Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Semper fi, Mc.

Evidently, McThag has decided to pull the plug on the blogging thing:

Quittin' Time

This might be a good place to end this.

I'm honestly sick of my natural inclination to worry about if people like me enough to stop worrying if people like me and bother to read this.

Too many people just stop without saying goodbye.

So long and thanks for all the fish.
He's been a regular read several times a week, but apparently desires to create some additional free space in his schedule.

After thirteen years of gun blogging, anyone's entitled to that.

We wish him well.

UPDATE: Apparently he just needed a few days off.
Glad it was just a hiatus, and not a farewell. 


Anonymous said...

I never left comments because the only way to do so was to be a "member" of something I choose NOT to join. You and Kevin (RIP) have/had the anonymous option; hence more feedback.

JJ said...

Writing is on the wall...only a matter of time before all the deplorable bloggers are kicked off of "Blogger" by the left.

Anonymous said...

Well.....this is unfortunate. I have to discover a new blog by it having gone off the air.

Somewhere Behind Enemy Lines
Peoples Republik of Kommiefornistan

Angus McThag said...

I had the comments set the way the were to stop spammers. It slowed them down a lot.

The outpouring of support makes me feel this will be a break rather than a retirement!

Anonymous said...

Understand. Both Tam and Brigid had to do the same some years ago but I'm not gonna get an account with the enemy just to comment.
Since you're "here" though, please let me add my thanks to you and compliments on your blog.
Boat Guy

turnkey said...

I wish you well, Angus.

Anonymous said...

Never ran across your blog until Aesop's announcement. Hopefully you will take a break instead of retiring. Now I have plenty of time to catch up on all you've written so far!

Beans said...

I wasn't able to comment until I started using Microsoft Edge, then, and also setting up a blogger presence, Voila - poof. I can comment.

Weird, but it worked.

Sarthurk said...

Well golly, I don't know if I ever made any comments, on McThag's blog, but I sure know I checked it out nearly every evening, on my usual blog drive by. Good stuff. I will miss the talk.

Anonymous said...


Dude, Rehab is for quitters, take a vaca and rest up. Gonna need your voice to counter the moonbats.

Spin Drift

PS: I also didn't want to join the goog

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, these folks are a good beginning:

Expanded upon it seem to be a fair model.

Angus McThag said...

I don't have a solution to the comment problem, but the break did me some good.

Aesop said...

As I discovered after two weeks in the Sierras.