Friday, January 10, 2020

Common Sense Resistance

Some folks, mostly anonymous, and no small amount just clueless internet loudmouths throwing hand grenades in the outhouse to see the shit fly from ten states away (and a non-zero number likely instigators acting at the behest or on the dime of three-letter agencies), and with no part of Virginians' best interests at heart, are all butthurt that I and any ten other sane individuals on the internetz have called out the TardEx planned for Richmond. The really low-comprehension jackholes have imagined that they're being informed to do nothing (which they're not) instead of to do nothing jackassical (which seems to be the entire plan currently, as near as anyone can tell).

Since imagination, let alone common sense and initiative seems to be lacking, let's imagine for a minute that lightning struck, the clouds parted, and the Angel of the Lord (or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) finally headslaps the morons in charge of the upcoming goatrope, and rather pointedly makes it clear they should re-think that, and then, mirabile dictu!, they actually realize they were about to step all over their dicks with golf cleats, suddenly desist, and then turn the mob around short of the cliff.

Now what?!?
Let's take a stab at something a tad brighter than setting oneself on fire on national TV, just because we can, shall we?

Well, instead of being the bait in the next Opposition Media Event, suppose the good folks who showed up to sway their counties into declaring themselves a 2A sanctuary started taking the next logical steps, instead of storming the castle with squirt guns and airsoft armor. Because hope ain't a plan.

For starters, I seem to recall at least one sheriff in one county of VA stated that should the state begin unconstitutional confiscations, he'd deputize the population as a posse-at-large to nip that right in the bud.

So tell me, those of you on the ground there, with actual skin in the game:
 WhyTF aren't all your 2A sanctuary counties and cities pushing your respective sheriffs and police chiefs for the exact same plan??

Why are you leaving it as a what-if contingency?

Why aren't you pushing to make it a by-God reality, RightF-ingNow??

1000 brainless yahoos fapping in the park at the statehouse are a juicy target for the leftards, the media, and the minions of jackbooted thuggery. And the dimmest bulbs among your ranks are target-locked on being the meal in that particular shark feeding frenzy. Why is a mystery, unless arsenic in your wells, a pandemic of fetal alcohol syndrome, and a steady juvenile diet of lead paint chips. Just stop. The question of why you shouldn't do that has been asked and answered here times beyond counting.

But 500 or 1000 folks at the county meeting or sheriff's office is a voting bloc that won't be ignored. Because how in hell did all y'all get those 2A sanctuary votes pushed through? Hmmm???

So how about leading with your strength, instead of your chin for a change?
Dear Sheriff Dawg,
We, the citizens of Bugtussle County, respectfully require that you come up with a plan to deputize auxiliary deputies, to prevent or oppose any unconstitutional enforcement actions in Bugtussle County, effective ASAP.  - signed, 500 registered voters
If he does it, you've just grown fangs for liberty teeth. If not, you've identified that he was just paying lip service, and needs to go in the next election, if not sooner.

Don't dump it all on his lap.
How's about you let him know that your county's concerned citizens who apply will each pony up some reasonable fee ($20-100) apiece per applicant, to cover the cost for his office to background check each prospective auxiliary posse member, to preclude criminals and crazies from being part of the mix you're expecting him to sign off on. (What's that? Liberty's not worth that little to you? Go f**k yourself.)

Civil libertardians will chafe at this. They're idiots, and have self-selected anarchy. Wave good bye to them in your rearview mirror. Say goodbye to the crooks and crazies as well. For a small fee apiece, your group IQ has just gone up an average of 20 points apiece, and you've decreased the chance of things going pear-shaped by about 500%.

Privacy advocates (and pretenders using that as cover) will bitch about putting their names on a list. As they say in Mother Russia, toughski shitsky. You're Virginians; ACT LIKE IT.
You want to play, you have to sign: your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor. Stand up and be counted, for real, or get back on the porch with the small yappy dogs.

Those who are bonded, professionally licensed by the commonwealth, or have FFLs and/or CCWs should be considered to have passed such background check, for obvious reasons. Work the details out with your sheriff.

A good next step for those who make it to Phase Two would be the request that the sheriff (or his designated representatives) hold mandatory monthly classes for those auxiliaries. A good first start would be classes on things like:

Powers of Arrest
Basic Firearms Safety
Use of Force/Deadly Force and Rules of Engagement

IOW, just about exactly what every state without a banana on the flag requires of mall security to get a basic guard card.
Now you've given Sheriff Dawg and the good people of your county bona fides that this auxiliary can be trusted, and is answerable to the people and their designated representative, in this case the Sheriff, rather than being a bunch of yahoos.

And while you're up, informing all concerned that hoods, Klan and Nazi flags or regalia, etc. will be grounds for getting kicked out and barred for life. Now the entire effing planet  is on notice that you're not skinheads, and anyone waving a swastika or the Dixie Flag isn't you.

You've just undone 95% of the media narrative, and we're just getting started.

Then, you should probably establish and publish guidelines for the weaponry that this auxiliary is to own, maintain, and show up with when called up, along with any other gear. And what isn't coming out to play, as you and your sheriff see fit.

Subsequent monthly meetings should cover a wee few other salient points, like simple small unit tactics, first aid, communications, etc.

At some point, after your county's group has gotten to know who's who and what's what, you should elect leadership, and tell Sheriff Dawg that with his approval, your little band of 500 has designated the following 5 folks as auxiliary lieutenants, 10-15 as auxiliary sergeants, and 50 as auxiliary corporals, over 100s, 40-50s, and 10s, respectively. Leaders will show themselves after some time together, and chains of command work both ways, while insuring basic discipline, and demonstrating trustworthiness to your actual boss, and to the people of your county.

As a side benefit, Sheriff Dawg demonstrates that he isn't just stroking you, but taking your part seriously, while he gains a priceless voting bloc and word-of-mouth grassroots support, as long as he continues to act in good faith and in accordance with the constitutions of the state and U.S.

Which was rather the point all along, wasn't it??

The fact that you'll also provide a ready manpower pool of demonstrated competence for helping your friends and neighbors with wee problems like hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, fire, and other emergencies, is merely a happy side benefit.

Long before this, Gov. Blackface Babykiller and his idiot minions in the legislature are going to be crapping their pants, and falling all over themselves to back water on their jackassical antigun plans.

And you'll have the framework of a fearsome political machine to get out the vote and spank them out of town at the next election opportunity (hot tar and chicken feathers optional, but heartily recommended.)

