Tuesday, January 14, 2020

To The (Mostly) Silent Sensible Ones

I'm proud of you guys.

You've thought it over, figured this out, and drawn the logical conclusions.

On any twenty websites we all visit, maybe even comment on or contribute to, there's a horde of keyboard commando wannabes who aren't close to VA (mostly anonymous), and who have no intention of going to Richmond, but they're happy to egg the yahoos on that will.

There's going to be a fight someday, but Richmond is neither the time nor place to kick it off.
Richmond is going to be the 21st century Boston Massacre snowball fight with redcoats, with a similar ending, in any three chances out of four.

That won't help anyone. But there's always a mob willing to stick their faces into a propeller.

I'm impressed with anybody not itching to do that too.

The best case is that Richmond is fizzle, and if turnout is underwhelming, that's probably the closest to a "win" that we'll see. Bad ideas need to wither on the vine. We have too much work left to do, and too far to go, to sacrifice good people for nothing, and hand ammunition to the other side for nothing in return.

There are much better things to do with ammunition, and how to spend your time, money, and effort than on some other people's hare-brained ideas.


Anonymous said...

As noted in comment #75 in the join or die post, it seems as though there are folks in VA going the county militia route. The post links to two versions ( one word one pdf) for a fill in the blank document. Don't have the link in front of me but pretty sure I posted it on that comment.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

A Brother is going to Richmond with a camera and a small detail to watch his six. He advised others to stay away but he'll be doing good things. Keep him in your prayers.
Boat Guy

carolinaTURTLE said...

from facebook of all places, 2 links that continue to look like a "common sense" outcome these esteemed readerships can live with? (if the links work correctly??)



Pat H. said...

I'm thinking stocking up on .50 BMG rounds would be a good idea, assuming of course, your regular MBR has sufficient ammo.

McChuck said...

"Come and see the violence inherent in the system!"

Anonymous said...

Well for all the sensible ones that DON'T Want their Families burned out of their homes to be raped and crippled by the evil of Civil War seems your out of luck.

The Throw GASOLINE on EVERYTHING Arsonist's are LARGE PROUD and IN CHARGE of the VCDL event on the 20th.

AND GEE It was SOLD at 35.00 a Seat IN THE BOXCAR to the BULK of Common Sense don't tread On MY Constitution Folks as a "Peaceful Assembly"... "Avoid arguments, seek police if you see trouble brewing" and all that BS Op Orders from the VLDC.

ANY DOUBT About the CRAZIES INTENTS look at the videos posted by wanna be hero-leaders on Western Rifle Shooters and no doubt many others I don't bother to visit.

YEAH the VCDL is the water carriers OF the VERY FOLKS SO MANY OF US HAVE BEEN WARNING YOU ABOUT. The Attention Whores, the TINY Percentage of Crazies that Every group has WILL BE THE FACE OF US ALL.

Stock UP on Water, Canned FOODS and the medicines your family needs along with enough material to create makeshift shelters out of your soon to be battle damaged-burned out homes.

If it's WAR you want your Wish is Granted by the Socialist-Democrats-Deep STATE THAT SET UP THIS Buffalo Jump BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO POP THIS ZIT of Armed Freedom Lovers. Even if a by some miracle no shots are fired EVERYBODY who Loves the Constitution and the 1st-2nd Amendment will be TARRED and treated as CRIMINALS by Everybody that watches the MEDIA.

What a Victory FOR the Communists.

For the REST of US please think Mosby's Raiders and GET your Logistics in order STAT. Your going to need more food and water than bullets. And maybe your families will not sell you out like Benedict Arnolds wife.

Anonymous said...

...and West By God Virginia has thrown its hat in to the ring by inviting all of the VA sanctuary counties to secede and join W. VA.


Shamelessly stolen from daily time waster.


Anonymous said...

A reminder of just how breathtakingly stupid the leader of the buffalo jump is, Sacha Baron Cohen convinced Philip Van Cleave to do a fake public service announcement advocating the arming of pre-schoolers, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

An interesting (and predictable) development.
"...Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam plans to declare a temporary emergency Wednesday banning all weapons, including guns, from Capitol Square ahead of a massive rally planned next week over gun rights.

That's according to two state officials who were briefed on the plans but not authorized to speak publicly about them. The governor, a Democrat, plans to announce the plans at a news conference Wednesday afternoon because of credible threats of potential violence and extremism, one official said.

