Monday, October 2, 2017

Ocean Voyage At Warp Speed

h/t to Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man (which he is, btw)

JeffHK is a navigator, who used an HD camera and timelapse to condense a 30-days' sail on his container ship from Aden in the Red Sea to Hong Kong, with a stop in Singapore, into a 10-minute voyage. It's an amazing way to see something you probably won't experience any other way.

Only through timelapse do you get a sense of motion, and if anything, it underlines my own experience of extended time on a large ship at sea (mine was haze gray): it always feels like the ship is motionless, and the world is moving around you.

(Except when you're corkscrewing through hurricane swells. BTDT, didn't yak.)

Enjoy this beautifully-photographed travelogue, with no need for Dramamine.

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