But just to be safe, your auxiliary and the sheriff should release information to the effect that any attempt to decapitate your leadership, by sequestration, detention, or arrest of TPTB, will constitute a de facto automatic call-up of the entire force, until further notice, and no stand-down will happen until the sheriff and the people of the county agree to it mutually and publicly.
Mess with one of us, mess with all of us.

That amount of something is something I could stand up and cheer for, exactly as I did when 90+% of your counties showed the backbone to tell Northam "Hell NO, assh*le!".
You're not threatening law and order, or practicing sedition via mobocracy, you're vowing to oppose unconstitutional enforcements of unconstitutional laws.

Anybody with any different plans can GTFO. Read up on colonial militia companies circa 1775, and tell me this has never worked before.

And then, because once the brain cells start firing, you can't help yourselves, your auxiliary leadership and your county's sheriff will reach out and liaison with the same persons in the contiguous counties, and eventually all of them in the whole state. And then with contiguous states. And then every one of the states who shares your goals.

And you'll start taking stock of what you've got to work with, what you're up against, and who's on which side, state by state, county by county, and precinct by precinct.

War is the continuation of politics, by other means. - von Clausewitz
Politics is the continuation of war, by other means. - Aesop
Those few of you with some vague recollection of the last time this happened in America may perhaps recall Committees of Correspondence.

That's where you're headed with this.
Building a functional shadow government in plain sight, so that once you push out the communists and their useful idiots, and/or knock the decrepit hulk down, you don't open a vacuum for totalitarian dictatorship and warlords.

It doesn't require Moses descending from the mountain with stone tablets. It doesn't require the NRA, or some other shiftless hucksters, trying to hijack your movement and blunt it. It just requires Virginians, doing the exact same thing you've already done, doing MOAR!, harder, faster, and deeper, right in your own home environs.

Holy shit, almost like you were focusing on your proven strengths, and not marching off in some dumbass Children's Crusade to be everyone's fools, and the left's bitches!

(If VCDL still wants to do "Lobby Day" old-school style, as a picked bunch of small groups, working to lobby and persuade, rather than a bunch of headless chickens walking into a coliseum of fail, and ideally not on a holiday weekend when every Leftard for miles around has no place better to be - like say a couple of days early, before the Leftards are set up waiting for you - then so be it. What if the Evil Party gave a buffalo jump, and nobody came?)

One of two things will happen at that point:

1) Team Oppression will run shrieking into the night, looking for plane tickets to exile in Venezuela or Cuba.

2) If some jackholes can't take that much "No" for an answer, you'll be halfway to taking over the reins of an honest government in a free republic, and commencing to kick the ever-loving sh*t out of your would-be statist overlords.

And if you can't do something that obvious, sensible, and focused, and instead insist on charging the brick walls head first from here on out, you're going to be a small grease spot on the treads of the tanks that grind you under on their way to subjugating and ruling the country. Or maybe, they'll  be getting their asses kicked by people brighter than you were, who did what was suggested above, instead of chickenshitting it and saying "That's too hard! Waaaaaah!"

Because that sure as hell ain't "doing nothing".
And it isn't going to get you killed, injured, or ridiculed as gun-toting racist nitwits.
It might get you killed, injured, or ridiculed as gun-toting patriots, but yet again, I thought that possibility was the whole point.

Be this dedicated. Just not this futile.

Are you the sons of those forefathers? Or is your stock all bred out now?

What's it going to be?
Patriots, or Fucktards?

Personally, I'd like to see y'all kick the Leftards' asses, rather than your own.
Call that toss in the air, folks.


15Fixer said...

THIS is a plan .....

Anonymous said...

Aesop, what the #$&@ is wrong with you? Don't you know there's sportsball games on TV that need watching, pizza that needs eating, and Suzy has to be driven to soccer practice. And you want me to rearrange my entire schedule just to protect my rights, and those of my children? Don't they already have a copy of the constitution somewhere that spells all that stuff out?

Anonymous said...

Aesop, do you think it would do any good to send a copy of your missive to the Virginia Sheriffs Assoc., and perhaps some of the organizers of the movement out there town councils, etc? I think you have some really good ideas here. A quick look at their site shows that of the 95 counties, 24 of the sheriffs are democrats. The rest are either republican or independent.

Somewhere Behind Enemy Lines
Peoples Republik of Kommiefornistan

Aesop said...

Read the second-to-last line I wrote.

If the folks in VA would work on doing any to all of that, instead of being cannon fodder for silly street games, I'd be properly ecstatic.

Unknown said...

That is just plain squared away.

Anonymous said...

God Love you Aesop: This is why you are on my must read list. Lord knows we need better leadership to resist the encroaching commie menace infecting our culture.
I see this 2A fight in Virginia as a canary in the coal mine.
Bubba in Texas

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Under non desirable circumstances. (family member health issues) I will be in Virginia during the VCDL event. But, i will be watching the local news intently only. I always pray for peace and miracles. Hope I get both in the next 10 days.

Desert Rat said...

For several years now it has been painfully obvious that what the actual Right lacks completely is effective and focused organization and leadership. Whatever else the Left is they are certainly organized, focused and dedicated. We have the dedicated part down but the other two aspects are virtually non-existent. Your plan is excellent and provides a realistic rallying point to get in place an effective and organized response to what we all can see is coming.

I pray for peace. I pray that the sensible patriots of Va. and the former USA will see that playing by the enemy's rules and on his ground is a sure loser. The uprising in Va. gives hope because it demonstrates that our side can come together and be effective but it is only the bare beginning of what is going to be needed. Aesop's outline above is a smart second step and, if followed, would certainly lead to further refinements that could coalesce into a real alternative to the leftist nightmare that is looming very large over all of us.

Anonymous said...

Like your deputy dawg deputy dissemination/replication idea very much. Folks in VA should be on that like white on rice. Disagree on what must come in Richmond but that's fine.

Unknown said...

A plan has been presented that is doable and repeatable throughout the country, not just Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a good path forward. I'm of the opinion that the foundation of the 95 counties was necessary before moving to what Aesop described as a next logical phase. This needs to get distributed ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Patriots everywhere would do well to share and execute what Aesop has stated here. Ohio Guy

Anonymous said...

As much as I respect you Aesop I have to point out a major flaw in this otherwise excellent idea.

While it's hard to get data on what Sheriffs get paid in VA I can find out that their Deputy's get paid a BASE rate of 60K a year PLUS excellent benefits which you are quite aware are often MORE Important to the family than the paychecks. Health care anyone who has had a baby born with any issues?

