Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Does A National Political Warfare Center Make Sense?

A very thought-provoking topic by that title over at Forward Observer today:
“There is currently no U.S. government organization, U.S. nongovernmental organization, or U.S. academic institution that focuses on the full range of unconventional, irregular, political, informational, diplomatic, and economic threats and activities employed by adversary powers.” 
There's a lot of things worth reading in it.

My 2¢:

Facebook's anti-conservative/alt-right/anything-less-than-frothing-moonbat-communist campaign has cost them $100B in real value on the stock market, the biggest loss of any firm in stock market history. Google and the other platforms are about to get a similar lesson on asymmetrical warfare, particularly the economic kind.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and all they're doing is creating a gaping opening for someone, or ten thousand someones, to exploit and become the Fox Network of social media. It's already happening to a small degree, but the harder the Zuckerbergs and Gates' squeeze their jello empires, the more of it leaks out of their grasp forever. They don't know nor understand Adam Smith's "invisible hand", and they don't understood or never learned that you can't set up Pravda unless you control all the organs of power. And even that was a joke even inside the sphere of totalitarian control. Reagan made a political career of ridiculing the communists with the folk humor of their own people. Zuckerberg and his ilk have now nominated themselves to becoming the butt of those kind of jokes for a generation or more, if not right up until they roll over and die.

Be still, my beating heart.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones is now the Klansmen marching in Skokie, or Larry Flynt being prosecuted for obscenity: gone from disreputable underdog to underground hero and champion civil rights exemplar, which is how you create exactly the sort of Joan of Arc/Rocky Balboa character that kicks you right in your fourth point of contact, and just like that boot stomping on a human face, it will be happening forever.

Worse, when the lunatics are given the keys, parody becomes impossible, and the richest humor will be when clever people on our side decide the best way to undermine the other side is to appear sincere, and go full retard, pretending to be the vanguard of the Left, when in fact they'll be pinning the world's largest "Kick Me" signs on their backs, and jumping on their soapboxes, complete with clown shoes and red rubber nose.

Pride goeth before a fall, and with a host of people like Sabo, et al, greasing the sidewalks with a pressure washer for them, the Left is in the worst of all positions: unpopular, unpowerful, unliked, and sitting in their little firebases of conformity at the bottom of a ring of surrounding high ground, both actual and moral.

"The moral is to the physical as three is to one." - some little Corsican NCO

Monkey, meet wrench.
Napoleon, meet dynamite.

That situation is what people like Musashi and Sun Tzu called "Death Ground", for good reason.

The Left has also forgotten their own prophet, St. Alinsky:
"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

They have become the most ridiculous thing on the planet, and they've been sniffing their own farts for so long, they can't even recognize themselves for what they are.

It's never a good idea to get in a shoving match with serious people when your head is shoved way up into a very dark, small place.

We used to have a National Political Warfare Center: it used to be called the president's Cabinet. But those goofs and their nominal minions have been so penetrated with moles and double agents, they're a national joke, and like all bureaucracies, more concerned with their own institutional survival than doing the nation's business, except by accident.

If someone popped a nuke over D.C. on a Tuesday morning in fall, the rest of the nation would probably sign a treaty of everlasting friendship with the perpetrators.

Ten days out of nine those bureaucracies, including the Pentagon, are trying harder to undo the nation than work for it, and eventually in such a situation, either the overburdened mule quits, dies, or throws everyone off and kicks at anything within range.

When nations do that, it tends to get pretty enthusiastically ugly.

Until that point, do what you can in every other sphere of activity.


LL said...

The Central Intelligence Agency - in its entirety - is the national political warfare center, looking out from the US on the world. When you look inward, it clearly WAS the FBI, working hard to make a king/queen that would be satisfactory to the swamp. The Agency had a very small hand in the more recent attempt at a coup against President Trump.

robins111 said...

I would have thought the stupid bastards learned their lesson after the Trump election. They constantly hammered him over the most inconsequential things and each attack made him stronger.

Aesop said...


Christians In Action gathers intellgence on other countries, but almost never takes a hand in doing everything outside of espionage or actual direct action.
The other eleventy venues of operations, the ones described by Culper in his post, and those actively practiced by, for instance, the Chicoms, in every venue besides open warfare, are precisely what neither the agency, the State Department, nor any other cabinet agency do, even though such is exactly their mission, either directly or in ancillary ways.

There is, as the referenced RAND study notes, no coordinated propaganda messaging, cyber warfare (offensive nor defensive, although Far beyond insanity likes to think they've "got that", they're mainly only concerned with government systems, not the other 98% of the economy, nor anything remotely offensive), no economically coherent outlook, and s on, ad infinitum. And plainly, even the DoD is more concerned with internecine turf wars than a coherent defense strategy, or they wouldn't continue pursuing deployment of the terminally flawed Thunderjug in preference to three more carrier groups and ancillary surface ships, a strategic sealift capability, and doubling or tripling our SSNs and SSBNs, let alone halting the criminal hollowing of the current Army into little more than twice the size of the USMC any time since 1946. And the couldn't because the entitlement beast has eaten the meat, the potatoes, the seed corn, and left them nothing but gnawed bones to work with, in perpetuity.

And they've been abetted in this by 40 years of the most worthless congresses in US history (and historically, that's saying something).

We're on our way to becoming Britistan 2.0 at light speed, when what we really need, soon in a critical way, is for someone to institute our own version of Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, on steroids, and with the brief of kicking everyone's @$$ who would challenge our survival, our supremacy, and our ability to prosper in any or all of the realms outlined in Culper's post.

That's not only something the CIA cannot do, it's something they actively suck at, any time they've been so tasked.
They should be folded wholesale, the dregs and dross winnowed for any actual talent coupled with the blazing desire to service America and not the bureaucracy, and the dross flushed out of the pipes once and for all. Doing the same thing to the Feebies, as recent events have demonstrated, is about twenty to forty years overdue as well.

The blood from Langley and the Hoover building should be running waist deep coming down the steps of both agencies, and for the next several years. Anybody employed or hired by the current regime should be considered inherently suspect until proctologically proven innocent, and the entire house cleaned out and re-stocked with actual Americans, not agency hacks and bureaucrats, and the slightest degree of wavering afterwards should be dealt with in the most draconian manners imaginable.

The mere existence of cesspit lizards like Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, and Page proves that the gentlest instrument used to clean house at the FBI and CIA ought to be actual M1A1 flamethrowers, used in platoon strength, from the roof to the basement, and all the nooks and crannies in between.

Starting today would not be too soon.

JJ said...

“If someone popped a nuke over D.C. on a Tuesday morning in fall, the rest of the nation would probably sign a treaty of everlasting friendship with the perpetrators”

I’ve said for years (and been accused of horrific thought) that the scenario from Clancy’s book Debt of Honor with an attack during the State of the Union wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to the country.

RandyGC said...

I've said for years that the biggest mistake any enemy could make would be to nuke the Pentagon. The operational effectiveness of the US Military would increase at least 25% immediately and continue building from there.