Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Strolling Through The Headlines

Skipping along through Drudge today, this is what we find, and then what we think...

"SAfrica land expropriation bill withdrawn for further reconsideration..."
South African government puts plans for genocidal bloodbath on hold, after seeing well-armed Boer farmers ready to contest land grabs.

"Tourists shocked as migrants unload on beach..."
In Frisco, they usually just unload right on the sidewalk.
"TROUBLES: BUZZFEED asks audience for donations..."
Tech firm discovers backlash of deplatforming the side with all the money.

"Pittsburgh becomes largest city without daily print newspaper..."
City's mean IQ projected to rise 30 points in next 12 months.

"Deaths from drugs, alcohol, suicide now outpace diabetes..."
And that's just within the Clinton Foundation.

"Alec Baldwin to play BATMAN father as 'Trump-like figure'..."
Hollywood braces for impact when BATMAN franchise craters.

"Massive fish die-off creates smelly mess in Malibu..."
Kathy Griffin and the coven from TheSpew caught skinny-dipping off Cali coast.


The Gray Man said...

Here's my question: Were the Boers really well armed and prepared and willing to fight? Were they geared up and mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to trade rounds?

I need to look around and see about getting in touch with some actual Boers online and see what they say about it. There are several registered over at Survivalist Boards. I'll check if they're active.

MMinWA said...

Way to crap on a classic Alec-guess I'll be skipping that.

It seems like almost everything REgressives get their hands on turns to shit.

REgressives on the leftie sites I comment on make light of the horrific torture & murder of white farmers in S Africa. I guess white folks getting blowtorched for 2 days before their throats get cut isn't enough to get a rise outta them.

I'd pay a dollar to see Regressives lose their minds if President Trump fast tracked those farmers getting here.

The Gray Man said...

How about we fast-track 3rd Group out of Bragg in there and let the SF dudes start doing what SF dudes were originally meant to do, and turn those Boers into that government's worst fucking nightmare? You know how Britainistan has some of their people traveling to the Levant to help ISIS? Let's see how many American combat veterans take a "vacation" to South Africa to help after they see the Boers receiving a little training in asymmetrical warfare.

Aesop said...

"The guerrilla swims in the sea of the people." - Mao

Except not so much when the sea looks like Showtime at the Apollo, and the guerrilla is wearing a Klan robe and hood.

Those people should have gotten gone about 5 years ago.

CW Buff said...

Way back further than I care to admit to, I was offered a position in either Africa or South America, my choice.. (Someone needed talent in both places.) The movie The Wild Geese being fresh in my mind, I diplomatically declined.

Like Aesop says, those folks in SA should have hitched up the wagon a long time ago... CW Buff out

TrT said...

SAfrica has strict capital controls, so if you leave, you leave with the clothes on your back and the krugerrands in your stomach.
Its easy to stay put and hope.
But easy.