The same issue that turned a real Patriot Benedict Arnold (READ YOUR HISTORY FOLKS he was a Patriot before) into a Traitor as his British Wife said "Dear" it's all grand but they are NOT PAYING YOU and the bill collectors are beating on our door.

Does the phrase "Not worth a Continental" mean anything to you? The paper script of the Rebel Government was nearly worthless as Gen Washington said "A wagon load of Continentals were scarcely worth a wagon load of provisions".

DID you NOT wonder why when the 2nd Amendment stuff occurred the FIRST thing Governor Blackface said was "We will stop PAYING Sheriffs that fail to do their duties"???

AND YES He DOES have the Power to do just that. How many of us have the bank account reserves to continue to pay our bills for even a months worth out a paycheck? Have you PRICED Insurance OUTSIDE your current system?

Our Lives, Liberty and Sacred Honor will indeed be tried but when you ask someone to kiss off his families health care and paycheck what are you offering them?

Anonymous said...

How did it work out when you guys applied all of the above and more in California? How is it working out in New York and New Jersey? What's been the results of your court battles to restore your rights in California? How is returning California back to Republican control in an effort to overturn your current gun laws coming along?

Currently Virginia gun laws are much more relaxed than what you have in California. What we are proposing, however futile you believe it to be, is to prevent our laws from becoming more restrictive.

I read this recently over at Cold Fury;

You sound just like the people that proclaimed you shouldn't offend the religion of peace as it will get you killed. And I know that you don't believe that.

Richmond is not enemy territory, it is our capitol. Ours. If it does turn into a "buffalo jump" then we will know definitively that Richmond is no longer our capitol and we will form our own government(s) to secure our rights.

Borepatch said...

Anon 6:10, just how do you propose to form your own government? I'd think that doing Aesop's plan BEFORE jumping off the cliff would make that easier. If you start at the Buffalo Jump then you'll be painted as nuts, idiots, and racists. Nobody will want your little self-formed government.

If you form up a militia under the auspices of existing recognized authority, THEN you can see if it's really a buffalo jump. At least you'll have credibility and popular support after the fall.

I really don't see what's so hard about this.

Matt Bracken said...

Thanks for being a voice of sanity, with a sane plan, instead of another Pickett's Charge into a carefully laid ambush. I'm posting this where I can, on Z-book, Gab and Parler.

I got a chance to speak about the Richmond Buffalo Jump yesterday on Infowars, it's only about 10 minutes. The comments after on seem to imply I'm a yellow coward for not joining Pickett's Charge (to show them damn Yankees how brave we is.)

"Deep State Trap In Richmond Waiting For Gun Rights Activists"
Matt Bracken hosts the 4th hour of The Alex Jones Show to bring a warning to the second amendment activists that plan on storming the Capitol in Richmond, VA.

Anonymous said...

Great essay Aesop, and I hope everyone planning to attend this debacle reads it.
I can't help but notice that almost all the comments promoting this protest in Richmond are anonymous.
Funny, that.

Again, I would ask anyone planning to participate the following:

-have public protests achieved anything? There were many hundreds of thousands (many estimates out there; at the time one estimate had the number at about 1.5 million) at the 912 march in DC, with several notable speakers, including Mike Pence, Dick Armey, Jim DeMint and others. Obozo care still passed, nothing changed.

-what do y'all really know about Phil Van Cleave? Or the other "leaders" in VCDL? You do realize, don't you, that similar protests in the past have been filled with fed agents/provocateurs, and the establishments favorite commie darlings (antifa, nazi's etc.) See Charlottesville, Malheur, Bundy's etc. What if he's working for the other side?

-whatever happens, how do you think the media will portray this event?

-is this a move that you can honestly say will change peoples minds? Will the Gov and his minions suddenly all have an epiphany?

Think about what you're about to do. There are smarter ways to change things. This is 2020, not 1968.

Linda Fox said...

My response is here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt. Read all three of the EFAD trilogy.

Anonymous said...

What we're seeing in VA is a failure of government to represent across the board. Blackface is already a failed governor and is pushing the state towards a failing state as well. The appropriate thing to do would have been to engage in a dialogue of ideas and negotiate. They're not doing that and therefore quickly becoming illegitimate. That's part of what is at play here and the approach described by Aesop would be able leverage that position.

DogMan said...

Aesop's excellent game plan here along with Bracken's essays are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Again if half the effort of arguing about this was placed into a RECALL EFFORT on Governor Blackface and his cronies you would HURT the Politicians where it counts.

He has generated a LOT OF BLOWBACK from his anti-2nd law barrage and showing the fence sitting politicians THAT they can lose their Gravy Train would stop his idiot actions. You would act on HIS Weaknesses and currently crazy laws that a lot of folks are pissed about INSTEAD of creating SUPPORT to disarm the Crazies and Militia with a stupid "Armed Peaceful" Assembly in the Dragons Mouth.

OH YEAH, that would take SPENDING OUR Money, Our Time and Working the system.... Silly me.

If everybody yacking about going to this Buffalo Jump sent in the PRICE of ONE Box of 5.56mm to say Mr. Bracken as he seems legit I BET effective Bill Boards all around Richmond and maybe some Mobile Truck Bill Boards would be pushing for RECALL of Governor Blackface.

Sun Tzu would say attack the enemies WEAKNESSES and currently UNTIL we Guarantee Max Media driven SUPPORT to Disarm the Crazy Militiamen HE IS WEAK vs. a Recall Effort.

Later after we lick our wounds from the Buffalo Jump HE WILL BE WELL Supported by EVERY Fence Sitting Politician and Soccer Mom in VA AND the USA.

Choose wisely friends, we have but ONE chance at this in my humble opinion.

Was it not "Our Lives our Freedoms or Fortunes and our Scared Honor"? Maybe my American History Teacher got it wrong?

Submariner said...

“Politics is war without blood, while war is politics with blood.” Mao Tse-tung

Our choice.

Counterattack said...

TO: Anonymous January 10, 2020 at 6:01 AM, ALL READERS

RE: Sheriff Salary. Benefits. Dependents. Access to personal finances. Healthcare. Essential services.

Most Sheriffs are paid salary from the county budget, no? Each county must decide what State assistance it can forego and still maintain cohesion. That depends on many things such as power, fuel, hospital, banking, telecom, lines of logistics communication.

