Sunday, August 19, 2018

Not Even Close

This is how frothing lunacy gains the patina of common sense:
(FNC) In the 1864 presidential election, George B. McClellan carried the State of New York along with all other Northern States except New Jersey, Delaware and Kentucky, despite the efforts of the Republican Party and Lincoln’s War Department marshalling the soldier vote against him.

Got it: McClellan was elected president in 1864.
It's on the internet, so it must be true. It explains the...

McClellan won in 1864?!

Perhaps someone should have notified us sooner.

"1864 calling: I have a collect call from Clueville for Anyone..."

Or mayhap even checked a few hundred newspaper headlines from the week following Wednesday, November 9th, 1864 (152 years before another Democrap hopeful got handed their backside on a platter in a well-deserved upset drubbing).

So either that quote was absolutely bungled, or the author, apparently excerpted at FNC, is either a full barking mad loon, or epically stupid. There are no other options.

In the election of 1864, Lincoln carried every state except KY,  DE, and NJ (McClellan's home state).

McClellan got his hindquarters served on a platter from coast to coast.
The electoral math was 212 votes to 21, and even had the entire non-voting South thrown in its 81 electoral votes, and they'd all gone to him, McClellan still would have lost in an electoral landslide, 212 to 102.

As Casey Stengel used to tell people, "You could look it up."
1864 Election results, Wikipedia

Lincoln, not McClellan, carried the entire state of NY by nearly 7,000 votes.
1864 State-by-state election tallies

We also note for emphasis that if John Wilkes Booth had shot McClellan to death instead of Lincoln, esp. circa 1863, he'd have been a hero in both armies, North and South. Little Mac's post-war years, absent a single accidental and lackluster term as NJ governor, were marked mainly by wandering abroad, and having to defend his Civil War incompetence repeatedly until his death, at age 58.

We visit Free North Carolina , because the bloghost there is a Southern gentlemen with whom we are in frequent agreement.
This is not one of those times.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
They do not, however, get to claim alternate reality in regard to the historical facts.
A bit more precision is indicated there, if you please.

History: An actual thing.


MMinWA said...

I'm reading Volume 1 of Foote's 3 volume set of the Civil War right now and am just getting into Mac's incredible vacillation. He looks to be taking indecision to high art, has cost a lot of lives and am curious what will be the last straw(don't tell me).

Anonymous said...

Similar to one I saw once that said that the North really lost the Civil War, that Grant went into Lee's tent to surrender to HIM, that Lee mistook Grant for his orderly and handed him his sword, then realized he'd just accidentally surrendered to Grant and was too much of gentleman to take it back, so that's how the South wound up losing.

Mark D

Unknown said...

I'm of the idea that McClellan wasn't as much an incompetent as he was reluctant to carry out the deliberate genocidal strategy the queer railroad lawyer and his cabal of communists desired.