Sunday, October 29, 2017

Well, There Goes That Clever Plan...

h/t Irish

Dear Fucktard Army minions,

The FBI has already declared you a terrorist organization.
When you telegraph your clever idea on the Internet, a week in advance, you sort of defeat the idea of nobody catching on to you.
Anybody doing any rioting on November the 4th will therefore be YOU, and "popular opinion" is liable to heavily favor simply leaving your shotgunned @$$#$ for the local police forensics squad, followed by the coroner's meat wagon.
You're welcome.
And thanks a pant-load for making IDing you by your M.O. 100% foolproof.
Good luck picking the buckshot out of your liver. Your special kind of stupid is gonna leave a mark.

Everybody else:
I note purely as a random observation that one cannot obtain ballistic information from buckshot or slugs from smoothbore weapons, and that there's little in the average city short of thick concrete or brick walls that provides cover against the latter. They penetrate both sides of car bodies as if they weren't even there.
And first aid for such wounds tends to be rather resource-intensive, in a shredded beef sort of fashion, and that it's hard to escape if one's knee(s) look(s) like something that fell into a wood chipper, and one subsequently bleeds out whilst writhing hither and yon.
Which tends to repel boarders, and  also disincline similar behavior amongst one's newly-demoralized colleagues.

Just saying.

Bring the stupid, Snowflakes. This will not turn out the way you imagine, but it will end your vexations in a way familiar to people not raised on sugarplum wishes and infantile tantrums.


G-Man said...

Wait, these clowns picked a Saturday, when people with actual J.O.B.S. are not at work, thus able to better defend their homes? Good luck with that.

Old Grafton said...

Just remember to pick up any spent hulls; they're forensic evidence, and we don't want to be charged with littering....

Angus McThag said...

Firing pin and extractor marks can be obtained from spent shells.

Jay Dee said...

The brass catcher on my AR works very well.

loren said...

I prefer the 3 inch 00. 3 more pellets to spread the joy farther Although there's something to be said for 0000 too.

Anonymous said...

For your consideration:

Six #1 buckshot with one.650 ball ammo.
This stuff knocks down 1/2" full sized steel silhouette targets at 25 yds.

jim rock said...

I have some of that. Very destructive.

Dianna said...

@Angus McThag - Police your shells, then.

I just love these freaking idiots promising to break into the homes of gun owners. How *do* they imagine that's going to work out?

Badger said...

If you're going to go that way #1 buck is the ticket. But that's picking nits.
I'll bet 1,000 Venezuelan Bolivars it's a fizzle.