Monday, October 2, 2017

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmm..."

So "Mr. Not A Gun Guy" with no prior military service or training, rented two rooms, for three days, at weekend rates during a music festival across the street, from the highest vantage point, covering two different directions, in a hotel where 2/3rds of the rooms could never even see the venue because they face the wrong way, and had 30 weapons in total, including at least 10 recovered in the hotel, and had either illegally modified semi-auto weapons or legally purchased full-auto weapons (with a six- to eight-month wait for the BATFE approval on that) and ammunition sufficient to shoot something approaching 300 people, from mag after mag after mag, and took his time (several minutes) hosing down throngs of unsuspecting random strangers across the street before committing suicide, but he supposedly "just snapped".


This has to be about the most meticulously-planned mass-shooting in US history.

The woman "roommate" LVMPD was looking for was "coincidentally" in Australia when this happened.; is a Phillipine immigrant who was formerly (or is currently, it's unclear) married to a barking leftard moonbat; and the picture she claims was taken of her and Shooter "in L.A." :

Paddock and Danley (her face blurred by posting site) in Los Angeles...or Dubai?

was one she had previously tagged online as being taken in Dubai.

For those unawares, Filipinos are frequent guest worker hires for Middle East work to do the menial tasks rich Arabs won't do themselves, and Paddock worked in aerospace/engineering or somesuch, which would make a Middle east trip or work assignment possible/plausible.
Show of hands: everyone who's hooked up with a married émigré from a country with an ongoing Muslim terrorism problem, and who was with her in the world capitol region of Muslim terrorist problems, who's retired, but blew $15-50K on weapons, ammunition, and a 3-day stay in the ideal sniper roost for a full-auto attack on a crowd of packed targets, coincidentally, with no one being the wiser, and for whom the FBI could rule out any terrorist connection entirely within 60 minutes of the incident, please raise a paw.

Sh'yeah, thought so.

"Just snapped", my ass.

This is all fishy as hell, and the stink gets bigger by the minute.
Whole lotta tradecraft goin' on there for some crazy schlub.

In Stalag 17, one of the guys imprisoned in the konzentrationschlager for several years gets a letter, and can't wait to meet "his" new baby, who "just happens" to look like the milkman, according to his wife in the States.

Paddock is starting to look like the milkman's kid here.


Anonymous said...

If only there were some real investigative journalists left who would pursue the leads and report the truth.

Anonymous said...

If only there were some investigative Agencies left...

Aesop said...

Anybody can ask questions.

The people that talk don't know, and the people that know don't talk.

This is just rapidly approaching the point of a talking dog hitting a hole in one while bouncing on a trampoline levels of "coincidence".

Something like this, with no clues, happens so frequently that it's never happened before.

Still waiting for the rest of the pieces, but not buying the "he just snapped" malarkey.

Cui bono?

George True said...

I doubt we will ever know the truth. At this juncture, I am not fully convinced that this guy acted alone or was definitely the shooter. He seems like a patsy.

If it was him, there are only three scenarios that make sense. One, he is a hardcore lefty like the wacko who shot up the Republican softball team. Two, he is a convert to the Religion of Peace. Three, he is a hardcore lefty AND a Muslim convert.

By this time the crime scene has been fully sanitized. The FBI will stick with their willful bafflement as to his motive, even though his leftist associations and his participation in anti-Trump rallys just scream that he was an Antifa-type leftist ideologue. The media will happily promote the cover-up, as a homocidal lefty would expose their false narrative of right wingers supposedly being the violent ones.

Look for the media and the usual suspects in government to make a renewed push for gun control. And if at all possible, they will attempt to blame this on Trump supporters. I can just hear it now, "These Republicans and Trump people are so mean and hateful. They want to take health care away from poor people and minorities so they will die. They want to send all these poor immigrant children back. All this meanness and hate by the Right caused this poor guy to snap and just start shooting".
Just you wait. They will try.

Mike_C said...

>Paddock is starting to look like the milkman's kid here.

No. Paddock is starting to look like "James R. Shifflett, of Norfolk, Virginia."

Aesop said...

They've been trying since this story broke.

It's just that it's failing, in flames, flapping around in a wading pool of gasoline.

At this moment, the three biggest beneficiaries of the event are the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico, 2d Lt Spenser Rapone, and OJ Simpson.

Anonymous said...

In one of the strangest things I've seen, my more leftist acquaintances on Facebook aren't immediately coming out of the woodwork for once to blame this on the NRA, Americans, the "Repugs" they so hate, etc. In fact the silence has been deafening about the whole thing.

It's weird - it's like nobody knows what the hell to make of this at all, and they're afraid to even try to start a narrative right now. George is right, they might try, but right now they're being pushed back EVERYWHERE online when they even try to start. And NOBODY trusts the official narrative right now at all. Some guy just snaps? EVERYONE seems to agree that THAT'S a line of horseshit. This was absolutely premeditated and thought out.

