Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Cautionary Sorting

Attributed to multiple sources (German, British, American) in the last 100 years is the following method of sorting officers:
“I divide my officers into four classes as follows:  
The clever, the industrious, the lazy, and the stupid. Each officer always possesses two of these qualities. 
Those who are clever and industrious I appoint to the General Staff.   
Use can, under certain circumstances, be made of those who are stupid and lazy.  
The man who is clever and lazy qualifies for the highest leadership posts. He has the requisite nerves and the mental clarity for difficult decisions.
But whoever is stupid and industrious must be got rid of, for he is too dangerous.
Next Monday is an entire rally of industrious stupid people.

Led by the king of stupid and industrious, Philip Van Cleave, president of VCDL.
How smart is he?
Take it away, Borat:

No, really. Same guy.
H/t to anyone and everyone who tipped me to that factoid in comments.
I was astounded that this guy isn't exiled to a shotgun shack about 20 miles from any paved road after stomping his dick off with cleats like this.

Instead, he's the Gilligan running Monday's upcoming Charlie Foxtrot.

Draw your own conclusions.
Just like the border issue and the MinuteTards, the lights and cameras draw out the industrious fuckwits like porch lights pull moths from miles around.

How anyone would trust this guy to even lead them to the drinking fountain is beyond rational explanation.
And if this isn't the final nail in this impending debacle, anyone who still shows up deserves any lumps they get.

The problem is all the people smart enough not to attend, who'll get lumped in with this lumpenproletariat of ne'er-do-wells, because it's handy shorthand for everyone, not least of which the low-IQ media.

Nice going, Gilligan.

UPDATE: More cheery news from Herschel at Captain's Journal
Just a coincidence, of course.

So are reports that out of nowhere, the Feebs have used "Eminent Domain" to seize for their own use every Gen III or better NVD and tube for same in the U.S. from every inventory available, including retailers, because "we're the government".

I'm sure that means nothing though.

Go ahead and get on those busses to the Richmond killbox.
What could possibly go wrong?


Grog said...

And I thought some of the NRA commercials were off kilter.



Charles in VA said...

NRA ain't looking so bad now, huh guys?

And if there was ever any doubt this was a trap, Trump chiming in on it just guaranteed it will be even if it wasn't before...which it absolutely was.

Welcome to the 2020 Darwin Awards! This ought to be better than the guy who strapped a JATO pack to his vehicle!

Aesop said...

Darwin Awards long ago moved the apocryphal "JATO-pack Story" into their "Urban Myth" file.

Funny, but total b.s. IRL, with absolutely no independent verification that it ever happened.

Charles in VA said...

Of course it was pure bs, but you have to admit the attitude is remarkably similar. I figureed I might as well get a giggle in today, because no one's going to be laughing Monday.

Also, thank you for your MANY cogent thoughts on this issue over the last few days.

That Borat clip was just painful to watch. Shows you what we're dealing with though, and it ain't much.

Aesop said...

The video was cringe-worthy.

Nobody who did that should show their face in public for 25 years.

Monty James said...

I'm guessing you've already heard about this:

FAA Declares Airspace Over Richmond, VA “National Defense Airspace” Until After Lobby Day

Good catch by @AddieTewd over at the Ace of Spades Moron Horde Gab group:

Aesop said...


Must be a mistake.
TPTB would never do something like that, because as they've demonstrated, they love our right to protest, and they'll be fair and open about what they have planned. This couldn't possibly be a Charlie Foxtrot.

Just kidding. Typing that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Unknown said...

What in the hell did I just watch!?!?! Wow- agree he shouldn't show his face in the public realm for YEARS! I thank God I'm over 1500 miles away- if Monday goes sideways, I pray we've got time (locally) to finish up those last details to ensure our own safety. Too bad VA let it go this far...TINVOWOOT

The Gray Man said...

Where are our clever/lazy and clever/industrious people?

