Thursday, January 9, 2020

Cool Your Jets and Try Thinking

The Tard Army recruits like crazy, but their sum total IQ is a constant.

Behold, the poster child for the Tard Army.
"Set gun rights back to 1970? Sure why not."
Read the whole sorry thing. Bonus points for finding any actual rationale for doing something stupid and futile besides "I can't help whipping my dick out, and charging headfirst at that brick wall over there beyond the mine field."

Left unstated is the underlying premise:

"We need to do this, because thinking of smart things to do is too hard, and we're just everyday simpletons."

Camouflaged in silly rhetoric about taking a stand against the redcoats.
Call me when the redcoats trundle up to Lexington Green.

I'm unfamiliar with the time and place when a mob accomplished anything by marching up to the royal governor's door and thumbing their noses at him.
But they did manage to get 5 men killed by being idiots, and were then soundly thrashed and damned for all time for that, by no less a patriot than John Adams.
Perhaps you've heard of him?

Mob revolts have a track record.
They always end at the guillotines. For everyone.
You could look it up.

So maybe the greater lesson is less mob idiocy, and more sense and forethought, in one's undertakings.

No one's going to stupid their way to freedom.

Doing nothing stupid isn't the same thing as doing nothing at all.
Unless you're too stupid to come up with anything else.

So, just maybe, try thinking instead. If only for the sheer novelty of it.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Bundy was a sociopathic commie like our betters. He owed a million dollars to the BLM for grazing rights. He wanted to keep that money. I would like to keep a million of the taxpayers money also by grazing on the taxpayers land.

Anonymous said...

Now! You're good! Present enough facts to be believable, but not enough of the rest, those would bring other questions up, isn't it? One question is: Why did the BLM bring suddenly fees in that MONUMENTAL height against him and other ranchers, who would not have the where withall to pay it ever?