Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Just Say No


Fayette County, Texas said...

And people wonder why I refuse to eat chinese food.

Charles in VA said...

Every liberal I know looks down their nose at me because I'm particular about what I eat. In other words, if it's "good enough for them, how dare I turn my nose up at it".

Bottom line...if I don't know what's in it, I ain't eatin' it.

If I do know what's in it, there's still a good possibility that I ain't eatin' it.

And if you have the temerity to ASK "what's in it?" they take it as a mortal insult!

I finally found a solution to the problem. I don't go to their house and I don't let them come to mine. Thank God for caller ID! I JUST sidestepped another one!

Anonymous said...

I read a story earlier today purporting that bats are harboring the virus and are the infectious vector for the corona virus. Something to do with their immune system fine tuning itself to deflect the ill effects of the virus while allowing it remain viable.

If that's even remotely true, I wonder if anyone's looking at African bats harboring Ebola and those other hemorrhagic fevers.


Roger said...

Funny coincidence that one of the Chinese level 4 virology centers is in Wohan.
Also totally coincidental that the one of the Wohan virology centers subjects for study is specifically Coronavirus in bats. Even further coincidentally, coronavirus samples were stolen from a Canadian level 4 lab and wound up in coincidentally, China.
All totally coincidental of course.
With this in mind, note the powerful and totally unusual reaction of the Chinese govt.
Also, note the reported Chinese under reporting fatalities from Coronavirus.
Something stinks real bad and it ain't guano.

Unknown said...

Since first identified, the epidemic scale of the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China, has increased rapidly, with cases arising across China and other countries and regions. using a transmission model, we estimate a basic reproductive number of 3.11 (95%CI, 2.39-4.13); 58-76% of transmissions must be prevented to stop increasing; Wuhan case ascertainment of 5.0% (3.6-7.4); 21022 (11090-33490) total infections in Wuhan 1 to 22 January.

NOT good, 58-76% of transmission must be prevented to stop progress. (Not peer reviewed)

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Is this the world leading starvation indicator that dog food is next on the menu for us?

JWM said...

Start to worry when Randall Flagg makes his appearance.


Anonymous said...

Here is a site tracking the Coronavirus outbreak.

The data that concerns me is the upper right corner, Deaths and Total Recovered. Deaths are leading with 170 and Total Recovered lags with 133. I think most of that difference is someone with Wuhan Pneumonia will take several more days or even weeks to recover compared to passing away. But it points out that if you get sick, you will be sick for a while, or dead.

Maybe cultural differences will keep the People of the US safer? More distance in our interpersonal relationships, better nutrition, cleanliness may have played a part in the last two Coronavirus outbreaks. SARS killed 800 people in 2003, but none in the US. The MERS Outbreak had a 30% fatality rate, but never gained a foothold in the US.


Here is a question? How long is the virus viable on various materials? Will a container full of merchandise shipped from China be an infectious threat? I do not think it will be a threat, but it some confirmation would be nice.

If it does go active here, how long is it infectious on countertops, doorknobs, cloth and clothing, etc.? Is it temperature dependent? It is 10-30F here in the North, and up to 90F in the South.

In the meantime, was your hands, get sleep and good nutrition.

Aesop said...

You have a much larger problem:

In Africa, Ebola numbers were fudged because of self-interest, ignorance, incompetence, and innumeracy. The average person there needs to take their shoes off to count past ten.

China is different. They're deliberately and with malice aforethought lying out of both sides of their mouths, and have done so for decades, if not centuries. I have exactly zero confidence in any published figures for the virus, dead/sick/recovered/whatever, in China.

But nobody is going to contain anyone or anything until they recognize that an actual, lock-down, no one in or out, by-God 40-day quarantine isn't just the historical standard, it's what works.

Screening people with a FLIR for 5 seconds for a virus that can incubate for up to 14 days is like a football lineman doing an "Olé!" block: your quarterback is getting sacked.

Anonymous said...


Have you decided what you will do if 2019-NCOV makes an appearance in your ER?

Do you think it may be too late?

Aesop said...

N95, with a face shield.
Copious handwashing.

And patients presenting with flu-like symptoms get a simple face mask, to keep their germs in.