Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bad Idea File

We see where some h.s. chicklette is starting varsity football in TX this week.

(SeeBS DFW) Despite some initial surprise over her interest in joining the varsity team, he said her talent was clear. “Regardless of if she’s a boy or girl, she’s a great player,” he said.
Madi Martin sensed some resistance at first from her teammates.
“Some people were like, ‘Why is this happening? Why does she want to do this?’” she said. “Now they’re my bros, and we’re good now.”
The team has had to make some adjustments.
“Locker rooms, obviously,” said Madi. She gets dressed and ready on her own.
“For away games, I’ll just show up dressed,” she said.
Madi’s father also shared the story of when Coach Dodge first addressed the team as a whole.
“He said, ‘We’re going take care of our boys,’” Bret Martin said. “And, about half way through his speech, he goes ‘guys and girls’ and I could tell for one second he thought of Madi.
Martin insists he doesn’t care about ‘political correctness’ for the sake of his daughter.
“She can hold her own in any situation,” he said.
Madi plans to prove that with the football season beginning next week.
While she doesn’t want the extra attention to distract her, she does hope other girls who see her realize they can join the game, too.
“I think it’ll plant a seed,” she said.
What'll get planted, is helmets and cleats, in her chest.

On the plus side, she made the team like anyone else.
Unlike the way the Pentagon put women through combat arms and special forces training pipelines, that approach, at least, is the right way to do it. So 1 point for Texas h.s. football, in that respect.

The problem with that is that she's about to find out what happens when opposing teams decide to use her for stomping practice. I predict she lasts about a month, max, before she gets literally pounded off the field with an injury.

Conspicuous by its absence is any mention of her height or weight.
I went to a small school, in a 1A league.
And we had some pretty small kids who made varsity, and it showed.
Our team, which in some years had made all-state, went 0-13 my senior year.
We were undefeatless. We didn't win anything varsity until halfway through basketball season.

But it's not the W-L record that's going to pay the price here, nor matter. It's a physics thing.
When "boys" of 16-17-18, over 6 feet tall, and weighing 200-250 pounds or more pile into Cornerback Barbie, who's probably not over 5'7" or 140, her bones are going to get broken. She won't be able to run as fast, or for as long, and has maybe 2/3rds the raw strength of even the most average boy who didn't make the team. (Most high school and every college cross country team has guys who can beat the women's Olympic world record in track and field anything.) She's probably about the physical equivalent of an average-sized boy - in middle school. And some running back or wide receiver isn't going to juke around her, but will instead deliberately go right over her. Every play, every game. And unless she's a moron, or a masochist, she's not going to like getting trampled, and she's not going to thrive. She's going to get busted up.

And her teammates are going to have to suck it up when it happens.

If she was just a kicker, and damned good, she might be able to pull it off with little difference from her squirrely male counterparts in such a protected position. Barely.
At least, until the first time her line doesn't hold, and she gets dog-piled.

And frankly, her making the team at all says more about the dreadful state of masculinity when there wasn't a better candidate without looking very hard, so I'm guessing they were pretty hard up in the talent department. Unless she's an aberrational prodigy, and can kick 80-yard field goals. Which I doubt. That kind of thing only happens in Disney sports movies.

But for any times when she plays as a defensive back, she's going to be the point every play is called to, and every sweep run to, until they send her off the field in a stretcher. After running up the score, using her jersey to clean their cleats.

Somebody in one of the science classes she probably daydreamed through should have pointed that out to her, but she's about to learn, at about the speed opposing backs run a 40-yeard split, that she isn't one of the boys, no matter how hard she wants it.

Hopefully daddy's got her a good medical plan. She's going to need it.
And if this plants seeds in other girls' heads, it's going to get them broken up too.
And this will end in tears. Or, just get football so pussified, guys will stop playing completely.
But hey, anything to advance the feminut narrative, right?


Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that it's a purty sad state of affairs when Tejas HS football has more integrity than DOD. Yeah girl's gonna get stomped at some point; but she's not gonna get an Infantry platoon put into bags.
Stakes and consequences are different by a wide margin.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

But physics is a product of the patriarchy!

