Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day 564: Has Anyone Seen This Man?

Is he in a coma in some hospital as a John Doe?
Kidnapped by aliens?
Being held in a warehouse with a bag over his head?

No one knows.

Over eighteen months without a living, breathing, functioning Attorney General of the United States has to be some sort of terrible record.

Look in Saddam's hole in the ground.
Check Osama bin Laden's safehouse.
Look in Shrillary's upstairs closet.

The last guy who played hide and seek this well was Jimmy Hoffa.

Before that, it was the Japanese officer hiding in the Philippines for almost 30 years after WWII.
At this rate, by 2024, after being missing for seven years, the President can just have him declared legally dead, and name a replacement automatically. So at least we'd have an AG for the last year of Trump's second term.

If anyone sees hide or hair of this man, please, contact the Department Of Justice immediately. Rumor has it he may have something important to be doing.

I swear, I'm thinking of having t-shirts made.

I'm really worried something may have happened to him.


JJ said...

What a totally useless piece of crap. Hasn’t done one damn thing except advocate for more drug wars and asset seizures from unconvicted citizens.

Meanwhile in the news the past week is that Felonia Von Pantsuit had a second email server the Feebiles never acknowledged or investigated.

T-Rav said...

Not gonna lie, this was the first post I saw getting on this afternoon, and for a second I thought you were somehow referring to yourself. Oops.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation to Tahoe.

Anonymous said...

Patience grasshopper.
(I hope) this is "part of the plan"
Chaining Hitlery up in Guantanamo would only create an unwelcome fuss.
I like to think he's waiting for Jan 20th 2021 to cement the prosecutions.
Is my terminal optimism, I suppose.
Oh, and glad you're back.

Sabre22 said...

Reward 1 wooden nickel and that is more than he is worth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get together with and collaborate on a t-shirt design. She has some doozy's at her site (full disclosure: I Have no vested or other interest in aforementioned web site).


Pat H. said...

So far, the former senator has been worse than useless. His first "passionate" statement was a desire to rewaken the anti-cannabis part of the DEA to go after those in states that had made cannabis more or less legally accessible to everyone.

As an RN I'm fully in support of removing cannibis as a schedule drug with attendant federal LEO interdiction. The DEA's main business is ruining lives.

dmv gringo said...

Why do those who ask this question
still not understand: The Rule of Law is long
dead in America, unless you are of the dirt people.
Moreover, (as if it mattered in recent decades)
the Executive Branch is now ruled and controlled by the tyranny of the Judicial branch.

Judge orders illegal aliens returned to U.S. in midst of deportation flight:

California State Assemblywoman Admits She Was an (once deported) Illegal alien: