Thursday, August 23, 2018


Apparently not sitting in a black hood in some non-descript warehouse since January 2017, and swinging back at his boss' spot-on observations of his feckless dithering non-management and malfeasance in office, Jeffie Sessions has finally been firebombed out of hiding by the White House:

(THE SWAMP)“While I am attorney general, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations,” Sessions said. “I demand the highest standards, and where they are not met, I take action. However, no nation has a more talented, more dedicated group of law enforcement investigators and prosecutors than the United States.” Sessions said.
"While I'm Attorney General..."? That's easily fixed, Jeffie, and it must needs be, and right quickly.

For the AG to spew that sort of puerile pablum in response to the blisteringly accurate critique of his non-presence as AG for nearly two years is to show that Sessions hasn't so much as read one newspaper, let alone noted the multiple, serial, institutional levels of treason going on in his department, 24/7/365, after he was sworn in, let alone for years beforehand.

Anyone so cluelessly unaware of what even the NYSlimes has cheerfully printed on the front page for two years is incompetent, senile, and manifestly unfit for office.

Fire the sonofabitch, Mr. President.
He's insubordinate, incompetent, and criminally stupid.

Don't do it at some cut-rate half-assed Saturday Night Massacre, either.
Do it on Monday morning, at 9AM, in the Press Briefing Room, tell the press he's been fired for inaction, incompetence, and insubordination to the Chief Executive, explain that such underperformance in a time of ongoing treason will not be tolerated another minute longer, introduce his replacement as AG, drop the mic, and walk out of the room like a m*****f*****g boss.

It's the D.C. alternative to taking Fredo Sessions out for solo boat ride, and it's long overdue.

Then fire Obozo-holdover Rosenswine.
Terminate the employment of everyone else hired at the agency from January 20, 2009 until January 20, 2017, and anyone hired by those hires during that period or afterwards.
Give them 2 minutes to surrender their credentials, and GTFO of the building, escorted by security officers. If there's anyone who you want to keep, subject them to a brand new proctological background examination before returning them to their posts.

Tell them their offices, computers, etc, are locked, and will be inventoried, and any personal mementos shipped to them via USPS after the IG's office goes through them.
Revoke the security clearances of everyone not actively employed and serving, subject to re-issuance as necessary for any call-back consulting, and anyone holding one after leaving office will be subject to annual audit and review, otherwise when you go, the clearance goes too. No exceptions, no problems. A clearance is for the government's convenience, not your private sinecure to peddle on K Street.

Tell Gormless Jeffie's replacement he has fifteen minutes to unplug the Mueller Special Counsel as the illegal and inherently biased witchhunt it's always been, and if he balks, fire that sonofabitch too. Keep firing people until someone with their head out of their ass buckles into the chair, and starts running the Justice Department with the focus on JUSTICE, rather than giving a daily tongue bath to the Obozo legacy, and the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate.

There was no place for that in America even in  2009, and there's sure as hell no place for it now.

Then conference call the US Attorney for Washington D.C., and Director Wray at FBI, tell them to open up a real investigation into the former Secretary of State's corruption, mishandling of classified information, destruction of evidence, and lying under oath, or the coroner's wagons and moving vans will be showing up at the Hoover Building by lunchtime, with a list of suddenly former employees, and the grand prize for any further footdragging will be a trip in leg irons and an orange jumpsuit to federal prison in custody of the U.S. Marshals not later than close of business.

It's time to settle all outstanding business, and let the country get on with itself.

When you're filling positions, just a suggestion, but I hear Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy have been stuck in pretty toothless congressional jobs with no power to enforce the law (funny how that whole separation-of-powers thing works, huh guys?), but I understand they're both becoming available in the very near future. And last I looked, nobody who's anybody tells the President "No" when they're told the country needs them. Call it the Patriot's $#!^ Test.

Hell, I'll bet something could be found that would even get Alan Dershowitz to take a DoJ post. Good luck to the Left trying to gainsay that nomination; they'd be laughed out of town in tar and feathers, on railroad rails.

Oh, and F**K Congress, and any of those sonsabitches who want to try and make political hay out of getting rid of the political animals at DoJ.

Pretty it up any way you like, but send word to Bitch McConjob and Quisling Ryan that anyone opening their yaps about this can count on the president making weekly trips to their state or district to publicly endorse their opponents, and that any survivors of that will get the full Kiss Of Death from him, in public, right on the lips, at the next State Of The Union, on live TV, and that anything they want, they can stand on a street corner with a tin cup to raise funds for, for the next six years.

Grahamnesty is a nobody on steroids; cancer is finally winning a heroic and long-overdue battle with McCrazy; and Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley has all but said Sessions' replacement would be rapidly confirmed and sworn in. He, at least, can tell which way the winds are blowing in DC for the next six years, even if he should have gotten to that conclusion via direction from an inner moral compass, and not a windvane.

The Democrats will shriek and howl, but that's different from their two-year-long garment-rending, bedwetting, and feces flinging non-stop antics since 8PM EST November the 8th,, exactly?

They howl, because they know what happens five seconds after doddering swamp salamander Prince Jeffie the Incompetent is deposed: subpoenas, indictments, grand juries, and jail terms, for pretty much everyone from Obozo to every guy who emptied the wastebaskets at DoJ and FBI since 2009, along with the entire Borgia Clinton Clan.

