Thursday, October 12, 2017

BREAKING: Beware of a fake CNN site is a BS GoDaddy fake site.

Anything posted there is crapola.

That is all.

The actual CNN domain comes up immediately:

Fucking internet cheesedicks, couldn't they stick to trying to get me to wire $20K to a Nigerian prince?

In case you're feeling ripped off, go read yesterday's bucket of cold water in the mediatards' faces from Ann Coulter.
Meantime, I'll be washing the schmuck off me.


Irish said...

It wouldn't surprise me if there is some truth to what they wrote.

Aesop said...

That's why it works: the Official Narrative is so full of dickcheese anything else sounds more plausible by contrast.

The Gray Man said...

So... Which one is the correct one? The one that tells outlandish lies? Or this new CNN International Edition site? You say that this one is fake, but we know the other one is total BS as well.

I think I'll just avoid anything CNN.

Anonymous said...

And you sir, get a gold star. That was funny.

Mike_C said...

Um, shouldn't that be a catfish instead of a bass?

RSR said...

Good catch, but worth noting stories appear to be largely reposts of legit CNN. For instance:

RSR said...

Said it early on -- he was far more likely to be making a living laundering money than dealing arms...

But if crazy is the sole motive, his acquisition of firearms does oddly coincide with "The Accountant" movie.

RSR said...

Also regarding Coulter -- AFAIK all guns in that suite were registered to Paddock... Not something a legit arms dealer or gun runner would do. They'd have proxy buyers or buy via routes that don't require background checks, etc, easily traced back to a single source. And that he seems to have all to most of the guns his buying spree over past year left him with suggests that he wasn't selling them.

Anonymous said...

Well, everybody in the public press (including Coulter) needs to come up with *something* to talk about instead of "WHERE THE BLOODY FUCK IS THE BELT-FED .30 CALIBER MACHINEGUN THAT FIRED OFF A 120-150 ROUND BURST????"

#RamboKnows what they sound like, and so does everyone who's watched the videos.

Aesop said...

And then there's reality.

There was found in the suite a literal stack of a dozen or more 100-round Surefire magazines sitting loaded, unexpended, in addition to the ones apparently used during the firing.

So much for "what everybody knows".

I'll say it again: find me the guy with a recording of the incident, uninterrupted from beginning to end, and made by studio-grade microphones on hi-fidelity recording equipment, and then tell me what their analysis shows.

Half-assed cell-cam audio, made by chopped and hashed bits of the event, handled on-scene by 10-thumbed bustards scared shitless in the impact zone, are nothing you want to run through any sound analysis worthy of the name, or brag about afterwards if you're silly enough to try.

Garbage in, garbage out.

If you have pictures from the crime scene showing the brass and links, or multiple expended slugs recovered indicating a belt-fed .30 cal, post the photos.

Otherwise, absent compelling forensic evidence to the contrary, and far more reliable than "everybody knows", Occam's Razor says this was bump-fired .223. Anything beyond that is pure, unadulterated speculation, based on a total dearth of facts or evidence.

That's Bigfoot/UFO/Loch Ness Monster territory, not evidence.
I won't argue religious beliefs in the same breath as forensic details.
Try George Nouri; he's got a gift for gullible credulity (albeit there's a paycheck involved, so he may be shading things a bit to earn his daily crust).