Thursday, August 16, 2018

Not So Much In Real Life...

There's another post you should read over at Forward Observer:

Antifascist organizing works.
Antifa forced Richard Spencer to abandon his strategy.
White nationalist rallies have not made antifascists abandon theirs. 
So yes, antifascists tactics are working… but they had little to do with why UTR2 was a cosmic failure.

I agree with about 95% of the essay, including the bulk of the analysis. But that other 5% is a wee bit more important than its quantity would indicate.

Let's be serious here, and a bit more descriptive of ground reality:

Charlottesville/"Unite The Right" was not only by and for idiots, on both sides, the lead organizers of UTR were wholly-controlled opposition (much like the 32 fed-controlled CIs out of 50 show-ups at Malheur - or whatever ridiculous ratio it actually was) with strong lifelong left-wing ties, who successfully convinced the Useful Idiots of white supremacy to not only sign up, provide their personal information, and pose for helpful mugshot photographs beforehand, as a condition of attending the rally, (which would be like the CIA making the travel and lodging arrangements for foreign spies to sign up to come to America for espionage) but UTR also got the same pre-doxxed Idiots to then helpfully show up to be turned over by police in C-ville to the tender mercies of a wholly astro-turfed rent-a-mob, while the cops there sat back and watched the pre-planned beatings.

Talk about an intelligence and media coup...

Until the experiment got out of the lab, and one lackwit ran over a land whale and racked up a helpful body count. But hey, when you're the Left, sacrifices for the greater good have to be made, so what's one martyred protestor in the grand scheme of things?
These are the exact same people who dance in the blood of schoolchildren after school shootings that have been practically choreographed, for twenty-five-plus years.

So C-ville was a stock-footage Nazi-flag-waving media field day, which was always the entire point of the exercise.
Lesson: Reality TV is anything but.
And BTW, that's analysis based on 25 years working in "The Biz" talking.

So, shock of shocks, this time around, even the Useful Idiots were going with the "Fool Me Once" rule of thumb, and declined to participate in the same schtick that's been a staple in Punch and Judy puppet shows since 1662 A.D.

And in such a white supremacy bastion as the 98% black D.C.??
What next?
UTR3 in Watts?
UTR4 in Detroit?
UTR5 in Harlem?
"Gee, I wonder what will happen next...?"

This is not Antifa "effectiveness", nor Alt-Right ineffectiveness, any more than the  0 for 26,000 W-L record of the Washington Generals would be the result of the athletic prowess of their opponents, nor an explanation if one day the Generals neglected to show up for the customary scripted beating.

Not showing up would simply be a variation within the script.

Anti-fascist organizing gins up their Useful Idiots, and "works", right up until they have a Moldylocks face-punch moment, because that wasn't in their script. Then the house of cards falls apart, and the snowflakes melt.

Antifa was ultimately beaten up and kicked around in Berzerkeley, chased out of Newport Beach, and is finding out Portland isn't their town so much as they thought either. And a number of left-wing radical leaders in Berzerkeley now have conviction records and probation sentences hanging over them, so the juice isn't worth the squeeze to them anymore either.

The only thing being accomplished is getting both sides to conclude that this is going to have to move from fists to guns, which is a necessary evil insomuch as one side thinks it's necessary, and the other thinks it evil.

The greater point, that rallies themselves are pointless street theater nonsense, which accomplish nothing of value, is absolutely 24K gold truth. (Seriously, did anybody out there, in their whole lives beyond the age of 10 ever believe pep rallies help win football and basketball games? Their only function is to sell tickets. This sort of silliness makes roller derby and pro wrestling look circumspect and legitimate by contrast. For the three people shocked by any of that , there's no Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny either. Sorry, but it's time you were told.)

UTR2 failed because it was never going to not fail, and after seeing that UTR1 was just a set-up, no one will ever play with those idiots again, unless we include the rent-a-mob "crisis actors", arriving on the same busses, and playing both sides, like Ralph and Sam in a Warner Bros. wolf/sheepdog cartoon, and then clocking out to depart on the same busses.

"Morning, Antifa." "Morning, White Supremacy."

Such nonsense is to actual political debate what the Harlem Globetrotters are to actual basketball contests.

Clown shows and Hamlet both take place on a stage, but that doesn't make them the same thing, and calling UTR2 a failure, as if it were ever going to be anything else, is like pretending plastic army men are real-world military opponents.

They are, of course. But only at Disneyland.


Sabre22 said...

I have a thought wasn't the "organizer" of the first "protest". and obama Acolyte from occupy Wall street and an obama supporter. Why would an Obama supporter flip 180 degrees in a very short time frome this was a setup from the word go.

Aesop said...

That was exactly my point in the entire piece.

Cederq said...

Math is hard with S22 above...