Maybe we can finally, at long last, end the tragic string of 17 38 53 197 suspicious but entirely coincidental and circumstantial deaths attributed to anyone who's ever crossed Fat Bill and Lying Shrillary, going back 40 years, and stop the dreaded Arkansas Flu from ever taking another innocent life.

And that prospect, followed by long prison terms - even in ClubFed minimum security lockups for the best and brightest - scares the living hell out of all of them.

"If that asshole wins, it means all our necks are in nooses!" -Shrillary, 2016 campaign trail

Let it be so, by all that's just and right in the universe.

Because they know that it will undo, in a season, twenty-five years of effort to subvert the Pentagon, DoD, DoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, the IRS, and countless other governmental bastions, and sweep their minions onto the street and into prison, and they'll become the Republicans in 1974, if not the Nazi Party in Germany in 1946.

It strikes at the core motivation, and the driving ambition of their petty, pathetic little existences:

It will take them out of power, and make it impossible for them to re-acquire it, for decades, and for some, forever.

On that basis alone, it's a lemon worth the squeeze, no matter what predictions of dire consequences and how much panty-twisting it wrings upon the unhinged Leftardian hordes of frothing-mad moonbats. It's totally worth it: just do it. Grab them by the pussy.

Don't stop the bloodletting until it's running bridle-deep from Lafayette Park to Langley.




MMinWA said...


I had hoped for quite a while that Sessions was on the down low so that a huge wave of indictments were soon to be forth coming. I mean what else could it be, the crimes were evident.

Then came months of are you serious Jeff?

Then WTF is it going to take Jeff?

Despite a number of very public Twitter thrashings by the President, nothing.

Then the President cuts loose with another beaut and Jeff must have woke up. He spits up some bullshit about not be cowered to support prison reform???? Did we interrupt a dream he was having?

I'm not with you 100% on Gowdy but I do remember the piece you wrote cutting him some slack-I like deGenova myself but LORD first things first, Sessions has got to go. Rosenstein too.

Then release all of these classified docs 100% UNredacted. Let the REgressives rage, they're already at 11, what are they going to do? Make a speech outlinig your authority as CIC.

I say it would be a red tsunami in Nov.

Aesop said...

If Trump is the president, he needs to be the president.
If he loses big at the mid-terms, he's still the President, and what he does now doesn't matter.
If he rolls the whole election his way at the mid-terms, he's still the president, and what he does now doesn't matter.

When you've got the basketball, and the other team is virtually hanging on you, you have to throw a very public elbow, and maybe break a nose, to get some respect.

Like they teach every pitcher that comes up to the Show from the minor leagues:
"Babe Ruth is dead. Throw strikes."

If he won't resign outright, Sessions doesn't just need to be fired, he needs to be eviscerated, publicly, and humiliatingly, so harshly that no one else inside the executive branch thinks of crossing the president again on anything related to policy.

"Never do your enemy a slight injury."

Sessions has brought this on himself, being not merely disloyal, but wholly uninterested in actual justice. The recusal should have been his last day on the job. We've already lost an irreplaceable two years' time. He's now at the stage of deliberate obstruction of justice, either from incompetence or pig-headed stupidity.
The boot prints on his ass should be visible from space, and sting so hard his grandkids feel them.

Papa said...

Jeff has probably been spending his time pretending to be Q.
Typing things like "trust Sessions; take no action; believe in the plan".

Unknownsailor said...

Doing everything you said is what I would do, and what a Republican with a pair of balls would do. Anything that makes the radical left howl in rage is a good thing.

One thing all of the above would do is rip the bandage off the festering up-until-now-mostly-cold civil war 2 that the left has been waging for the last 90 years. They would take to the streets in the millions and do their usual pillage and burn routine.

Anonymous said...

I was sort of hoping that Trey Gowdy might be nominated for a Supreme Court pick. Keep his happy a$$ in Washington far longer that way, with further reaching influence.

Definitely agree with DRAIN THE SWAMP thoughts, way too damn much monkey business in Washington D.C. corridors.

JJ said...

Additionally, when the usual commie protesters take to the streets to protest with riots and assaults arrest them, charge them with sedition and toss them in jail without bail like the leftists have done to Manafort. When the retired flag officers get on tv and spew their crap have the MP’s show up and arrest them on camera for violations of the UCMJ.
Next, demilitarization of government agencies to remove weapons of war from every agency except those directly involved in actual law enforcement. The other agencies personnel can start taking their chances when abusing citizens.
And those billions of rounds of ammo along with the weapons to shoot them the government stocked up on during the Obummer regime? Handed over to law abiding citizens at no charge.

The Gray Man said...

"They howl, because they know what happens five seconds after doddering swamp salamander Prince Jeffie the Incompetent is deposed: subpoenas, indictments, grand juries, and jail terms, for pretty much everyone from Obozo to every guy who emptied the wastebaskets at DoJ and FBI since 2009, along with the entire Borgia Clinton Clan."

Is Jeff Sessions really the only person preventing that from happening?

Aesop said...

No, he's just the one with his finger in the dike, and his head up his tailpipe.
Which is all it takes.

robert orians said...

Larry Klayman has been waiting for Frump to call him for months .