Monday, May 14, 2018

Basic Training - Pistol I

Hour 8,9,10,11,12

MCRP 8-10.3 Pistol Marksmanship M9 (January 2016)
Warrior Skills Level 1

Just as with the rifle, you need to know what the parts are, how they work together, how to take it apart, clean it, put it together, make sure you put it together right, and take corrective action if something goes wrong. We'll go over some carry thoughts, because you may be carrying a pistol at times when a rifle wouldn't be legal nor appropriate.
Then you can start learning how to shoot it properly.

Hour 8: Nomenclature/Function
This embiggens.

Hour 9: Disassembly/Cleaning/Re-assembly/Function Check


Hour 10: Loading/Unloading/Immediate Action

Hour 11: Carry/CCW

A couple of perspectives on carry/concealed carry, worth your time to review:

Hour 12: Pistol Marksmanship Basics

He just covered a whoooooole lot of points in about a minute.
(And maybe skipped a couple, too.)
You might want a little bit more time.




Both Eyes Open

Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

Breath control

Trigger control

Now you've got the basic tools to practice proper handgun use.
Once you practice it (a lot), and apply the lessons to live fire practice, then you'll know what you're doing, and hit what you're shooting at.

We'll pick that up tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

When training "smaller-statured" shooters on the M9 we encountered the issue of "small hands on big guns". Many of these smaller folks simply could not reach the trigger on the M9 in DA mode. Because we were not necessarily bound by dictum we simply trained these folks to shoot SA only - which means thumbing the hammer back using the support hand thumb during the third presentation step. With careful attention this can be inculcated during dry-fire and then on the range.
Our usual carry of the M9 was hammer down safety off and so using this presentation from the holster didn't present any problems. Again this was a solution to a problem, NOT a universal technique.
Boat Guy