Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fifteen Seconds

h/t Gun Free Zone

"Don't mess with people!
Good people have guns, and they will shoot you graveyard dead!"

Miguel, who posts a lot of good stuff every day (hint), posted a great video from YouTube, which we're stealing shamelessly.

Set Up: Fatal shooting. Polk County, FL.

Back story: rage-head ex-BF thinks his ex-GF is in an Uber driver's car (she's not, it's a totally unrelated and very drunk third party female). Jealous a-hole decides he's going to find GF in Uber car, and vows to "f**k up the Uber driver".

Which he attempts, first tailgating, then driving aggressively alongside, then cutting the guy off and forcing him to stop.

Rage Monster jumps out, with a dark object in his right hand, raises it at the Uber driver, yelling, "I've got a pistol, you want me to shoot you?!"

And catches one round in the 10-ring, stops, drops, and dies, on the spot. DRT.
(Cheers, balloons, and streamers. Civilian Marksmanship Award - First Class, and complimentary coupon for discount ammo.)

Uber driver has a valid FL CCW, the gun to make the paper worth the trouble, and oh BTW, just passed the police academy, and is waiting to be hired.

Scratch one oxygen-thieving waste-of-skin @$$hole from planet Earth. He's a good Democrat voter now.

Watch the whole video; the shooting vid starts at 9:00, and is replayed at the 10:00 mark.
Entire incident takes 15 seconds, and reax time for the Uber driver from guy getting out, to jumping up in his face making the last threats he'd ever issue in his meat suit, about 5 seconds.

Not very long to make life-and-death decisions, which is the whole point.

Nice shooting, Tex.

And the presentation, like the presenter, is four stars.
Dear Polk County FL: in Sheriff Grady Judd, who looks and sounds like anyone would want their sheriff to, all y'all have yourselves one damned fine example of law enforcement in your county, if this press briefing is indicative of the man. If there were a hundred thousand more like that, America would look a lot more like Mayberry than Mayhem, 24/7/365.

You get the feeling if he could issue commendations for citizens whacking perps, he'd hand one to the Uber driver in this case. And fast-track hiring the guy for his own organization.

Take the 12 minutes, and watch the whole thing.
It's a great story, with a familiar plot, and a very happy ending.

Great find, Miguel!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aesop. Always nice to see the good guys prevail.

T-Rav said...

Feel-good story of the day.

Anonymous said...

absolutely great! more scumbags need this treatment.

Anonymous said...

Uber driver/police trainee "gave CPR"--you don't suppose it was like Joseph Wambaugh's Street Gorilla when he shot the perp and then gave CPR chest compressions to bleed him out but look like he was trying to save him, do you?

Anonymous said...

Ah man! One of my all-time favorite Wambaugh scenes! Thanks for thing two good things together!

Reltney McFee said...

CPR: nice touch. "Detective, I shot to end the assault/thrwat. Once this gentleman no longer posed a threat, my priority was saving lines. I am so sad this fine citizen met his demise."

nice follow through.

Unknown said...

Oh, snap. Did I catch a quick, oblique reference to young Sir Trayvon Von Skittles in there? I think I did. I like this guy.

BigCountryExpat said...

I'm in Hillsborough unfortunately... Grady Judd over in Polk is a kick ass, take no shit Sheriff of the -Old Skool- in reality... a few years back, he caused conniption fits among the asshole NY Transplants when his re-election campaign poster was of him, decked circa 1880 Wild West, with pistolas and a Henry Rifle standing near a horse... he's a man out of times gone by, and one of the REAL 'good guys'... the 'transplants' from the Northern Regions (Libtards) HATE him... which in itself is enough for me...