Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hugo Chavez Elected To Run Social Media

Ask the laughingstock government of Britistan how this approach worked out with Tommy Robinson.

We note directly the ham-fisted attempt to bludgeon contrary voices, in this case Alex Jones, into oblivion, by our would-be Communist Thought Police overlords.

A number of opinions have been expressed, and will continue to be.

1) This isn't the cake-baking argument.
You can play that card when anyone can bake a cake.
You cannot make it when you own all the ovens, flour, sugar, and eggs, in existence.
It's one thing for some schlub on Food Network to self-proclaim himself The Boss Of Cake.

You want the 2:40 timehack.

It's another thing entirely when, simply due to overall government reluctance to intervene, one attempts to declare one's corporation the arbiter of all political thought on the internet, simply because one can. Ask the late John Brown how that sort of attempt is taken by the actual PTB.

2) Besides the obvious marketplace backlash ($100B in stock market value loss later, Facebook is starting to get the hint, and when the stockowners and SEC get through, there's about to be a yuuuuuge change in corporate directorship there), this will become the worst of all possible worlds: the government will get the camel's nose into the tent and start regulating the Goolag monopoly as what it is, and break it up.

Alex Jones is merely the election of Hugo Chavez to venezuelanize social media. They're in the process of burning down their own house. Because they can.
{cf.: major Hollywood studios}

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Badger said...

Sounds a bit like not getting in the way of an enemy when they're making a huge (ok, "Yuuuge") mistake.

TheBohunk said...

Are you saying that this is an attempt by giant tech companies to do something that they know will get the government involved in regulating their business?

More directly, if leftism couldn't turn the internet into a public utility under Obama because of right wing resistance, then they will do something that makes right wingers demand the government turn the internet into a public utility?