This is why a Virginia county bordering WV, KY, TN or NC would be a front runners for SME like Aesop here to personally assist in the application of his model. Bonus if you pick a model county contiguous to two separate, sympathetic States.

Project forward a Michael Bloomberg POTUS in approximately 365 days together with a DNC House, DNC Senate; a Trifecta just like Virginia's. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact bypass of our Electoral College has bills pending in VA MN WI KS MO NH PA NC SC GA that will throw way more than the 270 threshold to render the Republic entirely under enemy control.

A nationwide rollout of the enemy's SIOP-Armageddon would see a Chinese Social Credit Scoring for access to your own bank account, all "benefits," licensing, public transportation, healthcare, even food. Second Amendment will be gone. The BOR will be gone.

We had better get this right. Right now.

Grog said...

Appears some of the anon "experts" commenting over the last week have the frame of mind in the link.

Peter B said...

Anonymous 7:19

OK. Things really are that bad. There's no way to vote our way out of this. Given that, would residents of your county have a better shot at a less bad future if plan A is Aesop's plan instead of the Richmond Futile and Stupid Gesture?

Spin said...

The protest should be one guy in white shirt and black pants holing a shopping bag filled with US Constitutions and a left bag filled with Virginia Constitutions. Imagine that symbolism staring up at the State Seat of Power. Almost feels like one man against the power of the state. Nothing more than one man standing up.

Spin Drift

Anonymous said...

This post is why one of you is better than a hundred anonymous blowhards.

Anonymous said...

I"m a daily reader of your blog. Men (that I have help with shooting), have recently come up to me and asked if I am shooting. The answer was no.
(My family lost men at the siege of Vicksburg(Mississippi 33rd Vol). The late gen. sherman blew into Meridian. Our hometown. Look it up).
Ya'll wish to step on my dick. Fine. I'll sit this one out. We lost enough. Wisconsin is a long way off, I will watch from here.
jack hinson's child, himself

T-Rav said...

Definitely one of your best posts, Aesop.

This needs to be blasted at everyone in the VCDL, not to mention all the sanctuary communities.

Anonymous said...

Counterattack a good posting. However as someone wise said about two roads diverging you can only really walk on one so choose wisely KNOWING the hazards and destination.

Here it's full on rebellion OR spending cash and time to strike Governor Blackface and his crony's while there is public outrage over their stupidity.

Hazards of rebellion, it's a little like playing Jenga. Each side pulls out a stick supporting the system that keeps the lights ON and groceries-banking-Employment going UNTIL it all falls down. Governor Blackface can just keep withdrawing VA state monies from the counties and the Counties can figure out what services to stop and who to fire in order to keep things going. A of of average Joe's are going to lose their ability to feed their families and likely will blame the "Patriots" as the MEDIA will tell them so all day long...

Final destination Civil War 2.0 AS they WILL Never Give up their power until destroyed.

Recall on Governor Blackface and Co NOT as much "Glory" in it BUT Politicians don't want to lose their Gravy Train. Cut enough of HIS supporting elements like the Judges and AG's that Soros's PAID for then he will fall.

Final destination a LOT of hard work but maybe the Civil in Civilization will not go to the Civil in Civil WAR and the lights stay On and such.

As Liberty and freedom require vigilance THEN Keep ON them.

Pick a road

A.B. Prosper said...

The Right lacks organization because they have far too many so called right wing people who hate authority either having been under authority and had their fill of it or because they equate left wing notions of liberty with being Right Wing

Right Wing is about hierarchy and a society driven by tradition. We don't have a right to bear arms because of some paper or because of the creator who has far as I can tell isn't smiting gun grabbers . We have it because its our p tradition and is beneficial to all.

The Right need to have leaders, good plans and to obey them in groups even small ones otherwise they are going to lose every single fight . Why ? The left while lacking good plans at least has plans, leaders and will usually obey.

Have organization even if small, obey orders from superiors work for the good of the group or be in a ditch or on the boxcars, nothing more nothing less.

And note this means if you win you will have to impose authority on people .

When dealing with the vast bulk of people and essential all urbanites , its boots on necks all they way down. It doesn't have to be forever if your people and your society has good character but you must have a period, an interregnum of authority by you and for your goals.

If you don't want dope everywhere, hang dealers or users. Don't want subversive media, arrest them . Don't like porn or gambling, noose. Actually want antibiotics to be effective than your state has to make sure that they are not used in livestock except in emergencies.

Americans have grown habitually dishonest , mendacious ,corrupt and lazy. This means to use a rather old phrase , a multitude of New Offices, swarms of Officers to harass people and unfortunately eat out their substance.

Also re: plans. Anyone on the Right who insists that the union must stand no matter what is espousing a very stupid ideal. Even if a magic comet came by and made the US entirely White , this would settle nothing. The nation these days exists only by inertia and even back when smarter wiser men than us were making things happen, it almost didn't. Be prepared for a split and all the problems thereafter if so me kind of agreement can't be reached.

Last hot war, everyone here is trying to prevent it but if such a thing happens, their won't be a media . Bill Clinton understood this in Kosovo and I suspect Team Freedom will too. The media will either be in hiding in a bunker, working for you or quiet entirety understanding that same as Team Freedom faces anything they say or do will be held against them.

Behind Enemy Lines said...

The blog post in which Aesop steps up to staff officer level.

Nice one. It's practical, positive advice that would move our interests forward with low risk and potentially immense impact.

One of the great challenges we have in Our Thing is not just the general aversion to organisation, but the lack of existing organisations that can be turned to useful purpose. At a single stroke, Aesop's idea would create one (potentially many such, across the country) and it would be allied with friendly powers from the git-go.

I've reading here for many, many years. This is one of the very best.

Thanks, Aesop.

Anonymous said...

This place is like Breitbart but more actual military knowledge.

tz said...

Can you name the 5 rights enumerated in the First Amendment?
If you would discard those, then how can you say you respect the Second?

The two rights I refer to are Freedom of Assembly, and the Right to Petition the Government for the Redress of Grievances.

I won't note "speech" in that oh, you can put a sign out in your yard where anyone who matters won't care.

This is advocating a confiscation. Well, you might have the right to keep and bear arms, but you really shouldn't do so as it may offend someone! Well, you might have the right to assemble, and petition, but you really shouldn't...

If you don't fully act to draw the line using peaceful means, the tyrants will force the choice to either surrender and become a slave or to use violent means.

