Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Once Again, Here's Your "Opioid Epidemic"

Sadly everyone survived, but the biggest dolts were emergency services and city government, and the victims were the taxpayers.
(DUMBSHITVILLE, CT) — As many as 46 people overdosed in the city in 24 hours — many on the Green Wednesday — as emergency crews raced to save lives and one man was arrested as a “person of interest” in the case, police said Wednesday.  
The man, whom investigators identified only as a person “believed to be connected to at least some of the overdoses,” was found in possession of drugs, police said. The man was out on parole when he was arrested Wednesday and is “known” to police, Police Chief Anthony Campbell said. 
As many as 39 people have overdosed since Tuesday evening from what is believed to be the synthetic cannabinoid K2 laced with Fentanyl, officials said. At least 24 overdoses were reported on the Green Wednesday, Fire Chief John Alston said. He said 34 people were taken to the hospital citywide and five refused treatment.
Sorry, boys and girls, and no offense to local EMS, but that isn't "saving lives", it's thwarting Darwinism.

CT hasn't legalized pot, let alone synthetic pot laced with (probably) carfentanil.

But let's go more libertarian here.

They took the drugs, let them solve the problems afterwards. If that includes offering themselves as a sacrifice to Fate, so be it.

Otherwise, you're just incentivizing misbehavior, after robbing taxpayers to do it.

That's immoral, criminal, and evil, simultaneously.

Notice there are never any large "L" Libertarians lurking around to decry the state stepping in to rescue the feckless and stupid from themselves, which shows you, yet again, that Libertarianism is merely sparse philosophical cover for people who want to get stoned (like that was ever in doubt since...ever.) They'll doubtless find time to show up to yammer about the injustice of arresting the dealer though, count on it.

The biggest tragedy for society in this case was EMS even showing up.
And it isn't as if the lefty loons there are going to charge anybody, either criminally, or financially, for what their stupidity cost the taxpayers.

So clearly, the state there is merely the expediters for illicit drug dealers and their wastrel clientele, in case anyone needed any further proof, after watching the same spectacle from coast to coast, for decades.

If actual justice and common sense were involved, the dealer would be looking at 39 counts of attempted murder, and possession and distribution of a controlled substance, facing LWOP (since CT is probably "too civilized" to give him the fine public hanging he deserves), and the "victims" would all be sentenced to working off their EMS and hospital bills on a literal chain gang, shoveling hot tar all summer, and snow all winter, by hand, from dawn to dusk, for the 2-3 years it would take at the average 30-something-cents/hr inmates "earn" in custody. If they were forced to do that time, I'd spot them the costs of room and board, eating green bologna sandwiches, in striped jumpsuits and pink underwear, and living in tents behind the county jail year around.


Beans said...

Thanks for this post train. You're right, totally right.

If they want to do the drugs, let them die.

I watched an EMS show where they resurrected a guy, that they had resurrected 3 times in the last 5 days (for a total of 4 times.) So how is this helping?

Cederq said...

I am on the same page as you Aesop, I worked ED for many years in a Portland, Oregon Hospital and it was the same junkies through the revolving door. I used to kid the EMS teams, "Why didn't you leave them there?" But you know we can't refuse treatment... Now that I am no longer a nurse I can say "Why not?"

Angantyr said...

Reminds me of something I read, that suggested had efforts not been made to save OD victims at Woodstock, it might have derailed the whole hippie movement.

Maybe not, but it is a nice thought :-)

The Gray Man said...

Dozens of people, some known to police overdosing on fentanyl all at once. That doesn't even sound like a safe situation for EMTs and medics anyway. Should have let them be.

The Gray Man said...

Doubt it. The whole hippie movement was well into it's stride by that point.

The Gray Man said...

"Slow code".

TrT said...

As a big L libertarian, im not sure why I should be compelled to rush to the comments section?

Anonymous said...

My agreement with the "choice" idea makes me a pariah in my job. Now that the OD death numbers are well into five figures and may very well edge into six by the end of the year we are pressed to "do something!!!" A colleague just yesterday remarked that "If we had this many people dying from terrorist attacks somebody would 'do something'" My riposte that most folks who are casualties of those attacks do not choose to do so was met with a glare from my supervisor.

Glenda T Goode said...

Oh, But you don't understand!!!!!

These people are Victims!!!!!

It's not their fault they got addicted to opioids!!!

It's those greedy Pharmaceutical Companies all trying to make a profit at the expense of the people of Connecticut!!!!!

Our Attorney General is going to march right into the Federal Courthouse and sue them!!! This will fix it!!!!


The state government uses incidents like this to attack an outside organization for peoples' choices instead of attacking the problem. They do this for the money and not for the citizens.

All I ever hear are excuses for people's bad choices. They talk of reducing sentences for drug offenders citing it is a non-violent crime. REALLY???

The only way to reduce the amount of overdoses and crimes related to drug use is to punish the sources of the drugs severely.

The typical taxpaying citizen deserves far better than they are getting due to government policies.

JJ said...

"F" em....allow them to lay in their vomit and die. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If they're too stupid to not put dangerous drugs from an unknown source into their bodies, they probably aren't contributing anything to society anyway.

G Russell said...

When the lights and coms go out, and stay out, 10% of the population will be dead in the second half of 7days...

G Russell said...

The concentration camps wont use gas chambers. They will nasal flume fentanyl into those deemed unrehabilatatale.

jabrwok said...

When the lights and coms go out, and stay out, 10% of the population will be dead in the second half of 7days...

Only 10%? You're an optimist.

Reltney McFee said...

My solution, were I a Pharma decision maker, would be to immediately stop allowing my wholesalers to deliver any of the subject meds to any jurisdiction participating in litigation accusing us of contributing to "the opioid epidemic". Our public statement would be that we could not, in good conscience, participate in any way in any sort of activity that might be mistaken as promoting this problem.

Mr. Mayor, good luck explaining that to your hospitals and constituents.

Hope you have bus tickets into a neighboring, and non involved, jurisdiction, for, well, everybody.

Anonymous said...

I range between big "L" and little "l".
But in neither of my cases do I feel much sympathy for those who OD...
Especially the ones given the "frequent flyer" permission slip in the form of The Narcan, whether in single doses or dozens per try, and no effort is ever made to ask said individuals to, you know, "pay for their life saving treatment".

One like me just might wonder if the maker of "Narcan" has any financial incentive for the "crisis" to continue indefinitely, or at least until the tax payers are fleeced dry and there's enough comatose addicts littering the streets to substitute for filling potholes...

But that's crazy talk I assume.