Tuesday, August 21, 2018

McThag Has Returned

Apparently he just needed a few days off to recharge, rather than a permanent departure.
On our own account, we can testify to the recuperative power of a couple of weeks off.
We are happy on both accounts, i.e. his R&R, and the return.

So apparently, that would make it R&R&R.
Glad it wasn't a permanent departure.


The Gray Man said...

During my days in the Army, which technically haven't ended yet (how did the reserves manage to pull me back in? Wasn't AD shitty enough?), they had these stupid little sayings, mostly uttered by slick sleeve badass wannabes.

"Food is a crutch."

"Rest is a crutch."

"Water is a crutch."

I always replied "Yeah, until you come across a well fed, well rested, well hydrated enemy."

So my saying was that food, water and rest are weapons.

Anonymous said...

Me too - I enjoy reading his blog. I can't comment on it due to my reluctance to register my identity *officially* but its often a daily visit.