Thursday, May 31, 2018

Basic Training - PT

You can work out anywhere. If those water jugs are full, that's about an
 85-90 pound bar. Using the cases of MREs as workout weights is
probably better than eating them anyways.

Hours 1 and 2

It's your second Tuesday, which means it's the UBD (Upper Body Development) circuit today. Your Daily Seven are still 11 reps (or one more than whatever you started at last week) apiece for warm-up.

Then it's all about the shoulders, upper back, and arms.
Pick out your exercises.
The first one should be pull-ups (if you have a bar for that), and pushups if you don't.
Max out on whichever.
Keep track mentally of how many you did.
Then jog in place or for a minute, then the next exercise until you can't, or for two minutes, run in place or on a course for a minute while you shake them out, then do another exercise.
As many times as you can in thirty minutes. If you picked 7 upper body exercises, you should finish at least one and possibly two complete circuits of exercise/run/exercise/run/etc. If you picked 5 exercises, you should make it through two-three complete cycles.
If you're working the entire two minutes and not burning out, shorten the recovery period to 30 seconds; today is for UBD, not cardio.

When the thirty minutes is up, repeat either the pull-ups or push-ups, max effort.
Compare the number you did the last time to the first time.

Then cool down, walk it off, shake everything out, and get cleaned up.
Classes start after breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Trainer just had me do "farmers carry" which I've seen USM C do with water cans and .50 cans. Saw the water cans used with two folks and the ammo cans carried one in each hand. Distance to walk can vary but good drill for those resupply runs.
The Team Guys would occasionally have pickup truck races; the trucks being pushed of course.
Again, I realize this is BASIC training but all of the above are good for keeping things interesting.
Boat Guy