I’d like to think I am clever and lazy. I mean, I’m definitely lazy. Lol

ChuckInBama said...

The "organizers" for the VCDL have no tactical planning skills whatsoever.
1) They've broadcast to the world for months when and where they would be.
2) There appears to be no command and control that limits the nutjobs from showing up strapped.
3) Ole Ralphie has limited the ground for the "confrontation" to suit his "forces".
4) With airspace restrictions, you won't be able to get drone video footage of the massacre that's going to occur, so it's all your fault.

The cause is just.
The methods are, at best, half-assed.
Pull the plug on this rat-fuck now, while only your feelings are hurt.
You're going to do far more damage to 2A rights than good.
There will be a time and a place for this fight, but Monday in Richmond is not it.
Your enemy has prepared a table for you, and you're on the menu.

Anonymous said...

...and in other news from a different state, it seems the New Hampshire legislature is jumping on the national "let's abrogate our citizens right to keep and bear arms. There are now Demonrat majorities in both Houses of the Legislature, so they, naturally, immediately start persuing all anti-gun legislation in this years session, despite Article 2-a of the New Hampshire Constitution delineating NH citizens right to "keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state." In fact, the NH House recently passed a Red Flag Law and sent it on the Senate for consideration. So, the game is not just afoot in VA. There's a hearing scheduled for Jan 22nd before the NH Senate Judiciary Committee on some of the pending legislation.


Grog said...

Aesop, the link has verification of what you have been describing for the last few weeks about the gathering in two days, not that you need any verification, but there are people who have the same views on what could be a debacle, the note by Sen Chase, to be specific.

Anonymous said...


"H/t to anyone and everyone who tipped me to that factoid in comments."

you are more than welcome.

i've been kind of slow on the research, because i've been busy and it's frustrating as f*k just following along as this train wreck slowly unfolds, but given the recent grab of nvd by the letter agency, i've been sort of looking around, as it were, and i think i've figured out the game plan for the richmond ff op.

the expectation state/etc is that this event WILL kick off cw 2.

because they are going to make a big power grab and that doing so has a better than even chance of kicking it off.

most folks have their normalcy bias working against being able to see clearly, so they can't see the potential.

those nvd confiscations are less likely to be about having them to use in-agency on a current op (because they would have had enough equipment in-house already). the main goal is likely to deny those assets to freefor in the future. because we all know how much of a force multiplier nvd is.

most folks (including those speakers scheduled) don't seem to understand the potential mayhem involved in a socialist grab for the brass ring.

nor how few people it actually takes to effectively pull something like that off.

and everybody seems to be focused on the potential crowd members being shot/hurt, but that's not thinking big enough. this is a big op. it's been likely planned for a couple years. they've got a lock-down on airspace (specifically forbidding drones - so no camera footage to analyze later) with a dedicated surveillance plane already in place ffs! (much like the cameras that were all over the hotel during the las vegas op, so it won't do much good for finding the truth.) AND gps is potentially going to be turned off.

my prediction for the event is that everything starts off nice and smooth, but then things ramp up into a riot, both inside and outside the kill box.

and then

since this is shaping up to be a 'symbolic smash-down' of gun 'resistors,' more symbolism is going to be better, right?

i noticed that there is a good line-up of speakers for the event.

symbolic speakers.

these include

stephen wilford -who stopped that church shooting in texas - a church-going gunslinger - standing up for his rights and winning

dick heller - of the supreme court case bearing his name - standing up for his rights - and winning

sheriff scott jenkins (from Culpeper County no less - how's the symbolism in THAT) - who threatened to deputize everybody and more or less created the ground-swell - essentially standing up for others' rights - and winning

senator amanda chase - who called out the patriot act and ndaa as being the tools of oppression that they are, and is an opposition party potential rallying point (i saw her tweet on WRSA) - note her worst expectation is other people/participants might be arrested if something goes down. and she knows they are being set up as a group but is still going to the rally. likely because she doesn't see herself being in danger. but read through that tweet. she does understand how much effort has been put into this op.

