gain and well versed in psy ops as well...
But granted, if wanting to stir up anti-Russian sentiment domestically, this route with financial allegations is also equally prudent. Point being, not just domestic interests like antifa or gun banners that could attempt. Or internationally, pick a given elite conspiracy theory/group, but equally of concern is the UN international arms treaty that's been floating around the last few years -- if wanting the US public to support signing that, this could be part of that operation as well.

FirearmBlog's summary on the section in question:
"Also included in the SHARE Act is another subsection, Title XVI, which, among other things, would allow the importation of any firearm or ammunition legal for sale in the US, and prevent the classification of common rifle ammunition as “armor piercing” pistol ammunition by the ATF. This subsection also includes provisions to ease importation of weapons for the purposes of experimentation, personal weapons being re-imported from other countries, and curios. It also includes a provision to protect shotguns from being classified as destructive devices, even if they are not considered “sporting” weapons. Finally, the subsection includes a provision to further protect the temporary transfer of lawful firearms across state lines, by removing the “sporting purposes” proviso from Title 18, 922(a)(5)(B), (a)(9), and (b)(3)(B)."

Anonymous said...

Ryan wasn't going to move on ANYTHING, f'ng RINO.
This thing stinks more and more...
Boat Guy

RSR said...

*Folks focusing on suppressors instead of the real $/potential serious changes to US gunbuying public's ammo and arms purchases if passed.

Teshuvah said...

who did it. Please watch this video. It is really important. They are going worldwide now. Antifa people are also training in Syria.

It is by Trevor Loudon, former head of NZ Act Party. It has been said he knows more about who the Communists are in America than anyone else. This is excellent. This is who is responsible for the civil war starting in the US, the "protests," the violence, and according to a poster for Melbourne (AU) Antifa, the Las Vegas shooting. That person
said their "comrade in the Las Vegas Branch paid back the fascist Trump supporters." The comment was deleted soon after posted because of opposition by other people online.

Trevor Loudon » America Under Siege: Antifa [VIDEO]

Anonymous said...

Trevor Loudon is a smart guy, but he's not *ahead* of the curve.

That Antifa is communist isn't hard to figure out given that they're more or less unabashed about it and routinely fly the hammer & cycle (which the press is careful to clip out).

Anonymous said...

How long has it been going on?

- - - -

"One day Henry Luce called me up and asked me to come to supper.

There were three of us. The second guest was a nimble, witty European whom I shall call Smetana. At supper, most of the talk was between Luce and Smetana. I was rather a silent guest. I was fresh from the shadows; bright conversation hurt my mind. In fact, I had left behind the world of Time and those who lived within it. It was only the friendliest of fictions that I still belonged to it.

No one mentioned Communism or the Hiss Case until we sat over our coffee in the living room. Mrs. Philip Jessup had just used her personal good offices to try to get me off Time. Luce was baffled by the implacable clamor of the most enlightened people against me. 'By any Marxian pattern of how classes behave,' he said, 'the upper class should be for you and the lower classes should be against you. But it is the upper class that is most violent against you. How do you explain that?'

'You don't understand the class structure of American society,' said Smetana 'or you would not ask such a question. In the United States, the working class are Democrats. The middle class are Republicans. The upper class are Communists.' "

(Whittaker Chambers -- "Witness", 1952, p. 616)

- - - -

Over sixty fuckin' years; that's how long.

RSR said...

Now they're saying he targeted aviation fuel tanks... Curious if any of his ammo was tracer rounds; haven't heard any mention of such... For someone who planned so meticulously and no cost too great, a detail like that seems important.

RSR said...

Gambling profiles, including that he got rooms comped for free: :

Sheriff saying he may not have acted alone, Girlfriend said $100k was for her to buy a house and thought he was breaking up w/ her:

Girlfriend's sister's boyfriend said decades spent hording guns and gun room, neighbors said fridge sized safe in garage, had allergies and couldn't take blood pressure lowering meds so lost pilot's license, generally described as unfriendly weirdo here and in other reports,

And MrGunsNGear on facebook on Monday said his police source that was in room inventoried weapons and optics (in the room only) valued @ $40k-50k before accounting for mags and ammo...

