Monday, October 2, 2017

Real American Hero

h/t Kenny

Some idiot's opened fire at your country music festival?

WWJBD (What Would Jim Bob Do)?

Finish the beer, and fire up your Communicating Finger in the shooter's direction, amidst the rounds impacting all around you, of course.

Outstanding, Dude!
Gold Medal in the 300M Olympic F.U.

From mike18xx in comments:
Someday I'll get around to learning how to do polls here...


Anonymous said...

The heros are the ones that took rounds for their loved ones, who carried out the victims, gave first aid. sorry no hero in my book.

Aesop said...

Then you've no sense of the situation.
The people you described are, indeed heroic as well.
But at this point, I don't know what this gold medalist did after the shooting, so who can say?

But any man who can stand and flip the bird while incoming rounds are snapping around him is no slouch either. That's what Hemingway called "grace under pressure".

I don't have much use for Hemingway, but any man who was picking casualties up from WWI battles under fire without a weapon in hand at the tender age of 18, and took shrapnel for the effort, may have some small grasp of the subject.

Bezzle said...

Hold my beer, you cowards; I'm flippin' here.

Aesop said...

I made one for you...
Check the O.P.