Tuesday, October 10, 2017



A Utah police officer who was caught on video roughly handcuffing a nurse because she refused to allow a blood draw was fired Tuesday in a case that became a flashpoint in the ongoing national conversation about police use of force.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown made the decision after an internal investigation found evidence Detective Jeff Payne violated department policies when he arrested nurse Alex Wubbels and dragged her out of the hospital as she screamed on July 26, said Sgt. Brandon Shearer, a spokesman for the department.

Payne's supervisor, Lt. James Tracy, was also demoted to officer. His lawyer, Ed Brass, couldn't immediately be reached for comment.
Jackboots is fired, and Lt. Shitforbrains is now demoted all the way down to Officer  Shitforbrains. 
(All those movies where they threaten a guy to being assigned to writing parking tickets? You just saw it happen.)

Now we just need to hear from the District Attorney in Salt Lake City.

Payne's problems haven't ended, they've only begun. And 80-20 odds Tracy decides to retire rather than work out his years to pension as a beat cop.

But I told you when this story first broke, that whether they knew it or not, they both retired.

The Daily Jackbooted Thug Meme is hereby retired as a daily feature as well, with appropriate kudos to the management in Salt Lake City. This kind of news when officers f**k up this obviously, egregiously, and publicly, is far too seldom delivered.

But if Jackboots gets a nice stretch in prison as reward for the kind of cop he was, it'll help make up for that.

Pity the police don't send fired guys out the door like this:

In lieu of that sort of send-off, rotten fruit and eggs should suffice.


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ascdew@protonmail.com said...

Nice work dude, I am sure your relentless postings played a role in getting those two a$$hats punished, just so they could get you to stop.

Would have preferred a tree, some rope and a noose, so this Stasi cop bs was stopped permanently, but under the current FUSA regime, this is a pretty good result.

Congrats for the effort and the results!

Aesop said...

You never know where your stuff rattles around to on the internet.
My relentless postings were probably pissing against a stone wall, but if it did any good at all it was worth it to me. And fun.

Anonymous said...

Piss long enough and you'll wear the wall down.
Gotta say I have mixed emotions; please keep us posted as to the DA's findings, any lawsuit progression and the like. Firing is nothing but a start in this case.
I liked the show with Chuck Connors but IIRC it only ran a season or two...
Boat Guy

Reltney McFee said...

Mr. Schecter: may I suggest you acquaint yourself with the term of speech, "metaphor"? Detective Payne's interaction with the nurse, wherein he was (politely) told he was mistaken, by the nurse, as well as her management, might, in a reasonable person (Not a person acting as if they were a jackbooted thug), might have elicited a visit to a magistrate to procure a warrant, or perhaps a visit to the station to chat in person with the lieutenant, inasmuch as this patient wasn't going anywhere. Indeed, the nurse, should an arrest be needful, could have been taken into custody after her shift. THAT would allow for an orderly transfer of patient care. THAT would have avoided jeopardizing safety of that, and likely other, patient (s). So, when you yourself, or someone you love, are in hospital, and cared for by "sniveling", "drama queen" nurses, perhaps you might contemplate saying something. Like "Thank you".

George True said...

Mr McFee: Sir, please do not feed the troll. A leftist troll calling itself Robert Schecter has found its way to this site. As you can see, it spews out all manner of ad hominem attack with nary a supporting argument. Its goal is to disrupt and derail the exchange of ideas and information that goes on in a forum such as this. It wants you to respond to its nonsense, and when you do, you have allowed it to take you down the rabbit hole.

Aesop said...

Little Bobbie's trollish rants are gone.
Like most rabid anti-vaxxers, he has a mental disability problem.

But if he doesn't take the hint and depart, he'll find out that trolling isn't nearly as fun when everyone knows where to actually find you.

And he'll wish he'd stayed in Brooklyn.

Jennifer said...

Damn you're good...

The Gray Man said...

Well I emailed SLCPD and told them that times have changed and We the People no longer hold cops on the pedestal. I think that email was spurred on by one of your postings. So even if your posts and my email had no effect, they DID at least see a very angry email from a reader of your postings.