Grouch, MD said...

So he had a dozen rifles with 100 round mags. Why? And if he was using them for a "New York reload" why such a long time between bursts? And if he had optics why did we not hear shorter more controlled bursts, as you would expect if he targeted smaller groups or individuals? Also, the rate of Fire of a bump stock appears to be faster than that heard in the video. See comparison below.
However I am not experienced enough with all such devices to know if there is a slower one.
Now they are saying he brought 10 suitcases up and left the do not disturb sign up for 3 days.
Way way too well thought out and planned. Multiple video cams covering the hallway? That and some .308, the guy could make a serious stand. Cops can't touch him then, he'd be able to see and shoot basically without exposing himself. In some ways it's a good thing he "offed himself" he'd still be there, barricaded behind a wall of dead bodies.

Grouch, MD said...

And then why did a guy with an "intimate knowledge of the Second Amendment" go and screw it all up for the rest of us? Bastard.

Signifying Nothing said...

They're starting to get it:

Officials also believe Paddock may not have acted alone.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said: “At face value he had to have some help at some point and we want to ensure that that’s the answer

“Maybe he was a superhuman who figured this out all on his own but it would be hard for me to believe that.”

Police confirmed the shooter “meticulously” planned his strike on the Route 91 Harvest Festival from his vantage points in the Mandalay Hotel.

Acknowledged Midwit said...

"He finally moved into the two-room suite, which he was given for free, on Saturday"

Before this, I was under the impression that he (and possibly associates) had slowly accumulated the weapons in his suite over three or four days so as to not be as suspicious on how many bags he was taking to his room. But if he only got the room the day before he would have only had two or three shifts to move everything up depending on what time he got the room.

If these old rooms would have had any view of the same area wouldn't he have started his set up even if it was suboptimal? Unless it sat on the completely wrong wing. Or is that why he suddenly lost so much money gambling, so that the hotel would give him the room he wanted as a high roller. But that would suggest he hadn't planned this part as meticulously if he didn't reserve his room as far back as he bought his guns.

And if the hotel, where he just blew tens of thousands of dollars (why he got the room for free), got him the new room wouldn't they have sent some people to help him move?

Although, a bunch of bell boys helping the eccentric (rich people are eccentric, not crazy) high roller move to a better room isn't necessarily uncommon. Who knows what weird things they might have seen. But still, a dozen guns and ammunition would have to raise big red flags to them.

At the very least there should be logs about who it is that helped him move from room A to his room on the 32nd.

Cavalryman40 said...

Just a few direct quotes from Joe Lombardo in the past few days. Taken separately they don't tell us much. But added up it appears the Sheriff doesn't believe bullshit narrative any more than the rest of us. He is just very coy about the way he speaks, I guess he has to be.

was a millionaire

This took meticulous planning

He wasn't superman we believe he had help

We believe he was the sole shooter

We know he planned on getting away

A computer was found in the room

"Literature" was found in the room

He was known to metro

He had no criminal record

You know we can't tell you everything we know, if we did, we might tip off someone we are looking for

He may have been radicalized without our knowledge

We have been unable to establish a motive

Cavalryman40 said...

Keep in mind I am not a big fan of our local Sheriff, I don't agree with his stance on guns. However make no mistake, he is not a stupid man as some believe. And I believe he can put two and two together as well as anyone else.

RSR said...

He drove back to mesquite on the 28th to purchase a bolt action .308 that is now unaccounted for... And he already had a scoped AR10 in the room! Why?

I can't square him having so many guns in the room but only about 2k rounds of ammo from what I've seen... A 30 cal ammo can w/ 500 rounds in boxes weighs about the same as one of those rifles and is MUCH more compact.

