Thursday, August 30, 2018

They're Starting To Catch On

h/t Kenny at Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

The above was presented as a gag post for his friend with the fascination with breasts, but the existence of this machine underlines an important point: the Usual F**kwits over at A.H.A. finally stumbled upon a good idea:

If you make something like this into a video game, you can teach people without them catching on that they're learning.

They also just made 95% of basic CPR instructors at AHA obsolete.
McDonald's burger flippers, take note.
They can now put any number of these in their offices, and offer training one at a time, to anyone who wants it, anytime they're open for business.

Swipe a card, have a vending machine next to this drop a shrink-wrapped textbook, pass the skills on the video trainer, and your card pops out the bottom slot.
So much for killing half to a full day for a skill that can be mastered in 20 minutes, for the most part, by anyone in middle school or older.

Put half a dozen of these in a trailer, and you can take the class to businesses and schools, like they should, and run through dozens to hundreds of people in a given day, with zero instructors, just someone to drive and park the trailer.

Or hit two-four smaller locations in a day. Or put just one or two in a cube van, and make housecalls for onesie-twosie instant classes.

Kudos, guys, really. Someone pulled their head out and yanked out a plum.

The sad part: this level of tech was available by the late 1980s, so they're now only 30 years behind the curve.

Hint: technology is a thing, and it's catching on.
In case some people thought fire and the wheel were just fads.


Phil said...

OMG, it's brilliant. No more sitting in a freezing conference room with a bunch of people you would rather dismember than talk to, listening to some lady who looks like she has been out of high school two weeks drone on about something I have been through 7 or 8 times before just to get a fucking card that disintegrates in my wallet in six weeks.

neal said...

I would use sexbots with low voltage and train from there.

Anonymous said...

LOL Nicely done neal

Phillip said...

Now if they could do ACLS and ATLS the same way...