This doesn't mean whatever will happen will show prudence, but the alternatives are being given as "go home and cower but fire off things using your keyboard", and "Go there and become a paraiah".

If this march is in error, where is the proper proposal of where and how to march and to present a petition for the redress of grievance in a LAWFUL assembly? If not at the seat of government, then where? Somewhere in the forest outside of cell coverage?

Dean M Drews said...

So, you are advocating the formation of a militia? A legally formed militia to be trained and subject to control by elected officials of government. What a novel idea. I sounds eerily like the militias protecting the American colonies.

Paraclete said...

As always, Matt is one of the few who have thought things out.
If everyone used strategy as Aesop and Matt encourages the
enemies of our Republic wouldn't stand a chance.

Reltney McFee said...

TZ: as Our Esteemed Host has suggested (IIRC), *another* manner of "peaceably assembling to petition for redress of grievances..." would include circulating recall petitions for the smarmy a-holes who campaigned as "moderate democrats" (whatever that is: please refer to "WYSIWYG"), and, once elected, began eructating all manner of bilious contra-constitutional, contra liberty dreck.

And, then, holding that recall petition.

That maneuver was (somewhat) helpful in Colorado after their shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

tz I can list them but I believe the issue here is the 1st Ad right to PEACEABLY Assemble to present our grievances to the government. An Armed Peaceable Assembly is an Oxymoron. The 2nd side of Governors-Police has a Vote in this situation. The 3rd side of Antifa has a vote in this situation. The 4th side of various extremist groups like KKK and Neo-Nazi's have a vote also in what really goes down. OH YES the 5th side the MEDIA has the power to do real time and propaganda level shadings of what's going on so they vote also.

Ever notice Powerball has 5 Numbers also? Ever notice how millions of people BUY them EVERYDAY hoping to "Win" and how many months of millions buying and NOBODY WINS? Those Odds are ALSO the Same for YOUR "Armed Peaceable Assembly" chance of success.

The March has far too many ways to go terribly wrong as in bicycle locks and pepper spray at our busses then shots fired (EVEN IF A FALSE FLAG Antifa doing the shooting), police snipers and FORGET ever getting a fair trial for the "Patriots" and Militia trapped inside this caldron.

Look around friend you seem intelligent. Name ONE thing you really think will change this set of unconstitutional laws from this "Armed Peaceful Assembly" in the enemies home grounds?

IF you simply want a Boston Massacre where agitators threw snowballs at the British Troops until they fired into the crown YOU DON'T Need concealed pistols. Just people with nothing better to do than get beaten and pepper sprayed by Antifa while the Police "Stand Down" UNTIL the False Flag Shooter starts the police snipers firing.

If you want to start a Rebellion then there are a hundred better ways to get that "Ball Rolling" as so many have alluded to. NONE of them involve chicken hawking a bunch of otherwise law abiding men armed with concealed pistols and or... into a full ON Ambush on a Well Known Date, time and place. Pistols against scoped police AR's inside a Kill zone BRILLIANT.

ANYBODY who suggests that you should go to this Buffalo Jump needs their Picture Taken and properly ID'ed so WHEN it becomes a full on disaster your surviving Family Members can have a deep and Personal "Discussion" with them. 3 letter agents HATE being photographed as it increases the chance NEXT time they ENTRAP good folks into stupid acts they might suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

And in 2016 everyone said there was no way to vote our way out of Hilary. Remember?

Why not push the Democrats at the state level and locally? Can't 2A people walk and chew gum at the same time?

T-Rav said...

@tz: I don't think our respected blog host has ever questioned the *right* of Americans to exercise freedom of assembly and petition, etc. What he's questioning is how useful this particular exercise of them, under these particular circumstances, will be in accomplishing our common ends. So far, I think he's made a pretty good case that the bang for the buck is likely to be marginal approaching zero, if not negative.

If you just want to get in the thugs' faces, fine; but given what's at stake, wouldn't it be better to pick the strategy with the best chance of succeeding? I really don't get why so many people are having trouble with this.

Aesop said...


By all means, hold on to your rights.
But stop walking around with your head up your ass.
try doing something intelligent and effective, instead of doing something futile and stupid.

If you cannot tell the difference, you're the problem, not the solution, which explains why the outlined steps are too hard for you.

Poll those with ground combat experience in Iraq and A-stan in the recent festivities.
To a man, they'll inform anyone who asks, "The stupid ones died early."
You're fast-tracking yourself to that fate.
And any cause you hold dear.

"No dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it making some other dumb bastard die for his country." - G.S. Patton

Get smart, or get back on the porch.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Brother! Your best yet and that is saying quite a bit.
I'm not gonna wade into the buffler jump stuff except to say Phil Can Cleave is no agent provocateur/ plant guvmint guy. He's a good man who has been leading a good fight for over a generation.
I'll buy using your stuff in my country Brother, thanks once more
Boat Guy

A.B. Prosper said...

Our host is correct. Public demonstrations do no good at changing minds especially those of the the people at the top and pose risks of another Charlottesville debacle.

I've done the speech thing long back in the before Internet day. They did no good and no harm.

These days? Not worth it. The advice that our host offers is top tier and anyone would do well to follow it.

And Rusty, yes we might be "beyond voting" but we aren't at "action up." either thank God.

I'd rather spend more time taking even with low odds than have to live thru spicy time. As attributed to Winston Churchill "Jaw, jaw is better than war, war."

grey said...

I like that. very good 4GW concept. that should work for all parties. It is a long game act.

Anonymous said...

So folks HOW LONG before we put this discussion in the face of the VLDC folks. AND ask them to Explain what their Mission Statement is? You know the folks who STARTED up this WELL Published goat rope?

You know the folks who could man up and say the event is canceled? Those busses to take folks into the Dragons Mouth require scheduling, Coordination and money so THEY CAN stop this Boston Massacre 2.0 Richmond VA edition.

Maybe we need THEIR names, faces and addresses so WHEN this goes badly our surviving family members can personally "discuss" their actions and the results?

Rights are all good BUT THEY Come with Responsibility so where is the VLDC folks comments on this board?

Wes said...

Question? Do you think that You and Matt Bracken are receiving so much push back and basically getting comments to the like of go pound sand, because both of you have been preaching TINVOWOOT, and now that Virginia has the potential to blow up you are now saying hey we can work within the system? It's been expressed to me and thought I'd ask. I posted some thoughts on this yesterday here…

But there are many previous articles on this subject at NCRenegade.

