Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Left Marches On

First they demonetized people on YouTube.
Then they erased Alex Jones.
Today, it's totally erasing the occasional-stop blog at  Fellowship of the Minds.

It's been completely taken out by WordPress, as of today.
I know this because I was there yesterday or Monday, and his last post was about 6PM PST yesterday, regarding the travails of girlfriend-beating Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison.

Regular readers should note, this blog's days, and everyone like it that you visit, are clearly numbered. Because FOTM was mild, and relatively unoffensive compared to what we post here regularly.
So clearly, TPTB want it all, just as we told you Sunday.

Because that's how the Left rolls.

In a similar vein, this from Oddjob, over at Xenophilic:

And a companion essay at The Burning Platform, whose site name may be far less coincidental than intended.


Anonymous said...


This raises a question that I have wanted to ask, and more frequently as time goes by.

With all of the censorship accelerating, are there no liberty-loving individuals and/or companies that will step into the breach (and market-share) to offer services currently being closed down?

Is there no money to be made by providing "liberty platforms" and infrastructure. I very well might be betraying my ignorance, but why are we not seeing multiple entrepreneurs explore this market segment?

Anonymous said...

In the past there were modems & BBS, then there was the internet, and in the future there will be modems & BBS....

Aesop said...

Inertia is a powerful force. Parsimony doubly so.

Never underestimate the willingness of people to sit on their hands until the water is around their necks.

Unknownsailor said...

Never rely on the services of your enemies. If you are hosted on Wordpress, find a way to get off their hosting services. Web hosting space is cheap, there are dozens of companies that can provide it for you. If you like Wordpress, use the downloadable version of Wordpress.

Sixgun said...

To Unknown: In light of your post, I suggest you review the very recent ultimatum delivered by Microsoft to Gab, that Gab remove some post that MS found offensive. Hosting companies are just as bad as any other platform. Denninger recently pointed out that hosting services that aren't "branded" shouldn't be able to push you off the web just because they don't like what you wrote, but at the moment they still can. The only way you're going to stay up at this point is by hosting yourself, and you'd still have your own ISP to worry about. This is accelerating. The Left cannot win arguments with facts, so they're doing everything in their power to extirpate anything that even vaguely contradicts their orthodoxy.

Unknownsailor said...

Gab was hosted on a Microsoft service. What I mean by hosting is paid web space. You pay a company, they give you X amount of space on their linux server that has Apache/PHP/mySQL installed and running, and you set up what web site you want at that web space.

No, it isn't point and click, yes, it takes some basic IT skills, and yes, site security is mostly up to you. However, no one but your hosting service can click a button and make your site disappear, and hosting services, if you pick a smaller one, are mostly small shops much less beholden to the tech oligarchy than giant silicon valley ones.

I run my own mostly inactive blog on exactly this sort of set up, and have done so for more than a decade. The company itself is in the midwest, and the actual server my site is on is in Ohio, if memory serves.

I repeat, get off of services hosted by large IT firms. Use open source software and host it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Remus over at Woodpile references the same sort of topic in his opening paragraph today. I guess great minds think alike.


G-man said...

My wordpress-powered blog sits on an AWS Lightsail instance running the web services for me. I got off GoDaddy's hosting because they suck and cost too much. Plus I have a snapshot of my lightsail instance that costs a pittance to maintain, but enables me to simply shut down the current instance and 'magic' a new virtual machine back into existence should the site get hacked, or I do something stupid like corrupt the database while doing a Wordpress upgrade.

As far as TheFellowshipOfTheMinds goes, there's still plenty of content up at Archive.org, so even if they can't get back into their site, they can still retrieve the content. At least you're back off the streng verboten list here at the office.

Aesop said...

Probably just an oversight, G-Man.

Sixgun said...

@Unknown, yes, Gab is on Microsoft Azure, which could have been anything from a website instance (Software-as-a-service), down to a vanilla server with no applications installed on it that they configured themselves. How egregious MS's request is, depends on what the underlying infrastructure looks like. Since Gab is pretty big, I would suspect that they actually have a full-on domain of servers, with some database servers, several front-end servers, networking, load balancing etc (I used to be a consultant for an Azure Cloud provider), all of which they have "full" access to for management, and yet MS saw fit to tell them how to run their own stuff since MS "owned" the hardware their VMs were running on.

The conservative Blogosphere needs to find a friendly provider for hosting. If I had the facilities, I'd start my own hosting company. I've done infrastructure (server, endpoint, storage, networking, security) for nearly two decades. I just suck at the business side of things.

J J said...

Dang Aesop, if you get taken down I won’t have my daily dose of laughter and tears!

Some leftists need to become familiar with Rule 308.

Unknownsailor said...

@Sixgun, I concur, once you get about a certain size, alternatives will have to be found. However, for small people just starting out, the route I offered is the best way to go. Where the break point is to get off of small web hosting to clusters and what not, I don't know.

I am still in college for IT, after all. ;)

The demand is there, I would think, but the conservative side of the IT industry doesn't seem to want to pick up the money that is on the table.

Papa said...

WordPress took this guy down.
YouTube took his original channel down some months back.
And he's sort of left leaning.
He has some good stuff on Vegas shooting, Syria, etc.
I guess he had too much to think.
"WordPress just wiped out American Everyman"

The Gray Man said...

We freedom bloggers (mine is small and humble, but I don't care, I like reading it, LOL) need to be able to get in touch in our post-blog days.

Anonymous said...

Most conservatives I know don't use Fakebook, Twit etc.
We're too busy working (and playing outside).
There are some alternatives to the leftists currently, though, and at some point some more right leaning companies will step in to fill the void.
Nature abhors a vacuum, right?

These are all private companies and as such have every right to censor and criminalize anyone they want to. It's up to the free market to make the correction.
The last thing we want is calls for the GUBMINT to step in to "fix" everything. That just turns it into a huge criminal enterprise.

Get OFF facebook, twitter.
Stop watching youtube.
Stop using google.
Use the alternatives, and encourage their use by others.
Oh, and stop the fucking bitching.

Anonymous said...

BAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE Have A Winner. Nuff Said!

Anonymous said...

Now Lets Go Get Some!

Loco Gato said...

Is there a way unknown to me, to download all of your content just in case? I know I can download post by post but I was looking for a more condensed version.
You can send it my e-mail if you like;
stokesla@earthlink.net and I'll find it in my blocker.

Aesop said...

Nothing I know of.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get weaned away from MS and Apple too.
Ubuntu Linux is free and a good way to start.

The Gray Man said...

Actually they're not private companies. They've all claimed liability protections as neutral public forums under the CDA, which means as a condition of that status, they're not allowed to conduct political censorship.

The Gray Man said...

We aren't going to be getting some, of anything. We can't even convince people to move past the soapbox, ballot box and jury box, which have been turned into weapons and wielded against us, to the cartridge box. The left has already started shooting at us, or hitting us with bricks, fists, pipes, and the majority of "us" still aren't even carrying a pistol everyday.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't understand why people INSIST on using Facebook et al.


Anonymous said...

Gray Man,
You are absolutely correct. It is too late for anything meaningful. The law, courts, cops, media, social economics are all weaponized against us. As for the cartridge box.....forget it!! Even if all of the so called "Patriots" each had every gun in the world we are missing one thing, and that is tribalism. Tribalism is what keeps the black movement going and getting results. The blacks in this country may be a lot of things but you have to admit one thing for what ever the cause and consequence, for good, bad, or evil the blacks rally together and stand together and most certainly get results and hold themselves out as something not to be "F'd" with.