Monday, August 13, 2018

So You've Got That Going For You...


MMinWA said...

I always got this weird vibe whenever I visited Taos-hell they still don't allow snowboarding at their precious ski resort-but reading that a judge there let the moslims teaching 11 kids how to shoot up schools as well as having found the body of a child, WALK on a bond promising they'll be back struck me as par.

There really is some loose wiring in the heads of REgressives. Poor math/economic skillz, gender questions, toxic masculinity, constant demands, permanent crisis meter pegged for everything, nonexistent history knowledge, memory hole, selective current events awareness...the idiocy goes on & on.

It's freaking bad enough just having them among us but when they get power, you get guys who had weapons all over, a shooting range, 11 starved children living in filth being taught terrorism and a dead body being released back into general population.

And when they get enough power, cattle cars and showers are in the cards.

The Gray Man said...

True, and unfortunately "our side" (whoever that is) is too weak to do anything about it. We don't shoot back until they stand in front of us and shoot at us first, and even then the people on "our side" are usually unarmed.

What I mean is, every time there is a mass shooting, I ask "how many 'conservatives' were nearby? Was it zero? Not likely. So then assuming that SOME 'conservatives were nearby', why were NONE of them carrying?"

Because most "conservatives" are not actually. Or maybe they are, and that is just what a modern conservative is. Unarmed and soft as shit.

MMinWA said...

That's not always true Gray Man-there are frequent cases of civilians shooting back. Hell last year here in Texas some nut was killing everyone in a church and the guy across the street heard it, grabbed his AR, ran over there without shoes on and engaged the shooter.

When the shooter fled, he flagged down another man and they pursued & killed him.

I know how I(think) I'd react if I heard shots coming from my neighborhood school.

Aesop said...

Bear well in mind, when someone intervenes in those sorts of cases, the story is memory-holed in seconds, and frequently never sees the light of day to begin with.

Also, nota bene, the internet purges of Progressivism, Inc. continue apace today.

Anonymous said...

Not a blogger and barely capable as a comenter but seems like taking a pge from Remus would be indicated
"Woodpile Report is compiled with a fourteen year old web design program. Never was I tempted to use any of the blog formats, nor have I ever had a Facebook, Google or Twitter account. Woodpile Report is for those who find value in it as-is, not for maximizing readership with gimmicks to run up the click count. One click gets you the whole thing on one page. What a concept! "
When Remus went dark, I thought the ball had opened and looked for other signs; none YET. Your site, Aesop is another of the canaries in the coal-mine.

Anonymous said...

"Because most "conservatives" are not actually. Or maybe they are, and that is just what a modern conservative is. Unarmed and soft as shit."

These events happen at GUN FREE ZONES.
Conservatives tend to be LAW ABIDING.