While I agree with Matt and Aesops premise I think the time is coming when the People are going to say Nope not one more inch.

Is January 20th that day? I don’t know. I own property in Virginia so I have an interest in these events going on. I was planning on attending, now I’m not so sure.

I think the wheels are probably already in motion for the 20th. Doubt the brakes can be pumped. The Governor and the legislature keep pouring gasoline on the fire that is building.

We’ll see what happens. But many of us have already tried working within the system.

It’s an interesting time. I guess the best advice is to be ready for all hell to break loose on the 20th and pray that it doesn’t. Keep Preparing.


See also

Anonymous said...

Aesop ,
A long time ago there was an organization just as you described with all the same vetting and chain of command locally it was called "Civil Defense" no reason this cannot be resurrected to serve this purpose on a local level.

Anonymous said...

It's not Phil that we're worried about. It's Gov Blackface and his Soros support group antifa not to mention the deep state which I'm sure is Monitoring this situation.

T-Rav said...

A couple additions I would respectfully suggest:

1) For those chosen as auxiliary lieutenants, sergeants, etc.: it should be insisted on that they wipe their browser history. Not that they necessarily have skeletons in their closet (or in this case, the tawdrier corners of the Internet), but odds are a few might, and the government-media complex will try to unearth it. Even if it's nothing illegal, bringing it out in public could be an embarrassment, one the new militia force doesn't need. I suppose this is included in the "proper leaders will reveal themselves" bit, but spelling it out doesn't hurt.

2) As Anon 6:01 alluded to, it's entirely likely that the state will retaliate by withholding funds from the resisting counties/cities. In that case, said counties/cities could respond by encouraging residents and businesses not to pay state sales or income taxes. Starve the beast. Better yet, the money they're not sending to Richmond they might send instead to the shadow government being set up. Let it go far enough and you might be able to establish a central coordinating body, say in a reliable city in a "red" area (Lynchburg) or on the border with a friendly state (Bristol). That really would undermine the Northam regime.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

While suggesting that Virginians take action to recall Northam, it is wildly impractical considering the time frames involved. Northam cannot run for re-election and the recall process is very detailed and time consuming.

Google § 24.2-684.1. Requirements for voter petitions to call for referendum elections.

Particularly interesting is the fact that, under Virginia statutes, citizens don’t actually take part in the recall vote. It’s left to the state’s circuit courts to decide whether or not the official being recalled has to step down.

Even if citizens do manage to jump through all the hoops fast enough (highly unlikely), I don't believe that the state's judges would remove Northam from office, especially given that the Supreme Court hasn't weighed in on the constitutionality of any of his proposed gun control laws. The judges would most likely say that, because the constitutionality of the laws hasn’t been decided by the Courts, it’s impossible for them to say that he’s violated his oath of office by signing unconstitutional laws into effect.

No chief executive or holder of statewide office has ever been recalled in Virginia, and I don’t see Ralph Northam being the first. And because, under Virginia law, he can't run for re-election anyway, gun owners and Second Amendment supporters would be better served by organizing and planning for the 2021 elections than in pursuing a recall of Virginia’s anti-gun governor.

In many cases, the Lt. Gov is the party's candidate to replace the out-going governor. Ours (and the Attny Gen who might also run) are as big a POS as Northam. Both of them should have resigned during the latest scandal, but they all just hunkered down and let the rage roll over them. We probably should have gone after them then, but I (and thousands of other naïve, trusting citizens) just figured they'd do the right thing and get out of town. They didn't. Serious mistake on our part.

I haven't heard anything yet about whether the POSs are planning to run again in the Gov/Lt Gov positions, but I wouldn't be surprised. Worse, though, is the fact that the Republicans don't seem to have anyone who can take them on. We have run some really unelectable candidates in the past 3 or 4 elections, and we lost. We deserved to lose. The Party was incredibly stupid in their choices. And now, with the Democrat vs Republican numbers the way they are, I'm not sure anyone will be able to beat them. It is bleak.

When the laws are signed in the next few days/weeks, there will be immediate legal action (injunctions) to stop them from going into effect, and then steps taken to fast track the process to the Supreme Court to rule on their constitutionality. Even if they are all struck down, the Democrats have taxation power to make ammunition and guns unaffordable, which will be another trip through the courts based on infringing peoples' right to self-defense. I honestly don't know how that would play out, based on the original ruling for Obamacare. I am not hopeful.

I appreciate what Aesop and Matt Bracken are saying, and I know there are cooler heads working on this problem, but as long as Democrats are Democrats, we are looking at a very bad situation coming inexorably down the road. Whatever happens on the 20th, IMHO it will be incidental to what comes in the months after. The Democrats have seriously misjudged how angry people are and what they, individually and collectively, are capable of. And if we lose in the courts, all bets are off.

Keep stacking.

Anonymous said...

Tax avoidance (or divergence to...) what a novel idea! Are you aware they got Al Capone on Tax Evasion? Messing with the King's Shillings WILL get you in real trouble.

Folks you need to think out about what road your traveling on. If your trying to GET the SUPPORT of the Fence Sitters (a Pretty GOOD IDEA BTW) you need to stay well with in the framework of the Law. WE NEED the Support of the some 80% of Americans that LIKE During the American Revolution simply wanted to be LEFT alone to live their lives. Causing them to lose their Jobs and benefits because the Governor insists that the Sheriffs fulfill the LAW AND thus STOPPING State Funding (which Provides many a persons Jobs and benefits) for failure to serve....

Government needs the silent consent of the People. Even the USSR needed that as shown when some 80% of East Germany went on strike and even tanks couldn't stop them.

WE ARE NOWHERE Near even 20% support of the Population and STUPID Actions will be Broadcast far and wide that OUR Actions CAUSED this problem, That Problem until even the dullest of the Fence Sitters hate us.

BTW for the Math Challenged IF WE HAVE a Larger % WHY DID these yahoos GET ELECTED sir?

OR as my Math Teacher used to say "Show your Work". Prove your answers are from the Big Head Thinking and not the small head acting out.

Wes said...

Also you may want to read this...

Anonymous said...

Wes maybe my reading skills need help but from what I read at

is that what Aesop and Matt have been saying is correct about being a buffalo jump and or Boston Massacre BUT the Optics do not matter BECAUSE we are AT WAR. AND We Gotta DO Something....

Friend we are NOT at War as I've been inside a war zone as a Medical Volunteer and thus have seen the real civilian life of war NOT from the viewpoint of WELL SUPPLIED and Medevac protected GI's.

