Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I Only Came Back Because I Had To

As was noted in comments a couple of weeks ago, a little away-time is never a bad idea.

So I decided to just up and go.

The picture above, from the Lake Tahoe basin, is but one of the reasons I'm not leaving the state, the more so after a couple of weeks of solitude, unplugged, and walking around in the better parts of it.

Nor giving up one square foot of it to the communist twerps who think it's theirs, and not ours. (Although I am willing to make you a reasonable long-term lease deal on certain parts of Libtardia-By-The-Bay.)

My feet are sore, my back has new muscles, also freshly sore, but a bit larger with the exercise, and a few more kinks have been worked out of the last-ditch two-feet-and-a-GOOD-Bag Ultimate Contingency Plan.

Oh, and nothing tastes better than fresh-caught trout and panfish, I'm telling you.

Sadly, longer commitments than mere enjoyment commanded I had to eventually come back to somewhere behind the Orange Curtain.

If you haven't done something similar yet this summer, I highly recommend it.

And my sincere thanks for the concerns in comments to the prior post, up now these last two weeks.

Regular posting will resume momentarily.

Subliminal dinner suggestion:


Mike_C said...

Glad to hear you had a good walkabout, but some of us were getting worried about the prolonged radio silence (the "yuh bonehead!" is implied) -- as you may have noticed here on your own place and at Irish's. In my case, I was wondering if you'd "pulled a Weaponsman". Good to know you haven't. Speaking of that, the plane building continues apace, though it's been moved out of the WM basement and garage to a hangar at a nearby airport.

Agree re Tahoe and the like. California is simply too beautiful to abandon to the progs. Though I'd rather give away Los Angeles County than the Bay Area if we were going to excise some of the rot.

Irish said...

Good to see you had a great excuse for not blogging.

JJ said...

Missed your writing, jealous of the time you got to spend out in the beautiful places. Hope your battery got fully charged.

Aesop said...

I hadn't taken an actual go-away vacay since...2000?
Or so.
I figured I was due.

If I pull a WeaponsMan, kinfolk have the "Just In Case" letter.
That's how I know it'll never be needed.
Murphy only shows up for the things you didn't plan for, as a rule of thumb.

Glad to hear about the plane.
When it flies, the update should be added to his site, in a perfect world.

Best wishes to you both, and all.
I come back to find Moonbeam has been merrily letting half the state burn while I was enjoying parts that weren't. And it's hot down here in the flatlands.

Tactless Wookie said...

Glad to see ya back Aesop. Yea, a few of us was beginning to wonder. Especially after Ol' Remus's near disaster.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Glad to see antifa or the left wackos didn't take you out.
I'll bet they would like to, though.

Mike Hendrix said...

Welcome back, A-man! You were missed.

James M Dakin said...

Tahoe as a kid was great outdoors redneck-ville. When I returned to spawn, the place had gone to Hell and crowded. Glad I moved the family out of state-my best contribution as a father. Now, as soon as someone glasses over SF, LA, SD and all SF surrounding area, it might be nice to revisit. Please keep exporting the smoke from molten areas-but no personnel.

Jennifer said...

Welcome back. I was hoping it was just a vacation and fearing, hoping, not a weaponsman. Thank goodness. I was camping also; went to visit eldest dau and we went up PCH from Palo alto. After the grey skies and mud of the midwest, it was incredible. You have a beautiful state.

Anonymous said...

What a relief!!!! Thought we'd lost another one. Glad you're back

Somewhere Behind Enemy Lines
Peoples Republik of Kommiefornistan

SiGraybeard said...

Welcome back. Hope you’re well recharged.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back,you were missed.

G-man said...

Good to see that you got some time in the woods. Taking the family out camping in our rig has done wonders for my sanity out here. At least it’s pretty. When the woods aren’t on fire...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you didn't go dark permanently. Your trip sounds like exactly what you needed - some time to recharge. Welcome back sir.

robins111 said...

Welcome back. We were worried

Badger said...

You seem in good form & the better for your diversion; well done & Welcome back. Next time leave a damn Gone Fishin' sign. Speaking of, I'll concur that high Sierras' trout is disturbingly good.

While you gone I thought I saw Sessions' picture on the back of a milk-carton the other day...

MMinWA said...

Welcome back dude. It wasn't quite the same without you.

Grog said...

Good to see you're still with us.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back.
And glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya,glad you ejoyed yourself. Was a tiny bit unnerving not to see new posts, though.
Also glad you're gonna fight the good fight. You're a better man than I am, after I escaped I determined never to return. I'll fight around this new flag.
Boat Guy

Pat H. said...

The last time I did the hiking thing was with my small army reserve surgical team, and three other teams. About 20 of altogether on the California side of Lake Tahoe. We hiked up to Immigrant Pass which is probably near where you were communing with nature. We overnighted near a lake, which was likely clean, but I used my water filter system anyway. We commanders gave permission to everyone to wear their own hiking boots, not military boots. That avoided most foot problems. The campsite was at about 7500 feet, in the morning we had ice on the tent from our breathing moisture condensing inside the tent.

We did some military oriented training, the evening of our arrival, then some in the morning.

Then hiked back to the trail head.

Good fun and good training.