Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Latest From Evita Guevara-Castro

h/t 100%F'edUp

When you start with a pre-literate functional moron with delusions of grandeur and a communism fetish, the fruit isn't going to fall very far from the tree:

(LUNITARDIA) On Cuomo Prime Time, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that socialized medicine will be affordable because people will no longer have to pay for funerals.
This from someone with no less than a degree in economics and international relations from Boston University, and over $100K in unpaid student loans to prove it. (I'm betting the midnight throat-slitting over there will start any day now, and the retroactive revocation of that clearly worthless degree hangs on the results of November's election.)

Such a one-person cornucopia of assclownery as Ms. Logorrhea Ocrazio-Dorkuez is magnificent in its unabashed splendor, and gives forth its bounty like an elephant with diarrhea. The smell of the product, in both cases, seems remarkably similar too. Coincidence taking a hand, no doubt.

I can't figure out whether she isn't being frequently and openly tackled - like the Secret Service loading Shrillary into a van - merely because her nominal minders just aren't fast enough, or whether it's because everyone from the media to her team of retards are all in lockstep agreement with every insaniac thing she's saying, and totally obliviously tone-deaf to reality, but I'm too busy clutching my sides to care at this point.

I'll say it again: Mad Maxine Waters isn't going to live forever. Infernal hosts uncountable are doubtless hoof-pawing the sulfurous ground of the netherworld in anticipation of the bounty her imminent arrival represents.

So in anticipation of her loss to the lampoonery dais, we need to get fuckwitted loudmouthed jackasses like Carmen Miranda Chiquita Banana into positions where they'll have the maximum public exposure possible, for as long as possible. I'd much rather have someone so hopelessly clueless she'll be a perennial laughingstock, than leave her hopelessly Dumbocrat seat in the Bronx to someone with the Trifecta of Awful that is stupid, evil, and effective, which was the brief of the old pol she's nominally slated to replace in the upcoming pro forma election in her district. Barring Christmas in November.

A couple of more such phenomenal gaffes by Ms. Avocado Pendejo-Chavez, and I'm seriously considering sending her campaign cash money to insure her ascendancy to the Mad Maxine Chair of Luntard University.

Word to su madre, pendeja :
Obamacare was gutted long since, and angling for it is what put Pelosi on the sidelines, not once but twice. Almost 200 of your soon-to-be colleagues, and another 200-plus former ones, learned that to their political ruin the hard way, and their ass cheeks still haven't grown back from the lesson.
Ixnay on the ocializedsay edicinemay. It's a poisoned pill that's killed everyone it's touched.
Not least of whom the erstwhile patients.
Ask around at the local VA.


Sam said...

Another good post as always Aesop. I hadn't seen anything in awhile and was beginning to think you got ghosted.

JJ said...

Apparently during same CNN interview Ms . Oscaria Maria Weiner demonstrated no understanding of Nancy Pelosi’s role in the House.

Night driver said...

Great take!!

One quibble, though. Carmen Miranda did noting to be tarred with this idiot's brush.
Carmen did PRECISELY what she was paid by movie people to do, did a GOOD job of it, and wasn't a fuckwit but was reasonably intelligent.

idahobob said...

There just seems to be an endless supply of these mindless, communist twits.

I lay the blame on all of us, for supporting the public indoctrination system,aka the public school system. It has been infiltrated by the marxists for many years.

Tactless Wookie said...

While it may be fun to watch She Guevara shine stupidly we have enough political jokes in office..

Do we need another Mad Maxine? Frederica Wilson? or that of the long tenured assbag Sheila Jackson-Lee?