Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year. Old Solution.


Anonymous said...

I'm confident that VCDL has got things handled well. If Guv babykiler don't start none, won't be none.
For those non-Virginians ( like myself now) kicking a few bucks and some prayers at VCDL is what you can and should be doing.
Boat Guy

George True said...

I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. How well I remember all the Sister Mary Holywaters in elementary school and their iron rulers, liberally applied to knuckles and backsides. In my mind they were the 1960's female equivalent of Marine Corps DI's.

Based on how all mainstream Christian religions in America today spout nothing but cultural Marxism, I suspect Catholic nuns today may be little more than SJW's in habits. If they even wear habits anymore.

sofa said...

the Pope is a flaming communist, and was selected by his like minded peers

Dinochrome One said...

Those look like some of the 72 virgins waiting for Islamic martyrs,......

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, VCDL is on the job, and doing it well by NOT being stupid!

The Gray Man said...

I think that remains to be seen. It depends on how it turns out. Last I heard, they’ve done very little as far as prep for an event like what happened in C’Ville.

Aesop said...

The first rule of winning is

1. Do Not Play In The Street.
(Because nothing you want will be won there.)

VCDL is already violating this one, and it's highly unlikely that any good will come of it.
Conversely, the odds of a biblical clusterfuck with an epic blowback are high, and that's before we get into the Black Helicopter crowd's theories.
Mainly because the people most drawn to public events are attention whores, and the mentally unstable (which categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive). This is like inviting people to bring dynamite and gasoline to a bonfire party.

And even if they pull it off safely, they get...what?
A sigh of relief, and zero minds changed.

Anybody whose default is a rally, of any kind, in public, is a stupid fucker, and probably ineducable with anything less than the 2x4 Of Knowledge.

They're going to get that education, good and hard.

Anonymous said...

Matt Bracken has been talking about Civil War II for lo a decade now (link below)

Just because he was early does not mean he is wrong. God bless and keep Matt Bracken...



One of Matt's best on urban guerilla warfare:

MOLON LABE Northam/Cuomo/Clinton

100 million gun owners

Borepatch said...

And even if they pull it off safely, they get...what?
A sigh of relief, and zero minds changed.

They get a charge, and other statist pricks like them in other places get the wind in their sails.

Even a worm turns away from pain, but if there's no pain there ain't no turning this worm.

Anonymous said...

VCDL has been doing "Lobby Day" for a generation now. No point in abandoning the effort now.
We'll see. I have a goodly bit of faith in them, built up over that time.
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

Waitwaitwait..."Lobby Day" has been so successful after a generation they're facing total confiscation, after losing their entire state government?
So their answer is "MOAR! HARDER!"???

Who's their chief strategist: Maxwell Smart, or Inspector Clousseau?

Color me skeptical.

How'd that plan work out in Charlottesville?

Somebody wants to hold a private pep rally?

Holding a public one?
The same statist pricks own that space, and the very same cops who may or may not be kicking down their doors next month will oversee it, covered by a rabidly hostile media, and open to counter-demonstrators ranging from lunatard to frothing to homicidal, not to mention agents provocateur out the yazoo.

That juice ain't worth the squeeze.

Any "pain" is likely to be going all the other way, 9 chances out of 10.

The best they can hope for is that none of that happens, and the worst could be having the entire thing blow up in their faces, while they get blamed for it in the first place, justifying heaven only knows what draconian follow-up.

That's the definition of lose-lose, IMHO.

I'm three time zones away, but after watching those Charlie Browns try to kick the football one more time, I'd really be much happier if any group anywhere showed the wits not to saddle up for another of Field Marshall's Haig's patented charges at the German trench lines.

Virginia Granny said...

I'm wondering how many of those going are law enforcement and/or National Guard? The LEOs will definitely be armed. Anybody else? I haven't seen any mention of BYOLongRifle or sidearms, but since Virginia is (for the moment) an open carry state, I'm sure somebody will.

One of the speakers is my own dear Sheriff Jenkins of "Deputize the Free World" fame. There are a lot of others whose names are recognizable. If the numbers are high enough, and management stays cool, some of the Demonrats may get the idea that their citizens are not amused. But I'm not holding my breath.

On the other hand, how many Antifa twits will be on hand to spice things up a bit? They come out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

My family has taken Ol Remus's warning to heart and will be at home watching on the telly. But we did send money and have made our reps aware of where we all stand.

2020 is going to be very interesting, I think. And not in a good way.

Anonymous said...

OK Brother. I'm not intending to be argumentative. I have experience with VCDL -unlike many commenters. As with Granny I won't be there because I no longer live in VA.
A couple of points to consider;
1. It's not so much "MOAR" as it is "again". As noted this has been an annual event for 20 years that I know of.
2. In that time there have been 2A victories; restaurant carry being one I'm familiar with.
Yeah the commies bought enough seats to slip in, got it.
I don't know if the militia companies of Lexington and Concord met the definition of "prudence" either. Yes, that was actual confiscation.
Lobby Day may in fact meet -or exceed -all of the dire predictions. I dunno. But if the most successful 2A organization in the country wants to try they have my best wishes rather than derision
Boat Guy

carolinaTURTLE said...

it seems to me that some kind of atrocity always precedes the stirring of the patriot...(the Boston massacre, the Alamo and the Maine to name a few?) and one of the problems is that it *is* possible to repeal the 2nd amendment. As a 1991 high school graduate, i agreed with the pre-1994 AWB argument of “no citizen needs an assault rifle” and it was not until the days of “b-h-o” ( a.k.a. oL’ bolt-hold-open) that i came across and the various aspects of their “Appleseed” program. Yes, Matt Bracken gave early warning...woe to those when (not if) the boogaloo finds them unprepared...

Aesop said...

Yes, the 2nd Amendment can be repealed.
Two problems with that: doing that repeals no rights, as the Amendment confers none; it only repeals the restriction upon government not to infringe the right to keep and bear arms.

That right rests upon natural law, which is beyond the scope of any government worthy of the name to infringe.

Attempting that would also, rather inconveniently for anyone who'd try, reveal that government for the tyranny it is, and at that point, the social contract is broken, and open revolution is a freebie, without any further moral penalty whatsoever.