Friday, August 10, 2018

Play Stupid Games...

h/t Kenny

Mordor On The Potomac (AFP) – Washington authorities said they will ramp up the capital city’s emergency level when white nationalists and counterprotesters demonstrate Sunday at the same park outside the White House.
The National Park Service said Wednesday it issued a permit for a rally in Lafayette Park by Unite the Right, the white supremacist network that organized a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia last year that turned deadly.
But the service said it has also issued a permit at the same park on the same day for counterprotesters, a move that appeared to raise the prospects of a violent clash right in front of the White House.

The leftard baboons kicked the organizing idiots' asses in Charlottesville last time, by official design and deliberate plan, and the same bunch of bubba-brained idiots don't seem to have learned the lesson most of us did in kindergarten: not to play in the street.

This is just jackassery boob bait for the retards on both sides.
All it will accomplish is a brief rush at the local trauma centers, and overtime for the cops dispatched to see that both sides leave bloody. And plenty of red meat stock footage for the fakenews media monkeys, wholly unconstrained by any connection with reality or truth - just the way the media likes it.

Bonus question:
Show of hands from the class: who knows the current number of CCWs issued in DC?
Ferris Beuller...?

This sort of Dipshits On Parade All-Star Game should be laughed at by anyone with a lick of common sense.

The only excuse to show up would be to monkeywrench the counterprotester rent-a-mob's busses, making it that much harder to find any companies to sucker into working the next one, and forcing those jackwagons who came in on them to walk home.

The rent-a-mob participants should also be followed, photographed, and individually doxxed online, which makes getting an astroturf crowd that much harder next time too.

And if the clowns in charge of the main event didn't set that up and staff it a month before pulling that rally permit, they're too short for this ride, by about 50 IQ points.

There's a reason set-piece battles went out of vogue by anyone both serious and intelligent about 200 years ago.

And when obvious troll-bait organizations like Unite The Fraud are forced to try the same tricks as a year ago, they're out of ideas. Expect a baker's dozen Confederate, Nazi, and neo-Nazi/white supremacist flags to be on display right in front of the press box, and the DC police to stand back and barricade the combatants in close proximity while they watch and do nothing.

Who TF would show up for that soireé with an IQ higher than their shoe size?!?

So, by definition, you're only going to draw people who can't make the cut-off on that selection.

Well-played: they've now sunk to organizing MMA cage matches at the Special Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Conflating Downs people with Antifa is degrading to the Downs folks. The Downs Brigade may not sit at the top of the pile in IQ, but they typically aren't vile, vicious parasites. revjen45

Aesop said...

That's why I specifically identified them as brighter than Antifa in the meme.

Anonymous said...

The organizers of the Charlottesville debacle are known leftist activists, pretending to be alt right. The unwary participants, channeled by the police into an ambush by Antifa etc., were the only ones who didn't know what the real plan was. Eveyone else: the supposed alt right leaders, the city government, the police, Antifa & Co., the media, were in on it. It was a staged catastrophe, and the retard who drove into a
crowd was an extra benefit for the conspirators, an unplanned cherry on top.

Aesop said...

All of which I'm well aware, but that only underlines that they still need useful idiots on both sides to fill out the roles of cast and crew on this production.