Thursday, August 30, 2018

NFO Two-fer

h/t to Old NFO

Item One:
I'm assuming everyone is aware of the constant goalpost-moving at Nabisco, trying to appease the SJW animal rights whackjobs WRT updating the circus animals out of their century-old cages on those boxes, and now clamoring to make all the crackers round once they achieved that opening dangeld.

NFO's suggested reality-based picture for Nabisco, since the SJWs haven't finished um, "monkeying" with them, and making the dumbasses at Nabisco Corporate HQ look like a bunch of baboons.

Nicely done. Should liven up nature discussions in pre-schools from coast to coast.

Then he follows up with the proposal for Chicongo vending machines amongst the Diversity.
Which was begging for a meme, like a pass under the basket needs a lay-up. So I helped the pic out a bit:

Kudos! Two thumbs up.

This is turning into a good day.

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