Thursday, August 23, 2018

Meet The Pro-Death Party

Which party wants the government to pay for your mother to kill you in the womb?
And isn't happy until every woman has an abortion, and shrieks at the possibility that anyone might make that more rare?

Which party has, under that same banner, sponsored a genocide of millions that would make the lightweight socialists of history, from Berlin, Moscow, and Beijing, blush at their own comparatively half-hearted efforts?

Which party used that mechanism to wipe out an entire generation of minority children, by express design, going back a century and more?

If you survive that gamut, which party engineered it so that as a child, you'll be in the only place in America where no good guys there have guns, or hardly ever, and every whackjob who knows this, and takes a shot at you advances the anti-gun agenda of that same party?

When that happens, again and again and again, which party will have their PR Department (that would be ABCNNBCBS) cover their deathsploits in an orgy of excess, and fame beyond the dreams of rock stars, 24/7/forever, while the political operatives of that party caper a jig in your still-warm blood?

If they still haven't knocked you off after that, which party wants you to take your life in your hands every time you leave your house, to visit the big city, or even go jogging in a quiet Iowa neighborhood, because they let in 30M illegal aliens?

Which party went into full apoplexy when the opposition candidate correctly pointed out that we were being inundated by a generation-long flood of exactly those same murdering illegal aliens?

Which party tried to boost the importation of terrorist cells from the most disreputable Turd-World Shitholias and Trashcanistans extant, so they could jihad you into dhimmitude?

And when those attempts to whack you fail, which party wants to see to it that "no American, anywhere, has a semi-automatic firearm in their possession", despite history, common sense, and the Bill of Rights standing squarely in their way to block that?

Which party wants cops dead, while ignoring and obfuscating the identity of the perpetrators of open warfare in Chicago that literally dwarfs the body count of Iraq and Afghanistan during a full-on war?

Which party demonizes people who defend themselves against thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, knowing that those kinds of criminals prey overwhelmingly on the residents of ghetto  and barrio, while they themselves sit safely behind the walls of gated communities, with private armed bodyguards, frequently at taxpayer expense?

Which party went full batsh*t crazy, and has done nothing but amplify their feces-flinging frenzy for nearly two solid years, because they lost an election, and immediately, repetitively, and reflexively speaks openly and seriously about murdering the victor of that election?

Which party has organized riots, and threatens forthrightly to kill the supporters of that president, time and time and time again?

Which party has an outright deranged lunatic hired by the national Birdcage Liner Of Record, who not only has done but continues to unashamedly muse about killing white people, despite the fact that if not for almost overwhelmingly white American men, she'd be a slave under one of the most repressive regimes on the planet?

Which party  has nearly every mass murderer in recent history belonged to?

Which party had one of their most rabid supporters try to gun down an entire baseball field full of congressmen from the opposition?

Which party got amnesia about that incident so fast it gave you whiplash to watch it?

And if they still haven't succeeded in knocking you off by that point, which party rammed through the most blatantly totalitarian grab of private industry in modern history, complete with death panels, to make sure you didn't live to a ripe old age if they had their way?

The answer, in every case, is the Death Party.

If you're under the age of 45, they've been gunning for you your entire life.
If you're black, yellow, or brown, they've been gunning for you since 1775.
They protected slavery, imprisoned Japanese American citizens, destroyed the black family, devastated multiple cities - Chicongo, Detroitistan, Baltimore, Newark, and many, many more - and they want to bring that experience to you wherever you are in America.

And they want to make sure that only the military and the police have guns.
Stop me if you've heard this one:

But that little Austrian guy only whacked 11,000,000 people.
Uncle Joe probably only accounted for 30,000,000.
The Chairman knocked off 80,000,000.

But the party I'm talking about wants to improve on the tally of those previous pikers.

Tell them to go to hell.

Because the day may come when you have to punch that ticket yourself.

Don't worry though: that's been done before too.

It worked as easy as falling out of a helicopter.


Mike_C said...

You really think The Plan is for white guys in snazzy Hugo Boss uniforms to be the ones left with the guns?

Aesop said...

I think The Plan is to try and deny there is a Plan, until the round-ups begin.

After that, the Useful Idiots of Color will in the second load to the tree chippers.
It's the old Bolshevik/Menshevik gambit.

That's why anyone throwing a crowbar in their machine is my ally, and anyone setting their presses on fire is doing God's work.

And the days of that staying metaphorical are probably numbered.

JJ said...

That’s all you got out of the post? It ain’t about uniforms. Whether the oppressors wear red coats or blue/black/camo tactical garb or the liberty and freedom people even have matching shirts and pants isn’t the point.

Jim Scrummy said...

"Pinochet is my Co-Pilot"-I've seen hats with that mantra printed on them. I guess Uncle Ho (and his minions) and "Paulie" Pot were the pikers, they only murdered in the 7 figures compared to the 20th Century's "biggies".

Buy guns and ammmo.

James M Dakin said...

Don't get me wrong, I really hate Dems. Yet...ask yourself which party started with a chap named Lincoln. How many innocent Southern civilians did he kill? States rights vanished under the watch of which prez? Hint-he wore a really tall hat. If you love the Federales, you just might be a Republican. Oh, wait, BOTH parties are the Imperialists and Federalists. One half of the Imperial/Federal Reserve Party loves when you side with them.

DAN III said...

James M Dakin @ 1332,

While the blog author accurately concentrates on the Demorat Party I believe as you do, the Republiscammers are not much better. Hell, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever, they all are CAREER politicians.

Although the Republiscammers may be the lesser of two evils, evil is still evil. In turn, they ALL are scoundrels deserving of a short rope and a tall tree.

They have earned the description of their "bipartisan" bullshit, the Uniparty !

Joseph said...