Thursday, August 30, 2018

Baby Duck Syndrome...Redux

h/t Weasel Zippers

Because everything in life is as new to them as it is to brand new baby duck, and they have a memory shorter than the amount of time Kevin Spacey's last movie was in wide release, the Leftards forget obvious lessons:
(EXCREMENTO, CA)The California Democratic Party chairman is calling for a boycott of In-N-Out Burger after it was revealed this week that the fast food chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. 
Eric Bauman, Califrutopia Democrat  Communist Party Chairman, tweeted "Tens of thousands of dollars donated to the California Republican Party... it’s time to #BoycottInNOut — let Trump and his cronies support these creeps... perhaps animal style!"

Genius on parade, right there.

Challenge accepted, @$$hole.

Somebody over at Moonbat Central should call over to Chick-Fil-A, and ask how about how that boycott turned out, when the moonbat collective decided that a Christian CEO couldn't have an opinion on how wrong gay marriage is. 

In-N-Out Burger, a family-owned private concern since it opened in 1948, and now operating in six states all the way to Texas, won't have to worry about stock splits and beating share earnings reports as a result of the certain windfall the boycott will bring, but the family shareholders can look forward to fatter piggy banks as a result of this asinine attempt to hijack a dining decision into a political question.

Personally, as a former employee (for three whole days) of the chain in my youf, and a fan of their absolutely fabulous everything-McDonalds'-burgers- aren't big fat fatty thick double cheesburgers (Animal Style, of course), and shakes you need a spoon to drink, I'll be eating there every time I do the drive-thru thing UFN. There's a reason the line outside their locations is always a block long: their food is fantastic. Knowing I'm sticking it to the Leftards is just a free dessert.

If you live in an area where their fare is available, and you've eaten there, you know what I'm talking about. If not, you've spent your life eating second-rate burgers.

And if you're a certain age, you've seen, or had on your own car, one of their bumper stickers, carefully trimmed to double-entendre perfection. Growing up in SoCal, there was one on just about every other car.

I think the CA Dumbocrat Party is about to feel the Bern.

UPDATE: The backlash is already smacking the hell out of the Dems.
(The Twitter twaddle storm is furiously against the boycott, and James Woods delivered a one-tweet smackdown himself.) Not least of which because it turns out, In-N-Out dumps a ton of money into local charities, and also sends identical sums to both political parties!

It'd be doubly funny if next time around, they decide to skip that check to the DNC, and double down on the one to the GOP.

Go, Team Moron! Boycott yourselves right into insanity.


Tactless Wookie said...

Oh hell yea. There's an In-out just 2 blocks from me here in North Dallas. I know where I'm having lunch tomorrow!

Mike_C said...

None here in the PRM, but I'll be sure to have extra In-N-Out (on top of what I was going to do anyway) when I'm in LA/San Diego/High Desert next month.

Unknownsailor said...

5 Guys is better. :p

/takes the grenade pin with him as he leaves the room.

Aesop said...

@Mike C
If you've still got my contact info, PM me.
I owe you at least a dinner after your kindness in NH.

Jim Scrummy said...

Loves me some In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-A! It does suck living in NOVA with no In-N-Out. Last time I had In-N-Out was 2 years ago in Utah on vacay. Turned my kids on to them too! The lovely Mrs., having grown up in SoCal, still misses In-N-Out. 5-Guys kinda works for us. Kinda.

So, Ms. Snyder is about to double her wealth, nice...

James M Dakin said...

In-N-Out food blows compared to what it used to be. I used to wait in line regardless. Now I see the line and think the wait isn't worth it. And this is just a once a year deal when I go visit my folks. I used to like to go visit, mostly to eat at In-N-Out, rather than see them ( I'm sort of kidding ). The tomatoes are now mealy, the shakes taste weird somehow. The only thing they didn't screw up was the fries. I think they expanded too far and opened too many stores and they can't find enough quality food-but what do I know? It could just be the new generation of greedy asswhore corporate suits, family or no.

Mike_C said...

PM sent.

And lest anyone think I am some sort of humanitarian or something, our bloghost is being WAY too generous about "kindness in NH": PKG and I gave the man a ride from WeaponsMan's celebration to his hotel, that's all -- and we were going in that direction anyway.

Aesop said...

It would have been a looooong walk on a hot day, or an expensive taxi ride.
I remain as grateful now as I was then.

Pat H. said...

I'd put Whataburger up against In-N-Out any day of the week and twice on Saturday. I lived in CA for 13 years, San Ramon, Hayward, and the last ten in Fremont. So I've had In-N-Out burgers.

Whataburger began in Texas and is working eastward. Family owned as well, they now have 800 stores. It's my fervent hope that they'll move up to South Carolina soon. I first tasted their burgers while I was on an all expense paid trip to Fort Hood. I ate there at least three times a week after that.

I don't know their personal positions, but they don't appear to be leftists.

Pat H. said...

I've had Five Guys, compared to both In-N-Out and Whataburger, they're pathetic whimps. The big thing about Whataburger is the diameter of the burger, larger than just about all of them, with the quality of In-N-Out.

RandyGC said...

Never had In-and-out that I recall (I didn't spend long in CA, and most of that was in Sacrmento area), but can vouch for Whataburger. Round these parts there are several bars that serve good burgers as well as some mom and pop places. I like 5 Guys but find them pricey.

Not a big fan of Chic-Fil-A, but have made a point of stopping by lately just because of who it pisses off. Would do the same for In-and-Out even if they served clown food for the same reason.