Hey, I hope she does well, and if she made the team via her own ability (rather than using lowered standards) then more power to her. I just don't think her having a long and successful career is the way to bet.

I've met 6'+, 200+ lb women who weren't obese. I can probably count them on the fingers of one hand and still have enough left over to proclaim myself #1 and pull out a plum. Guys like that are common enough not to be remarkable even in the general public, let alone in the self-selected environment of a football team. Hell, when I was 21 years old and in great shape (couldn't afford a car so rode a bike everywhere) I was 5'11" and 210, and I wasn't a particularly large specimen of American manhood.

Mark D

Cederq said...

I don't know Aesop, she seems to have a lot of testosterone free... pretty definite man jaw.

Jim Scrummy said...

Interesting? So young Madi is auditioning for Kathy Ireland's role in the movie Necessary Roughness? It's good to see that dad is happy (or clueless) about the impending disaster that will happen when Madi gets a kick blocked and then it's a jailbreak for the rock and open season on the kicker. Good times. I'm sure all 150 lbs of Madi (she's, um, a "big boned" girl) will be able to handle a 200 lb male running full bore at her...? Uh huh. What was that formula I learned initially in my high school physics class? That's it, F=MA. Who knew that physics was being taught on a high school football field? Sweet young Madi will get an edumaction on physics very soon. Yay equality. I'm sure dad will still be happy once Madi gets flattened a few times? Pass the popcorn!

roadgeek said...

She didn't qualify. Couldn't have. Southlake Carroll is a very large high school, and should have had plenty of depth for her position. I'm guessing the coaching staff and school just decided to avoid controversy.

TrT said...

In the 100m sprint, men are about 10% faster, in the 10,000m, men are around 10% faster, and in the marathon, men are about 10% faster.

In weight lifting, men and women compete on different weight levels, but the 56kg men lift 307kg and the 58kg women lift 252kg, 20% more.
The 85kg men lift 396kg and the 90kg women lift 283kg, 35% more.

An exceptional woman can beat an average man, but she wont be facing average men, as you say, maybe if she was truly exceptional at something niche, it could work.

June J said...

I question whether she "made it on her own" or was named to the team to avoid controversy. Now obviously she could be suited up and stand on the sidelines every game, but sooner or later the coach is going to be pressured to stop his sexism and play her.

I hope she survives, but I don't hope for her success. If females want to play football, let them start their own teams.

A bit of irony would be the best male soccer player at the school saying he wants to play on the womnen's soccer team. It's always fun watching the hypocrites who say sex shouldn't matter justify why men can't play on women's teams.

SiGraybeard said...

In my high school, over 45 years ago, we had lineman that were 6-8 and over 300 pounds. I can see them as a pulling guard or tackle rolling her over like she's not there.

I don't care who you think was toughest taskmaster you ever had, physics is tougher. Unlike speed limits or any other man made laws, laws of physics can not be broken short of Looney Toons.

AzDesertRat said...

I know exactly how this will end, from first hand experience.

Back in the mid 90's my 5A school's crosstown rivals let a girl onto their junior varsity team, as of all things, a backup QB. Our two schools had been fierce rivals (on and off the athletic fields) since the mid-40's and our football games at all levels were known to be brutal.
The day rolls around where their JV team is coming to our school to play and EVERYONE knows we're going to be gunning for this girl if she steps foot on the field. Fast forward to that night, and sure enough their starting QB gets banged up and has to sit out a play. Here comes QB Barbie and you could damn near cut the anticipation in the air with a knife.
She takes her first snap from under center and the second that ball moves every guy on our defense blitzes. Safeties, CB's, LB's, the friggin' towel boy, EVERYONE. QB Barbie had about a second and a half before she had eleven 14-16 year old boys in her face, all of them ready for blood. She goes down, the dog pile happens, the pushing and shoving starts, the refs finally get everyone apart... and their is QB Barbie, laying on the ground crying with a broken ankle.
That was the extent of her HS football career. 1 play. Mommy and Daddy were super pissed and tried to sue both schools, the school district, and our JV coaching staff. I vaguely remember seeing her parents on the local news a few days after the game claiming that their daughter had been "targeted". Well... duh. If I recall the lawsuits never went anywhere and I believe they pulled her out of her school shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