Delegate Nick Freitas (from part of culpeper county) - new-blood politician with national aspirations - could be riding the trump train to a 2020 win

Delegate John McGuire - looks like a tough vet

so, the question becomes...


Anonymous said...

(continued - part 2)

who and how many get "'accidentally' shot- oh! what a shame! see! even gun advocates aren't safe from their own people"-ed in the middle of the riot?

with no drone footage to show to counter the official narrative because of the airspace lock-down, etc. along with a likely law banning the showing/possession/etc of any video that does make it out into the world (like NZ did for the christchurch op), the official narrative will be drilled by the MSM 24/7 for the next 6 months.

it's a win for the democrats/socialists/communists whether cv 2 kicks off or not.

my money would on the whole lineup of speakers getting mowed down (depends on how they are arranged in seating) by an "illegal 80% homemade machine gun" from outside the kill box when the riot kicks off. but for sure, sheriff scott jenkins is getting at least two in the melon.

(say, that reminds me, does anybody know where lon horiuchi is assigned on monday?)

no matter what happens the marxists/etc win.

first, they get rid of symbols of resistance (some from Culpeper County no less). as well as demonstrate to others a lesson.

second, they get rid of 3 legislative thorns/potential national elected officials. including a state senator that called out the patriot act and ndaa.

third, they blame 'gun rights organizations' as being populated by irresponsible idiots, etc. and that borat video is already time-synced and ready to play for every MSM news outlet to go live at the top of the hour.

and fourth, if cv 2 does NOT kick off, the state/country is largely subdued/subjugated.

if cv 2 DOES kick off, the deep state/etc have their crisis to occupy the country/other members of .gov/etc, so they don't get sent to prison.

what a sh*t show.

and they can roll it all up and hang it around the neck of the buffalo herd's fearless leader.

i've been wrong before, and i hope to God i'm wrong this time, but that's how it's shaping up to me, right now.

RIP Scottie, you had a good run. (you probably should have deputized all those thousands of people before you left the county though. might have actually saved your life.)

Charles in VA said...

Well, the State is pulling out all the stops on this one. I've watched videos of plain cloths jackwagons harassing citizens at their homes in the surrounding area "interviewing" based on anonymous tips. At least one ROOK being towed into town for the shindig. Air surveillance by the USAF.

Is there ANY Government Agency NOT involved in this goat fuck?

Even a State Senator has come out and said "It's a trap!".

Well, I got 5 boxes of CheezIts and a case of Cokes sitting by the big screen. The LaZBoy is all oiled up and ready to go.

I think I'll watch 47 Ronin as a pre game teaser!

Anonymous said...

"So are reports that out of nowhere, the Feebs have used "Eminent Domain" to seize for their own use every Gen III or better NVD and tube for same in the U.S. from every inventory available, including retailers, because "we're the government"


WTF is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 2020

Charles in VA said...

@ anon

We all knew there was going to be a disinformation campaign associated with this fiasco.

We also know where there's that much smoke there's bound to be fire somewhere, no?

Nothing left now but a wake up and a shake up.

Charles in VA said...

@ Ned2

You really think those Antifag droolers could remember those faces for more than 5 minutes?

Not to mention those dudes look all pumped up for some industrial strength snowflake stompin'.

I'll have my generator on standby just in case of a power outage. I don't want to miss that show!

McChuck said...

I disagree a bit with the "officer chart". Here's how I learned it.

Active-Smart: Grant independent command, because they'll try to take over anyway.

Passive-Smart: Appoint to general staff, because they'll find the easiest way to do anything.

Passive-Stupid: Assign somewhere "harmless", like personnel or logistics.

Active-Stupid: Shoot. They'll screw up everything they touch and go looking for more.

Unknownsailor said...

Logistics is not harmless, unless you enjoy running out of ammo mid fight. I understand the sentiment. Make them MWR officer, and put them in charge of handing out basketballs.