Northam's planned announcement comes days after Democratic leaders used a special rules committee to ban guns inside the Capitol and a legislative office building. That ban did not include Capitol grounds, which are under the governor's control and are where a huge number of gun-rights advocates are expected to rally Monday. ... "

Notham is using Charlottesville as his justification.
If I weren't out already, this would do it for me.
Boat Guy

Virginia Granny said...

The NRA protest on the 13th didn't seem to cause, well, … anything. I saw one small article, zero media coverage, no TV, etc., and I was looking. They are celebrating the pulling of the confiscation legislation, but not much is being said about the House version, which is still hanging fire, and AFAIK, contains the registration requirement. One Republican VA legislator whined piteously about being confronted by his unhappy constituents - "What do they expect me to do? We just don't have the votes."

Other than the Red Flag law, which is clearly unconstitutional, several of the bills passed were just reinstatements of legislation that had expired or been repealed, such as the "one gun a month" bill. Like the old one, this one also contains a provision that exempts CC holders. While I despise the fact that I have to have a permit (and have to pay for the privilege) to exercise a guaranteed Constitutional right, I would encourage all Virginians who can to get one. Rapidly rising numbers would not go unnoticed.

The bills that would be particularly onerous are yet to be voted on.

Personally, I have a long list of what I expect my rep to do and I have told him very pointedly what they are. He (and my Sheriff Jenkins) are two of the speakers at the upcoming VCDL rally and says everyone is well-aware of the potential mayhem. Some serious steps have been taken to mitigate the expected violence. The State Police are on our side and are still basically pissed because of the way they were manipulated at Cville, AND told to stand down when the Antifa/etc., protestors showed up. If I understood him correctly, the Capitol Police are also 2nd Amendment supporters. They are all committed to the position that a repeat of Cvill will NOT happen this time and the VCDL people will be protected. (From my mouth to God's ears.)

The 20th may not be a walk in the park, but VCDL is going in with eyes open.

I agree with Aesop that the way out of this mess lies in logical resistance, federal court support, and probably county militias. And I'm fairly sure that that is going to happen in the long run, but meanwhile the 20th is fast approaching and, after all the hype, if it fizzles from lack of participation, the Dems will take it as a "mandate" that The People want them to continue their madness. The Governor is already hailing the Dem takeover by a handful of seats in the two houses as a "mandate from the People."

VCDL, despite whatever faults you think they have, has been successful in keeping an eye on Dem treachery and heading it off. Prince William County (Manassas) passed the Sanctuary resolution (yay, yay), then the Dem County Supervisors decided that they would hold a special meeting at 1400 one afternoon a short time later to repeal the resolution. They thought that all the people who supported the resolution would be at work/whatever and no one would oppose them. They certainly didn't advertise their agenda. VCDL found out about the plan (helps to have friends in low places) and mustered 2,000 people to show up to protest. The Dem cowards tabled the repeal paperwork - but nobody expects them to not pull another fast one. The VCDL is watching.

I honestly don't know what the Dem legislators will think if 50,000+ angry constituents, armed or not, in their offices or on the Capitol grounds (where guns are still allowed) let them know that they are making a very big mistake. The smart ones may realize that poking a Dragon is unwise and not worth the risk.

The big question is: how many Dems are "smart" and not just political tools? Anyone care to hazard a guess?

Anonymous said...

Virginia Granny from "Your mouth to the Ears of GOD indeed!"

Proud of your common sense posting! So many Pickett's Charge folks out there chicken hawking this event. I BET most will flee into the arms of the Police GO LIMP UTTERING the Pass Phrase of a FED and be kid gloved OFF the field IF this goes Spicy.

Yes Sadly enough I personally KNOW some Feds (some are mostly Good Guys) and they tell me how they did their Agitation Agents act and then escape by the Police "Arrest". Medical folks we have friends in low places.

I STILL Sadly have to stand by my comments to GET YOUR Emergency Supplies IN STAT (that means NOW for non medical). From the common sense side even IF by GOD's Intervention Nothing Bad Happens and you and I are not Tarred and Butchered BY the Social-Democrats MOUTH Pieces the MEDIA.. What are you OUT of? You have some extra Food set aside to eat, and so on.

