Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Missing Rider...

"And I glanced back over mine shoulder, and behold, another rider appeared, and sat him upon an Ass, and he that sat upon the Ass was called Stupidity. He sat backwards, wearing pointed fool's cap. 
And power was given unto him to work the enstupidation of all mankind, as all did stare at his jingly toys, and did gaze into his mirror of error, and drink from his cup of folly, and listen to his silliness.
And great was the mischief he worked, to make men consider themselves wiser than serpents, on account of the lies he whispered, and coarse jests and blasphemies he spake, that they who heard them should laugh as men taken with strong drink. And they did all account themselves as Solomon's teacher, the founts of all Earthly Wisdom, that all who followed him might wander to the precipice, and tumble over it, giddy, gibbering, and unseeing."

I can't find the exact reference, but I'm pretty sure this is the original pony celebrated in the story, that was eventually found under that mound of, rose fertilizer.
Stupidity continues to slay more people, with the jawbone of an ass, than Samson ever did on his best day.

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