Thursday, August 9, 2018

Draining the Swamp Is The Wrong Metaphor

From Comments to yesterday's essay, this on the topic from frequent contributor LL:

"The Central Intelligence Agency - in its entirety - is the national political warfare center, looking out from the US on the world. When you look inward, it clearly WAS the FBI, working hard to make a king/queen that would be satisfactory to the swamp. The Agency had a very small hand in the more recent attempt at a coup against President Trump."
Au contraire, mon ami.

Christians In Action gathers intelligence on other countries, sometimes which is even both accurate and timely(!) - excepting things like the invasion of South Korea, the Suez Crisis, any of a dozen Middle Eastern wars, Soviet missiles in Cuba, Soviet troops in Cuba, the erection of the Berlin Wall, the falling of the Berlin Wall, the fall of the Soviet Union, or any baker's dozen of terroristic acts from 1968-present, inclusive, but other than those petty failings, almost never takes a hand in doing everything outside of espionage or actual direct action. They generally suck at the things they're supposed to do, let alone the things we wish they'd do.

The other eleventy venues of operations, the ones described by Culper in his post, and those actively practiced by, for instance, the Chicoms, in every venue besides open warfare, are precisely what neither the Agency, the State Department, nor any other cabinet agency do, even though such is exactly their mission, either directly or in ancillary ways.

There is, as the referenced RAND study notes, no coordinated propaganda messaging, cyber warfare (offensive nor defensive, although Far Beyond Insanity likes to think they've "got that", they're mainly only concerned with government systems, not the other 98% of the economy, nor anything remotely offensive), no economically coherent outlook, and so on, ad infinitum.

And plainly, even the DoD is more concerned with internecine turf wars than a coherent defense strategy, or they wouldn't continue pursuing SJW nonsense and the jackassical continued deployment of the terminally flawed Thunderjug (which our allies with options are dropping like a hot iron ingot) in preference to three more carrier groups and ancillary surface ships, a strategic sealift capability, and doubling or tripling our SSNs and increasing our SSBNs, let alone halting the criminal hollowing of the current Army into little more than twice the size of the USMC any time since 1946. And they couldn't even had they the will and foresight to address all that, because the entitlement beast has eaten the meat, the potatoes, the seed corn, and left them nothing but gnawed bones to work with, in perpetuity.

And they've been abetted in this by 40 years of the most worthless congresses in US history (and historically, that's saying something).

We're on our way to becoming Britistan 2.0 at light speed, when what we really need, soon in a critical way, is for someone to institute our own version of Churchill's Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare (a great backpacking read, and enthusiastically and unhesitatingly recommended to the readership, btw, as both germane and informative in current times), on steroids, and with the brief of kicking everyone's @$$ who would challenge our survival, our supremacy, and our ability to prosper in any or all of the realms outlined in Culper's post.

That's not only something the CIA cannot do, it's something they actively suck at, any time they've been so tasked.

They should be folded wholesale, the dregs and dross winnowed for any actual talent coupled with the blazing desire to serve America and not the bureaucracy, and the dross flushed out of the pipes once and for all. Doing the same thing to the Feebies, as recent events have demonstrated, is about twenty to forty years overdue as well.

The blood from Langley and the Hoover building should be running waist deep coming down the steps of both agencies, and for the next several years. Anybody employed or hired by the current regime should be considered inherently suspect until proctologically proven innocent, by which I mean a full grand jury background investigation and zero tolerance for anything less than political virginity, and the entire house cleaned out and re-stocked with actual Americans, not agency hacks and bureaucrats, and the slightest degree of wavering afterwards should be dealt with in the most draconian manners imaginable. Permanent assignment to duties at McMurdo Station, including being given a parka and binoculars and told to keep all-directional watch on the horizon in 12 hour shifts, should be the kindest form of in-house punishment contemplated for any future failings, going forward for the next decade.

The mere existence of cesspit lizards like Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, and Page proves that the gentlest instrument used to clean house at the FBI and CIA ought to be actual M1A1 flamethrowers, used in platoon strength, from the roof to the basement, and all the nooks and crannies in between.

Starting today would not be too soon.


Phil said...

The See Eye Aye went rogue before I was even born and that was when anyone owning a color television set was either fabulously rich, well connected or both.

I absolutely agree with your assessment, the entire agency should be folded, spindled, mutilated and sent through the shredder.
The remnants should then be soaked in an acid bath for a week and then pumped into sealed drums and buried at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Badger said...

Thanks for the book tip. Will pursue most rikki-tik; it will have a place on the shelf (after reading) next to another reference on Intrepid.

RandyGC said...

As far as the intelligence gathering for which CIA is supposedly responsible for, well they aren't referred to as Clowns In Action by other Intel agencies for nothing.

Jaybo said...

The CIA has not been Christians in Action for 30 years They are now Coran in America.

Night driver said...

Best pull the grain out of the FIBBERS the day BEFORE you burn it down. I've been fortunate to bump into and do some work with several true BUPERs and I KNOW there are more out there.

and let's not destroy the Lab (WAY too much info on file and too many SERIOUS skills there).


I dunno. Maybe rebuild based on the Texas ranger training? THAT would be Full-Circle-Ironic!

Anonymous said...

IDK if this a symptom or the cause, but perhaps if the Christians in Action and the Federal Bureau of Idiots wasn't so busy spying on innocent Americans, maybe, just maybe, they might be able to accomplish their intended, mandated missions.

Anyone else besides me remember the Church committee investigations way back in the 70's? These federal buffoons have been spying on us unabated, despite and in contravention to the citizenry's Fourth Amendment protections, since well before the 70's and perhaps as far back as the inception of each of these do nothing alphabet agencies. They've been exposed numerous times and by numerous governmental oversight bodies and others, yet they persist to the detriment of their missions and the safety of us all.


Aesop said...

Unshackled from the lifetime tenure of clown Hoover, and after the Church hearings, the FBI managed to focus on and accomplish pretty much running the Mob out of business. Then we had eight years of Fat Bill, and the rot set in with a vengeance.

The CIA has pretty much been a waste of time since the Dulles brothers left town.
Burn them both down to the foundation concrete, and restart with entirely new personnel, and you've got a bare chance of doing their intended missions correctly, given adult supervision and proctological levels of oversight by diligent application of checks and balances.

As for FLETC, give Quantico back to the Marines. They're going to need the space for weight piles and ranges to teach Lt. Nancypants how to throw a grenade properly and far enough without taking out her own platoon.

If the feds want to "teach" law enforcement how to do their job, they should ship out 1,000,000 wall-sized copies of Sir Robert Peel's Principles, and suggest they be posted on every flat surface in every police department from coast to coast, and followed religiously and scrupulously for the next 100 years. That doesn't require a federal indoctrination academy, but rather just a phone call to the Library of Congress for a copy of the text, and a small allocation to the Government Printing Office for the production run. Total lifetime budget, under $500K.

And take all the tactical and military gear handed out over the last twenty years away from anyone who can't and doesn't pay full market price for it, in cash, out of their own budget, and unbadge and disarm everyone but Border Patrol, the actual FBI, the U.S. Marshals, and the DOE guards around nuclear materials. If there is a need for more than one properly-trained SWAT team per state, most weeks, at the city, county/parish, or federal levels combined, I'll be mightily shocked.

If anyone else feels a pressing need for weapons on hand when going about their business, they can either hire armed civilian guards at full retail, with the commensurate circumspect minimum of rights and privileges, or else apply for a warrant, and forward a copy to either the FBI or Marshals in support of it, which will be granted or refused on a case-by-case basis.

Everyone else gets pencils and citation books, and has to do business in open federal court, instead of with 3AM ninja-clad no-knock jack booted thuggery, asset forfeiture, and functional assassination squads. Lawyers are a pain in the ass, but they've don't burn babies in their cribs, and the republic got along just fine for nearly 200 years under those ROE.

I would also make it a federal law that any warrant served between sundown and sunset by any arm of law enforcement at any level nationwide would make return fire by the subjects an absolute constitutional right not subject to any prosecution or punishment in any way, shape or form afterwards. If you can't conduct justice in broad daylight, that's not what you're going about to begin with, and you deserve the own-goal body count you rack up afterwards.

Anybody in any official capacity or retired from same and squawking about those rules of engagement would be summarily fired and their pension revoked, same day, and any appeal forbidden.

As currently constituted, most of the federal government, particularly the FBI and CIA, are exactly the occupying army nightmare the Founders sought to preclude with Amendments III through X, inclusive, and have committed regularly and by express design most of the list of offenses formerly ascribed to George III in the Declaration of Independence.

Actual gasoline - regular, premium, or aircraft fuel - applied at several hundred psi by pressurized nitrogen, and gloriously aflame, is a remarkable disinfectant to such misbehavior.

Nothing less will suffice.

And when the pendulum swings, my voice will be seen as a beacon of circumspect moderation compared to most, come the day, mark it well.

Badger said...

Aesop, RE the read on Sir Winston's Ministry. Do you happen to have read the other (very) similarly titled treatment (apparently published 2 yrs earlier) by Damien Lewis? Just coin flipping as to which to put on the shelf. Not a $-driven decision, just curious if you have a thought as to which is the more credible treatment, if you know.

Thanks sir.

Aesop said...

Never saw Lewis' work.
I found the one linked at brick & mortar B&N, bought it, and read it from cover to cover in under a week's spare time.

Badger said...

Roger, thanks.

The Desert Wind said...

Many of us must meet.