Choose your road friend. Think HARD about your family and how you are to protect and provide for them when all the normal systems like banking-credit, hospital and grocery store is disrupted HARD by the "Time of Troubles" as the Irish called their little disagreement with the British. Our American Revolution lasted 7 YEARS the Irish Time of Troubles has been going on since 1960 as a low level civil war.

This "Festivities" will take years. Look to the Hatfield's and Mc Coys for what will follow LONG after the "Civil War is done... Way too many extremist groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazi's, Black Lives Matter, Islam and such for peace to ever resolve.

I've seen ethnic cleansing AKA Civil War in Bosnia and you don't want that in America. At least THEY had solidly built houses that stopped bullets AND extended family support system. They were SO used to grocery stores having limited foods that they have DEEP Pantries and real Gardens. Two maybe three things we do not have.

They were so used to irregular electricity before the war that losing it was just expected. We are so dependent on the grid that once down at least 10% of our population will die with in 24-72 hours as elderly and hospital folks die off. Yes Hospitals have generators but THEY will be first targets destroyed by criminal actions so.... AND if protected by WHOM? I doubt the "Other Side" would get any care from them. Our Just In Time food system runs out of food with the THREAT of a real snow storm and if a civil war is afoot WHAT Trucker will leave his family to carry food from several states over to you??

Calling Dr. Harpers Ferry, Calling Dr. Harpers Ferry in about 9 days UNLESS the VLDC decides to call off this mass BUSSED IN "Armed Peaceful" Protest and returns to their previously SUCCESSFUL professional button holing and we spend our money on lawyers to jam this up until the courts tell Governor Blackface to bugger off.

Anonymous said...

Governor Blackface can just keep withdrawing VA state monies from the counties and the Counties can figure out what services to stop and who to fire in order to keep things going.

This logistics fantasy pretends goverment is Santa Claus. Where do you think the VA got those monies in the first place? If you rural taxpayers stop sending your money to the county, and the county stops sending it to the state, then the government won't have it to use against you. Don't pay taxes and the bad people become unemployed. How about some evidence-based logistics?

Michael said...

Dear Anon 3:44 Clearly logic 101 was not in your classroom. For example (Your words) "Don't pay taxes and the bad people become unemployed." Bad people LIKE maybe your neighbor that works in your county services? I DOUBT that Governor Blackface will suffer much if at all from your don't pay taxes scheme.

So What Bad People will become unemployed Sir?

Aside from that MINOR ISSUE that Not Paying Taxes is a LOT like cannon fire into Ft Sumter and will give you and your family MUCHO Legal Issues.

I also note maybe you slept through basic economics 101? Money flows around and that in Finance is called the "Velocity of Money". Money BROUGHT INTO often POOR Rural Counties FROM State and Federal (Controlled BY the State BTW) funds pays for services they otherwise could NOT Afford. Like decent teachers? Those folks paychecks is often spent INSIDE that County and that money flows around the local financial ecosystem.

Sorry I cannot make that much simpler or as a wiser man than I said "I can Explain it to you BUT I Cannot Understand it for you".

Our system is broken that I would agree, but telling people to stop paying taxes would generate far more trouble for you and your neighbors (Unless of course your advocating this from OUTSIDE VA, AKA Chicken Hawking)than it would for Governor Blackface.

What DID your Nose DO to you that you cut it off Sir?

Unknown said...

Fantastic, well written and thought-out plan of organized resistance! Needs spread far and wide in VA. I plan on using it here in Ohio. And standing by around the 20th for assistance.

Noway2 said...

I find it interesting how many anonymous posters are singing the siren song lullaby telling people to stay asleep and basically comply because they have too much to lose by fighting. Makes me think the state actor are scared of the hornets nest they just kicked and are getting their cyber commandos to work the inter webs with a disinformation campaign.

Rather than post anonymously or just using my first name, I’ll use the handle I’ve been using on line for about 20 years, making me easy enough to identify for those that care.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that somebody already has by now

Anonymous said...

Yah they're Terrified all right. Delusional Noway2. The cattle are PAYING 35.00 a seat to be bus hauled into a kill zone where even if no shots are fired the Media will butcher them. Let alone any Antifa incidents where the Police will stand down and allow the ruckus to be on Live TV. Lets see... Bicycle Locks and Pepper Spray Vs. Glocks... That will play well to the fence sitting general public that might think Guns are a RIGHT or something...

NEWS FLASH the Media tells the Story and edits it as required to support the Deep State and their Face People the Socialist-Democrats. We are just subjects to be manipulated and green screened into what ever story they want.

I looked up VA state holiday schedule. THE State OFFICES were Closed for Martin Luther King Holiday every year but so far NOT THIS YEAR. Wonder WHY?

Dude if they are "Scared of the Hornets Nest" they COULD Simply announce that THIS MLK Holiday THEY are CLOSED and all this SCARY stuff would be a preaching to EMPTY Buildings......

Maybe instead they WANT this Storm to come to their POINT of strength and like Pickett's Charge (brave but futile)they can POSITIVE ID troublemakers for the quiet collection later. General Lee was quoted in his later memoirs how he wished he HAD Pickett's men still around to prevent General Sherman from pillaging and burning his way through Georgia.


Anonymous said...

Am I give them in real trouble but realistically one is governor back black face going to really do? Anything he does their use of force is going to shine a pretty badly and what their democrats are doing right now. No I think this might actually be the right way to go. When things start getting very spicy in that arena for tax returns and remittances, it's going to rise up to the national level and that's where the discussion needs to go to get enough on the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

No you are missing the point dummy. The point is to get national attention on this and that would definitely do it it needs to get to the Supreme Court. Governor blackface cannot send out armed troops to try and collect money that's not going to look good stupid.

Anonymous said...

Ideally the goal should be to force the issue to arise to a national low level long before it gets to the point where governor blackface ascending out hit teams to get patriots

Anonymous said...

No it's because we don't want the protests to do more harm than good that's why. You're not smart enough to understand that we can't help you.

Aesop said...


You're new, right?
All week the overwhelming number of anonymass posters have been the ones calling for charging headfirst into the brick wall, no matter what, not the one's "too scared" to go through with it. They're egging this stupidity on, full steam ahead.

And absolutely no one has told anyone not to do anything nor to "just comply", and if you'd spent five seconds reading anything here since last weekend, you'd know that assertion was pure bullshit. What has been said, ad infinitum, is don't run headfirst into a wood chipper and jump in. But stupid apparently means deaf and illiterate as well, because the really bright lights aren't getting it.