Like w/ the supposed attempts to blow up the jet fuel tanks w/o tracer or incendiary rounds, can't be meticulous planner and gun nut and completely screw up the basics so badly...

That many high end rifles, laid out for display, might give some credence to arms dealer theories. But w/ high stakes gambling he could certainly make more money more easily just by working his system that had been profitable for years -- and he didn't need what for him was a night or two in the casino worth of money and associated risk... Again, he was allegedly meticulous and systematic. But high stakes gamblers in a cash business are also great agents to easily launder significant sums of money; given his spends and a percentage fee he could earn much more laundering than selling arms...

Some great info in the comments -- apparently those windows allegedly have sensors on them that should alert security when broken, are made so that whole pane falls out if attacked, and are laminated security glass that should only break like picture if laminate film is cut before taking hammer to it... Some say multiple layers of laminate like a car window...

I have not time to investigate, but this is interesting if true:
"It started with Leland Yee Senator from California caught smuggling guns into the Philippines. Next, Phillippines is filled with Isis. Isis actually claims some cities theirs. The shooters girl friend is from the Philippines. She helped the CIA in the late 80s. Further proof she worked with the government, look into Cal W. Ford. He wrote her a character reference for immigration documents."

Several comments about quantity of brass and no burn marks on carpet from hot brass as well... Haven't seen high quality room pics yet myself but doesn't mean they aren't out ther to review.

SAM said...

There is a call to ban "slidefire stocks".
If you think about it you can bump fire any SA long arm as long as you thumb is not wrapped around the grip to stop recoil so the easiest type of AR15 to do it with are the California Compliant ones with out a pistol grip.

RSR said...

He just happened to scout locations in two of the most anti-gun states in the nation, MA and IL? What's his connection there? -- None. Give me a break...

Also, still had 1600 rounds of ammo in his car along w/ tannerite... Some have alleged he ran out of ammo in the room... Time to haul that many guns up but again, not enough to haul the ammo. And for a “extremely intelligent, methodical, conservative – guarded – and strategic. A planning, thinking type of guy” -- was that ammo loaded in mags for use or in boxes, etc? Certainly he would have enough mags; they're cheap compared to his top end guns!

Anonymous said...

First off, I apologize for quoting anything from Everytown but I could not find another source that had the numbers of these mass slaughter motherfuckers who cap themselves after the cops show up. I'm guessing that the majority of these motherfuckers cap themselves because it's their fucking show and they get to walk off the stage (by blowing their own brains out) without having to listen to a single critic's review.

"From 2009-2016 in the U.S., there have been 156 mass shootings—incidents in which four or more people were shot and killed, not including the shooter. These incidents resulted in 1,187 victims shot: 848 people were shot and killed, and 339 people were shot and injured. In addition, 66 perpetrators killed themselves after a mass shooting, and another 17 perpetrators were shot and killed by responding law enforcement." _Everytown

That's why the cops ever since Columbine were trained to get their asses in to kill the shooter ASAP without waiting for the SWAT cops to show-up. When that hotel security guard with no gun but the biggest pair of balls in town showed up at Paddock's door, that was the cue for the motherfucker to exit stage left. In a lot of these shootings as soon as they see a uniform getting close or a round passing by their head they just go ahead and cap themselves.

RSR said...

From Michael Yon:
"Las Vegas: sound analysis from shooting

Tom King, a west coast sound engineer, sent this. He compared the shots to various weapons and realized it matches close with an M-60 machine gun. I have no idea.
The bottom portion is an M-60. Top parts are the concert. Tom cleaned the audio on one so that even I see the cadence. Tom said about 600 rounds per minute. M-60 falls into this range.

But again, I have no idea. Long time since I shot an M-60."

Pics of audio at link.

George True said...

Here we are, going on four days since the LV mass shooting, and we still do not really know anything. There are many unanswered questions. Even more strange, these unanswered burning questions continue to be UNASKED questions. It amazes me how uninterested the media is in asking the questions that actually matter. Some of these questions in no particular order:

1) Why does the number of guns keep changing? First it was 12, then 20, then 30, now it's 50 or 60. Why? And were all of them long guns, or were some hand guns?