The overall feeling from everyone I know though is a feeling of unreality, really, like complete denial. It's watching normalcy bias in action in a BIG way. Some guy shoots a LOT of people in a crowd in the largest mass shooting in American history, people are talking about crock pot recipes and books. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but if his intention was to set off a new Civil War, he failed (at least for now).

Aesop said...

Actually, Shrillary shot her mouth off (if only metaphors were reality) about it first thing today (and was promptly shellacked for it by the Twitter Twits), and the usual celebutards haven't shut up yet either, so the Leftard talking points haven't been distributed yet, clearly.

Anonymous said...

November 1963 ring any bells

Bakers dozen said...

There are some questions that should be asked:
1. Does the brass count in the room or rooms match the number of shoots fired? Run the audio tapes through the shoot spotter algorithm. This is possible!

2. Do the recovered bullets and cartridge cases forensically match the weapons at the scene?

3. Does the capacity and mag count match the number of rounds fired in any or all suspected firing points?

This would be just a few of the questions I think the American public have a right to know.

As other posters have commented there is an stink to story we are being told. It does bring back memories of 1963. I felt it then and I am feeling it now, we are possibly being played. Ask yourself if the bureaucracy has a good track record of telling the truth. This is especially true for the alphabet soup folks. I don't like to work off of speculation. It leads to more trouble. We need to take a step back and have an unemotional look at the facts from as many angles technologically and logically as we can. No motif leaves one with the question who had what to gain from this shooting?

As a parting suggestion, the powers that be should release the full and un-redacted warren report.

Anonymous said...

Run that same analysis on the Twin Peaks Biker turkey shoot in Waco a few years back, and get back to me - the most infuriating thing once again is the obvious lies and coverups...

Unknown said...

One faint "clue" is that thirty seconds after the shooting was over -- the Wonderful Wizards of Washington declared that the man was not a terrorist, not a Muslim, and had not planned this.

"No fact is thoroughly established until the government vehemently denies it."
(Authentic American proverb)

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that this happened the same week as the bill to leaglize silencers was to be voted on?

Unknown said...

Meanwhile, American public is watching dancing with the stars and created reality.

Anonymous said...

The one big piece I have not heard mentioned is the significance of checking into the hotel and being able to get all that equipment to the 32nd floor without anyone associated with the hotel not being suspicious?! Someone had to see something or he had help from somewhere. Two broken windows in a high-rise like that creates a large vacuum draw from the HVAC system. In the heat, that would create a huge draft. I'd be investigating the hotel owners, staff etc.

Aesop said...

I've been to the SHOT Show in Vegas, multiple times.
If you had enough trunks (you should pardon the pun), you could cart a dismembered herd of elephants to your room, and as long as it all rolled, didn't leak, and you tipped the bellboys, no one gives two wet farts what you're carting in or out.

It isn't like he was toting the guns and ammo in an open crate with ammo belts hanging out and rifle barrels poking towards the ceiling, while dressed in fatigues and sporting a rising sun kamikaze bandana, and yelling "Aloha Snackbar!".

You bring in a golf bag, or take down an AR into halves and put it into a common carry duffel, and you're just a guy. He had three days ahead of the shooting to do it, so that's not even one trip an hour; maybe just two or three/day.

Done at peak times on different hotel shifts (morning, dinner time, late evening) it's a nothingburger.

Elderbob said...

asking about brass count and caliber are great questions

speaking of November ‘63, there should be hundreds of zapruder films...some even real ones

JackieO said...

Patsy comes to mind. What happens to people who don't study history and like that.

Anonymous said...

Fox says 12 magazines in Bkut 9 minutes. Surefire 60 magazines. That's 720 rounds. 525 injured and 59 killed. That's a very high hit rate.

SJHugging C said...

Too high hit rate for someone not trained in the military. The Dubai connection really bothers me.

Aesop said...

He was shooting at a packed crowd of 22,000, at +/- 400m, well within the max effective range of .223 and .308 AR-series rifles.

I'd be unsurprised to find out some of the injured were hit by rounds that passed through other people first.

But 12 magazines? That's maybe 6-10 minutes' work. Not the 72 this went on.
That's an awful lot of slack time when he wasn't shooting.

Anonymous said...

Who is James R. Shifflett? And what is his relation to the shooting?

MarkT said...

I read shooting was over in ~12 minutes. SWAT waited for an hour outside his room because killing had stopped and they didn't want to rush in. FWIW

Anonymous said...

This is crazy I'm not one for conspiracies but hearing this and seeing all the stuff on the news I have to call BS on the whole thing. I'm going to simply say this guy was a scape goat and that there is so much left on this story. The media has started reporting something and making speculations not knowing the actual truth nor do I believe they will give the truth any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a conspiracy he was a member of a 1978 punk band who hated country music and country music fans

Unknown said...

Why did the police report more than one shooter, listen to the police scanner?