Friday, August 31, 2018

Why, Whatever Do You Meme By That...?

h/t Irish

Yesterday, Irish passed the above along to folks on his page. 
(It's not mine, or his, but I fixed the typos from the originator.
It's a sloppy patch job, not Rembrandt, but better than misspelled.YW.
Meme hint: Just like 4th grade grammar, spelling counts, kids.)
But I still like it a lot.

So here's my response to that:


Pat H. said...

Among Boston T. Party's recommendations was his ammo level. He stated we should work towards 10,000 rounds per main battle rifle and not less than 10 serviceable magazines per rifle. More is better.

5,000 rounds per side arm and 5,000 per shotgun.

Tannhauser said...

Exterminate the commie parasites...with extreme prejudice!