2) Why would he need dozens of guns to do this, when all he really needed was two or three. Does it not seem that rather than prepping for mass murder, he was setting up his own private gun show in his suite for prospective buyers?

3) What does the hotel video show in terms of his comings and goings to and from the suite? Does it show other people entering and exiting his suite? From the time the shooting started, does the hotel video show ANYBODY exiting from ANY of the doors of his suite?

4) Where was he registered to vote? Was he registered as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent? Where else had he been registeted to vote in the past? What political affiliation did those show? What is the political affiliation of his brother and other family members? Did Paddock donate any money to any polital parties or candidates, and if so which ones?

These are just a few of the questions that the media somehow doesn't seem to think are important enough to ask. And they are now trying to sell a new narrative of Paddock's "gradual descent into madness", apparently based solely on one prescription for valium several months ago. And so it continues, no answers and not even any pertinent questions asked. And at tbis juncture we now know less than nothing, because most of what has been put out so far by TPTB sounds like disinformation. And the media continues to studiously avoid asking anything resembling an intelligent question.

Signifying Nothing said...

If he was a Republican in anyway the media would be blasting it far and wide.

tweell said...

A brain tumor in the right place? A woman I know went from non-violent to total 'witch' before her husband got her checked out, she went back to normal after the surgery.

Teshuvah said...

>>>So he had a dozen rifles with 100 round mags. Why?

According to the following link, Paddock was not the shooter. He was a gun runner working for the FBI:

'An unproven theory currently being circulated by someone claiming to be an FBI agent is downright chilling, and supports the theory that there was in fact more than one shooter. In an email that was supposedly sent by an FBI agent seeking to remain anonymous, the text reveals a conspiracy of Benghazi-level proportions. The shooter was actually a FBI agent who was involved in a gun running scheme similar to what happened in Libya. But things unfortunately didn’t go as planned. A screenshot of the email is below, whose text reads:

“The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals and supplying arms to ISIS terrorists within U.S. borders.”

“Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who participated in multiple illegal arms deals in the Las Vegas area in a gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious. Paddock thought he was engaging in another routine arms transfer, but ISIS operatives who were going to meet him learned about the entrapment scheme and Paddock’s true identity. They killed him and carried out the massacre, and then fled the scene.”..."

That theory clears up a lot of holes in the official narrative.

Hotel Guest Next To Vegas Shooter Just Blew Investigation WIDE OPEN With What He Said He Saw ⋆ Freedom Daily

There is a twitter post of a short video by Paddock's brother who says, "He was a Ar..." and then he went silent. Arms Dealer?

Teshuvah said...

>>>So he had a dozen rifles with 100 round mags. Why?

He had the guns so he could sell them to the Muslims. Simple.

Teshuvah said...

As for what political party he was aligned with and what about his family, see:

RSR said...

Where was the hearing protection/ear pro? Haven't seen any in pics. For someone loaded for bear and meticulous, you would think they would have hearing protection if not hearing enhancement ear pro like Peltors... Regardless, shooting those ARs with muzzle brakes indoors, especially in the smaller of the two rooms would do a number to one's hearing and situational awareness...

RSR said...

Also, alleged shooter allegedly lost pilots license due to high blood pressure due to allergy to blood pressure meds not allowing him to take them. He had hotels wash carpets in advance of his visits with just water due to his allergies...

Yet we're to believe that someone with allergies to such a degree shot guns with any frequency or put lead down range in any quantity, and gunpowder residue wouldn't have caused severe eczema or other issues on his face, hands, and arms?

Also a fairly big hmmm:
What was Stephen Paddock's Brother about to say here before his earpiece told him to shush?
"Steve was an Arms..."

Anonymous said...