But I fear that this WHOLE Event was DESIGNED by the Deep State-Socialistic Democrats to draw attention away from their FAILING attempt to Impeach Donald Trump AND THUS the FISA Documents will send a lot of them into Prison.

They want to POP this ZIT of otherwise Law abiding Gun Owners as to reduce the number of rifles they will face when their last ditch COUP hits the streets.

IF you DOUBT what the Socialists intend maybe you need to listen to what Bernie Sanders folks are openly saying (INSIDE their own "safe Zones"). Gulags anybody for us "Bad Thinkers"?

Pray for our Republic

Anonymous said...

on the Capitol grounds (where guns are still allowed)

Please see the previous comment at 7:12 AM, the word for more than half a day has been that a temporary emergency will be declared to disarm our side.

The State Police are on our side and are still basically pissed because of the way they were manipulated at Cville, AND told to stand down when the Antifa/etc., protestors showed up.

The state police followed illegal orders, in violation of a Federal Judge's ruling that the city and state must allow the protest, declared the protest an illegal assembly shortly after it officially started, and used physical force, pepper spraying and knocking them down, pushing them into the waiting arms of the armed Antifa and that other group.

That's an impressive amount of "manipulation" to now be "pissed" about, how can you possibly expect us to believe they won't follow their orders this time, whatever they are, on a pre-disarmed crowd?

If I understood him correctly, the Capitol Police are also 2nd Amendment supporters. They are all committed to the position that a repeat of Cvill will NOT happen this time and the VCDL people will be protected.

And if they get last minute orders to the contrary, they'll chose to lose their jobs and pensions, and possibly get prosecuted, to avoid a Cvill X10? You're depending on Governor Coonman's good will, which I've yet to be seen displayed towards gun owners; this is a doctor who's a frank advocate of literal infanticide after all. And the State and Capitol Police also only two of the many potentially hostile players on the board.

millerized said...

DC Dick Heller asked me I was attending, or if I knew of anyone attending. I told him there's no chance in hell that I would attend and that this would be the perfect place for everything to go to shit. Mentioned that it's the perfect time to apply that age old wisdom of "Never miss a good opportunity to set down and shut up".
His comment? "Lotsa merit to your last statement"
He'll still go. He's expecting a clean fight. They all are.
I'd love to be proven wrong, and him right. However I don't see it happening.

elysianfield said...

"And if they get last minute orders to the contrary, they'll chose to lose their jobs and pensions, and possibly get prosecuted, to avoid a Cvill X10?:

...Nasty bug going around. Called the "Blue Flu". Very contagious.

Anonymous said...

elysianfield: Cute, but "Blue Flu" would be caused by day before orders, which would be bad OPSEC we can't depend on from our enemies. A government entity determined to do evil like Charlottesville can wait until nearly the last minute before ordering chaos. Good luck having mass fainting spells when the order to attack the assembled gun owners is issued.

Anonymous said...

I think declaring a breakout of common sense is a bit premature. I would hold that declaration until after the 20th.

15Fixer said...

Don't stick your dick in crazy, and don't believe anything said by VA .gov.............

Aesop said...

No one's declaring a breakout of common sense.
But a lot of sensible people have wisely elected not to participate in the poorly-thought out clown show coming up.

Charles in VA said...

You're welcome.

It is my sincere desire that all the fucktards get to tell ME "I told you so" on the 21st...but I ain't holdin' my breath on that one.

Reading your website has sometimes been uncomfortable for me, but mostly I recognize common sense when I see it...so in those instances I hold my water and think on it some more.

You are hilarious, dude! You remind me...of me! And you have been on fire these past weeks. Keep up the good work.

Semper Fortis!

The Gray Man said...

Please take note, those of us at American Partisan are not advising people to run headlong into the Richmond “Buffalo Jump”, as Bracken has named it. From what we can see, it doesn’t appear that the organizers in the VCDL have been able to mitigate the variables that turned C’Ville into a disaster for “our side”, whatever it is we call ourselves this week. It’s good that patriots want to join in and take action, but this doesn’t look like a very good action, nor does it look like one that is going to advance our cause. We will see.

The Gray Man said...

Did Virginia cops get the blue flu during C’Ville?

No. They showed up and provided exactly the kind of assistance AntiFa needed.

The Gray Man said...

He comes from a time when fighting clean still won you some battles. He won his.

But the other side hasn’t fought clean in the last several years, and they’re not going back to it.