Thursday, August 23, 2018

Just A Reminder

Gunny's Reminder:
The pointy end of the rounds go to the front, and you tap the back edge on
something solid (like your head) once it's fully loaded to make sure all the
cartridges are lined up at the back of the magazine to feed properly.

The quote for that meme comes from over at the Gun Free Zone blog today, a prescient one for your edification:

"We are far past the point of civility, of taking the moral high road. We can either fight the neo-marxists legislatively and at the ballot box now, or we can have a civil war later. That war may be inevitable anyway." - Mike Kupari



DAN III said...


After my involvement with countygov and fedgov 10 years ago, I had an awakening. An awakening akin to your posting today. The rule of law is dead, except when it comes to the dirt people, the common man. It does not apply to TPTB and the ruling elites. They do as they please.

It IS time to turn to the cartridge box. The ballot box and the jury box has long been co promised. The CON-stitution has been "interpreted" and watered down so much by the treasonous, black-robed bastards as to be meaningless.

Until a large contingent of Patriotic and Traditional, God-fearing men, stand armed against advancing tyranny as our Forefathers did on 19 April 1775, nothing will change in this nation for the better.

Anonymous said...

Dan I agree. It is way past the time for the ballot box.As you said the rule of law is dead and only applies to the deplorables, same story goes for taxes coupled with the fact that corruption is so deep and wide spread at all levels of government, Federal, State, and Municipal that trying to eradicate it is impossible. Unfortunately there is not enough cohesion and tribal willingness on the part of the Patriotic and Traditional, God-fearing men to move the lever to the cartridge box. As the old saying goes "The mind is willing but the body won't."

Anonymous said...

Every day it doesn't go hot is another day to prepare.

Jim Scrummy said...

Use your time wisely as our most excellent blogger emphasizes almost daily. PT, learn and re-learn the required skillsets for you and your family's survival. Get a little bit better than yesterday no matter what your age.

Aesop said...

1) It ain't time for bullets over ballots. Yet.

2) When it is time, you won't need me (or anyone else) to tell you, or clue you in.

3) There is no down-time. If you're not in combat, you're improving your position.
Dig, wire, mine, and train. This is why the standard infantry sidearm for 3000 years, as well as individual Pilates work-out program adjunct, has been the personal shovel.

RSR said...

There's actually some hope for the judiciary, due to Trump's nominees.

Long term, I fear this country is completely wrecked... Start local and engage in your local political scene. That's where your efforts make the most difference. And those who participate execute tremendous hard and soft power over elected leaders.

JJ said...

The supreme black robes have proven repeatedly not to be on the side of liberty and freedom. If you laid the DOI in front of them today I doubt any of them would affix their names boldly to the bottom.