This entire situation smells of BS. Southlake Carroll is a known HS football powerhouse around here. People literally move their star athlete kids to Southlake to position them for college and the pros. This is also a pretty well-to-do community. There is no way that she legitimately made that team with all of the boys (who are all in shape and good athletes) jockeying for positions on that team. Absolutely no way. Using Ocam's Razor it was entirely political because either: (1) daddy was able to pull some strings (influence peddling); or (2) it is otherwise a political statement by the school or coach.

Anonymous said...

Poor girl.

Maybe football has gotten completely pussified. When I was playing ball you'd never see another player with long hair over his collar. In the bottom of a dogpile, that hair had a way of becoming yanked out and left on the field when the pile was cleared. Now you see pros with their hair practically hanging down to their ass, and it never gets left on the field.

What would happen to a girl at the bottom of the pile - well, it was better illustrated by Mr. Smith above.

Badger said...

That rattlin' sound is the brain (anyone's) moving around inside the non-JDAM-proof vault that houses it. I've been told I'm a curmudgeon long enough to exercise it once in awhile: Dad needs to have his ass kicked.

RDB said...

Ok,so she makes the team. They didn't change the rules for her. Maybe Daddy pulled some strings but that happens with guys as well.

If she plays and gets her a$$ kicked, oh well, that's her problem. If she proves she deserves to be on the field, good for her. Don't treat her any differently than the other players.

That's not going to be my daughter on the field.

Unknownsailor said...

Like I explained everywhere I could when women were first being allowed to go through Ranger school, there might be a very small number of women who can legitimately handle the job, but the time, expense, and injury cost to sift through women applicants for the job is a waste of training time and budget that should instantly make anyone seriously considering it shitcan the idea.
The injury rate of women who try should ensure the eventual court martial of the jack ass who approved the idea, too. Even if there magically appears more than one a year who can hack it, she is certain to get injured much more often during regular training than her male compatriots. It isn't fair to her, or the other members of her team who will have to pick up the slack, to allow it.
That school will find out in very short order what the cost is for allowing her to be on the team. That roster spot is as good as permanently injured reserve before she even steps on the field.

Stealth Spaniel said...

I notice that Kathy Ireland hasn't been in a movie, in like.....forever. Pretty woman, seemed fairly intelligent, she did real well at designing rugs and other sundries. Hollyweird is hollyweird: manufacturer of FANTASIES. The fact that mental images, wondrous, strange, or imaginative conceptualizing is on film. Faked on a closed set so no shit wizard can ever be accused of making false gods. I wish the Elites would realize that.
This chick-bunny is gonna get her neck broken, her pelvis stomped, or her brain permanently adjusted. Facts are painful things, but if women were warriors, we would be naming boys after Alexandria.......and not the other way around. Mother Nature refuses to adjust her thinking, therefore boys are boys and girls are girls.

Anonymous said...

We had a situation somewhat similar to that in the late 80's early 90's. It was small school suburban NYC football (lots of small schools, not big time texas football) and our team played a school that had a girl as one of their middle linebackers to much local media acclaim about how great she was.

Our Coach's solution was to run nothing but draw plays directly over the top of her. Continuously. Every single person on both sides of the ball knew exactly what the next play would be...and they (she) couldn't stop it. For 3 drives into the end zone until they pulled her from the field most of the way through the first quarter.

The message was clear...if you're going to leave an obvious and gaping hole such that your cornerbacks and safeties are making the tackles on my draws...I will pick up 8-10 yards a carry until you fix it.

My only fear is that a coach today wouldn't do that for fear of being blasted out of the water as a sexist ans lose his job over it.

Anonymous said...

Best thing that can happen is she gets fucked up within 5 minutes of starting her first game.
Hopefully lesson learned.

Pat H. said...

I still have a visible scar from a cleat from my high school football days, on my left hand, between my second and third finger.

I hope the young men put her "unit" in the dirt hard, to take her to reality.