Monday, August 13, 2018

B'Bye, Bitch...

Lawyer up, lunatard: lying to Congress is prosecutable. We'll see how smirky you are when Bubba is your new BF.

About Damned Time Dept.:
(COMEDY RELIEF) The FBI fired Agent Peter Strzok — at one time one of the leaders of the bureau’s investigation into Russian election meddling and possible collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign — for writing critical text messages about the future president.Aitan Goelman, Strzok’s lawyer, told the paper that FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich ordered that Strzok be canned on Friday.
One douchebag down and only about 35,000 more to go. I'll amend that number when they perp-walk Shrillary, HopeyDopey, and the rest of the Crooked Cabal in leg irons and orange jumpsuits to face federal trial for a few tens of thousands of national security-level felonies, fraud, corruption, and criminal conspiracy.

Since it only took the FBI's Deputy Director a year and a half to do what was obviously in order seventeen-and-a-half months ago, I suppose it's barely possible that you can get the attention of a jackass, if you club it with a 2x4 first.

Maybe, if they can find him (try looking under his desk) someone can suggest to Clueless Clyde, MIA Jeffie Sessions, that it's now time to either resign, and let someone into the job to who wants to do it, or at least come out of hiding and start doing his m*****f***ing job his own damned self. If only for the novelty of the idea.

Has Anybody Seen This Man? Operators at Missing In Action are standing by...

And Mueller and Comey should be shredding files and pre-paying their legal retainers about now, too.

Apparently Page has decided to be the Jane Dean of this situation, and would rather face disbarment than federal prison.


Badger said...

If no one really has their heart in draining the swamp, at least they could start simply put some folks at the bottom of it. Gators gotta make a livin'. Or weighted, and let it sit downstream in the Mississippi till it bumps into a lock & dam (thank you Corps of Engineers). There are some megaladon-worthy catfish down there. They gotta eat too.

If they want to go public, great. Guillotines. Because... throughput.

Anderson said...

I'm a firm believer that God gives us 'hints' about people via their face. To me, Strzok's nose and Sessions' ears scream: "Do Not Delegate Anything Important To These Men".

The Gray Man said...

I do really enjoy talking about these people in sentences like "when bubba is your new boyfriend" in Strzok's case, or "orange pantsuit" in Hillary's case, but it really is just a nice joke. None of these people are going to prosecuted and sent to prison. Mueller will get a couple of Trump's lackeys into some hot water, which isn't a huge problem for "our side", whatever that is this week. But on the left, no one is going to be touched. Trump is coming up to the halfway point in a couple months, if it was going to happen the way it should, SOMETHING would have happened already. An arrest of someone, an indictment of someone, an actual investigation with occasional press conferences or progress updates from the AG, SOMETHING. Anything. Even if it was just one person. An 0bama staffer, a Hillary crony, maybe some associate of Podesta or something. But we've got nothing. So Weiner is going to jail? Well yeah, that's what happens when you sext a teenage girl, but POLITICALLY? We've gotten nothing out of it. Out of anything.

What happened to the Awan guy? Oh, they cleared him, and he plead guilty to making a false statement on a CREDIT APPLICATION. Is that all we've got? After everything that has come out and everything we've heard and everything they've done, that's it?

In a couple months, we'll be halfway through Trump's term, and not a single major leftist will be in water any hotter than the water they were in during 0bama's administration.

And not an inch of wall has been built.

And not a single pro-gun bill has been passed.

Trump has made some progress on a few things, but the hour is getting late and the four or five biggest issues (i.e., weapons the left will use against us when they have the chance) haven't been so much as grazed.