"Steve didn't have help. Steve didn't take help. It didn't take a village with Steve. Steve was an ar... Please don't. I'm using a colloquial..."

The colloquialism you're looking for is "Steve was an Army of One.", which his brother realized was NOT the thing to say, and caught himself, mid-stream in his verbal diarrhea. It fits the preceding stream of consciousness far better than "Arms Dealer". Just sayin.

Cavalryman40 said...

Not really buying the arms deal theory. If it was just a arms deal, why there? Why not the Safari Motor Lodge on Boulder highway or some other dump? Why take any chance at all bringing all that stuff up there? Still think it was a planned op, and the extra weapons were props.

Mike_C said...

> alleged shooter allegedly lost pilots license due to high blood pressure due to allergy to blood pressure meds not allowing him to take them.

Was all this set up by someone who took notes from Enemies Foreign and Domestic and Unintended Consequences?

I will admit that I have not taken the time to delve into any supposed details about Paddock, but I'm calling bullshit on "lost pilot's license due to allergy to blood pressure meds". (I will stipulate that the word "allergy" is probably just a lay mis-usage.) Let's see what blood pressure medications are out there, and bear in mind these are CLASSES of antihypertensives; within each group there are generally many particular drugs.

1. angiogtensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors; e.g. lisinopril
2. angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB); e.g. losartan
3. direct renin inhibitors; e.g. aliskrien
4. calcium channel blockers (CCB) - we shall lump dihydropyridine and non-dihydropyridines together here, that's why two examples); e.g. amlodipine, verapamil
5. thiazide (and thiazide-type) diuretics; e.g. hydrochlorothiazide
6. loop diuretics; e.g. furosemide (Lasix)
7. beta-blockers; e.g. carvedilol (atenolol is probably more familiar, but frankly it's a crap drug for blood pressure)
8. alpha-blockers; e.g. terazosin
And if you've got intolerance of ALL of those classes, there's other stuff such as
9. aldosterone receptor antagonists; e.g. spironolactone
or even
10. nitrates and other vasodilators; e.g. hydralazine

So if Paddock was "allergic" to all of those drugs he would have choked to death on his own mucus in infancy as too sensitive to live, much less survive into his 60's.

Anonymous said...

So I'm looking again at the pic of the body (partial) on the floor in the hotel room...

What I see is some rifles scattered willie nillie, but not 'ready to hand' and also not 'tossed away when they malf'd'. I see plenty of mags stacked by the column.

I see two at least with bipods. No bump fire when using a bipod, I wouldn't think, since it relies on the weapon moving to work. maybe tho, haven't actually tried it.

I see his leg UNDERNEATH a rifle sitting on it's bipod. Which is weird. and it's to his left.

I see [his partial] body laying on the floor. All stretched out. I'd have at least sat down before killing myself, but maybe he was in a hurry. Seems weird.

What I don't see is mounds of brass. I see a few scattered casings. I don't see two hundred scattered around from shooting at the security guard (# from an article.) 'Course maybe that was in the other room.

I see a billowing drapery, so maybe that was the open window, and all the brass is between the little side table and the wall, held in by the drapes. Again, seems weird that he didn't at least move the table and chair so he had some room to move around a bit, and a clear path to run back and forth from room to room.

Seems weird that he stacked the mags on the floor by the column instead of close to hand on a table or something.

Seems weird that there aren't a bunch of empty mags littering the area around the window.

Not much dirt or disorder from SWAT's dynamic entry either. Didn't the report say they blew the door? And don't they usually follow that up with a couple of flash bangs just for luck? Before 8 guys, covered in gear, storm into the room, spread out, and generally smash their way thru everything?

For that matter, every video of a cop shooting I've watched had them handcuff the victim, just in case. Wouldn't that have been pretty standard in this case?

And yeah, we don't know when the pic was taken, but once forensic gets involved there are a LOT more people around, both to inhibit someone taking unauthorized pics and to be in the background of the shot.

Plenty of weirdness.