Nice try, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.
And if you have fun storming the castle, you can look forward to an education from the 2x4 Of Knowledge, and you will learn.

Anonymous said...

Aesop he will not be getting an Education from the 2 X 4 of Truth. He's LOOKING for a PROMOTION from Governor Blackfaces-FBI side. He like so many other Egging THEM ON Posters are on the Enemy Side OR Too Stupid to LISTEN to anything aside from their little heads.

If perchance I am wrong maybe old handle easy to ID Noway could explain how he's posting with out even basic reading of the whole set of posts? I might have to apologize to someone but I'm Man Enough to accept when my premise is wrong.

T-Rav said...

Anon @11:20

Read more carefully. I put this out as a "suggestion," not a "Virginians need to do this, and yesterday." There may be too many reasons why it doesn't work.

However, I would draw your attention to two aspects of my proposal:

1) "State" taxes, not federal. That would indeed be stupid, not to mention pointless since DC hasn't figured into this clash as yet. The way things are figured nowadays, I think you'll agree that while refusing to pay taxes is always a risky move, hacking off the Virginia state government is a little less scary than poking the federal bear.

2) At no point did I suggest that should be the first move. If it were to be done at all, it shouldn't happen until/unless Richmond does in fact cut off county funding.

Not only is that a tit-for-tat move instead of a needless provocation, it puts the state in the wrong--"Northam is punishing us for defending our constitutional rights, so since we receive nothing from him, we give him nothing." That puts the state in the wrong.

Moreover, counties and cities provide more in terms of a social net than is sometimes assumed. Commodities for the poor and elderly, for example. Tax money that stays at home rather than going to Richmond can go towards that, and to schools, and to roads, etc. Then people's loyalties really would start to shift toward the courthouse and away from the governor's office.

This is all a very rosy version of events, I grant. But if we regard the 2A as worth going all-in on (and I assume we do), we should be thinking about long-term contingencies like these.

Anonymous said...

YES!! Good to see that someone else is getting it. We need to make them look as bad as possible to frame the argument and prepare to back up with militia only as absolute last resort.

Anonymous said...

T-Rav thank you for your thoughtful posting. Refreshing instead of the idiot "We GOTTA DO Something, AKA Pickett's Charge INTO the Teeth of the Dragon" I've been plowing though.

While your idea seems sound fact IS that the MEDIA drives the Message. So no matter who "Starts" the tax-funding problem the MEDIA that is the Mouthpiece of the Deep State-Socialist-Democrats (of which Gun Grabber Governor Blackface is part and parcel)Will Guarantee that Joe 6 pack KNOWS (even if it's untrue) that the Dangerous Crazies are doing it all.... Thus Joe 6 Pack will KNOW (even if it's untrue) that US Dangerous Crazies got Him FIRED due to lack of funding. OR his kid cannot get food because the EBT card system is broken OR.....

History is a passion of mine so please forgive me but when the British decided that the Rebellion was a Purely Military Matter and a "Whiff of Grapeshot" was all that was needed to bring the Rebels to heel THEY gave up the Newspapers to the Rebels.

That FAILURE to control the MEDIA of the day allowed EVERY "Atrocity" (real or frankly fake news, YES it's NOT New guys)to alter the viewpoint of the 80% of the Colonists that simply wanted to be left alone. And finally after the Boston Massacre where a bunch of hoodlums threw snowballs at the British Patrols until they fired upon them the Joe 6 pack had enough of the British. Most NOT to fight them BUT to SUPPORT those that DID fight them.

WE Don't have the MEDIA on our side. There will NOT be anything remotely "Fair and Impartial" about their reporting of OUR Atrocities.

When the County Courthouse cannot provide the basic needs we have become accustomed to the peoples loyalties will be TESTED just like the freezing, starving, shoeless American Soldiers at Valley Forge.

I suspect most will happily TELL the British ..ERRR... The State Capital all they know about the Rebels as to get a "Good Citizen Award" or such.

PLAN for it friend. THIS IS Very Likely to GO Nationwide MUCH faster than you think. It will NOT be a simply Virginia Event. The Deep State seems to be going FOR IT, maybe the FISA Court Documents are heating them up a bit?

Frankly I FEAR that the Deep State is already PLANNING to use "Iranian Terrorists" as blame magnets for various False Flags. OR maybe the very pissed off Iranians may just decide to PIGGYBACK on this Rebellion.

Either way a LOT of innocent old folks, children and single Mothers are going to get HAMMERED by the "Troubles". I've SEEN it personally in Bosnia. NOTHING CIVIL about a Civil War....

7 days and a wake up UNLESS the VLDC Goat Rope-Boston Massacre 2.0 Richmond VA gets SHUT DOWN.

Pray for the Republic.

Submariner said...

AESOP: What does "ROWYBS" on your post at WRSA mean?

Aesop said...

Rock On With Your Bad Self

OvergrownHobbit said...

So much good sense. So much likelihood of being ignored. It is to weep.

OvergrownHobbit said...

Dear Anyone who suggests that losing the right to peaceably assemble and petition to address grievances is inevitable if those rights are not used:

WHY not rally at places where you are strong and have everyone mass petition?

Mass phone calls to legislators. Mass social media texting (pick a hashtag) Letter writing tables with free stamped addressed envelopes to legislators (bonus if you send to home addy) run by Second A. Sisterhood mamas.

Have a picnic. Play music. Show a MASSIVE winning happy face to fellow Virginians. You're the team they want to join!

Bonus: You should be able to spot the troublemakers a mile away and the authorities will be on your side.

Anonymous said...

Yes, do this outside the kill box zone in surrounding areas of Richmond. Distributed protest. No need to call off the event just spread it out in areas that can be better protected. Also suggest appointments in each area for spokesperson to talk to media. There's still time to do this.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some folks are taking the suggestion to heed;
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

CAN ANYONE VERIFY THIS? WVA supposedly inviting 2A 2A sanctuary counties to break away from VA to WVA. If true...holy crap..

Anonymous said...

Y'all can walk and chew gum right? The men execute the plan here and the women lead the charge to recalling the governor.
Don't forget the kids these days are tech savvy, so they can spread the word fast and help turn public opinion in your favor. Get some old money thrown into the mix to help support each county's ability to pay for law enforcement and that would be really something! Praying for y'all!
Remember the Alamo