Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Some Things We Should Be Able To Agree On

Nota bene, "Should" is not "Will". Take a breath, and work with me for a minute or three here.

1) The Bill of Rights ought to be inviolable. Not "is", but damned skippy "ought" to be.
If you can't get there on your own, I don't know you, and I don't want to. The rest of that paragraph ends "...and the horse you rode to town on, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw."

2) Evil SOBs would - and have, and will continue - to try and dismantle it, brick by brick, and letter by letter, until there's nothing left of it.

3) There is no compromising between the people who believe in Point 1 and the people described in Point 2. None whatsoever. One may argue, change, or abandon tactics, and be a general. But one who changes or abandons principles is a soulless saboteur. "...and the horse he rode to town on, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw."

4) That means that at some point (and ideally, at every opportunity), the people in Point 1 are going to have to oppose the people of Point 2, and that when all else has failed, that will come down to force of arms and bloodshed, because some people don't take "No!" for an answer until you shoot them in the face.

5) In the entire recorded history of the world, the number of wars that have been won, let alone avoided, by peaceful non-violent protests, can be counted on one's thumbs. (and even those just postponed the violence until a wee bit later. E.g., ask India how things are going with Pakistan. QED) In fact, violent warfare has been the cast-iron rule, not the rare exception.

6) So, with even a grade-school diploma, and knowing 1-5, now that you've had your public gun love-in in VA, and the Democrats in the legislature have declared publicly that they're not impressed, what will you do next? (To spare the feelings of some, we won't talk - for the moment - about previous efforts.) What have you done for yourselves lately?

7) Some few of you like to try taking cheap shots at us here in California, which is now Califrutopia. So you should know a few things, unpleasant as they may be to face, for you.

A large part of our problems here now are due to four things:

a) Your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk, who came here for decades because they weren't welcome in your little patch, and the carpetbagging opportunist pols they voted for. For the 95th time, google the origins of such upstanding examples as Nancy (Alzheimers) Pelosi, Barbara (Stupidest Senator Ever Until Kamala Kneepads Harris) Boxer, and Gray (Impeach Me!) Davis, let alone Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and DiFi's husband. I'll own Gov. Moonbeam, and Jane Fonda, if you own the tide of Okies and Commies that preceded them.

b) The senators and representatives from 49 other states, who couldn't see a problem with making California the Wetback State (and don't get me wrong, I'm equal opportunity with that appellation, whether they swam the Rio Grande, or shipped themselves here from Asia, Africa, Sh*tholia, or Trashcanistan) until it was too late to fix. Some 10M+ illegals here, and 40M in the U.S., and folks elsewhere have just started to think it may be a problem, in relative terms.

c) The illegal aliens in question, who in California alone outnumber the population of any one of 42 U.S. states.

d) The people here who decided that when the going gets tough, the tough beat feet to happier places.  You took care of you, no doubt. You f**ked everyone you left behind too, without a second thought. Spare me your excuses if that's you. it's too late for that. Own it.
When you returned to your native states, or made new homes in new lands, you were either reviled as "Californians" (which most of you never were) every time things got more liberal, even if you voted anything but; or once in a blue moon hailed as one of the few "good Californians" if you were more conservative about your most recent home turf than the locals were. So you were pretty much damned if you stayed, and damned if you left. The lyrics and chorus to Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone come to mind in your cases.

The combination of people that weren't from around here, and an overwhelming horde of transplants, legal and illegal, suddenly electing communist douchebags conspired to flip the state from solid (R) to puerile (D) in less than a generation. If you live in VA, stop me if you've heard this one. If you live in NH, FL, or TX, let me know when the penny drops for you too.

As I told four fine people, several of whom you've read in comments here and elsewhere, over dinner last week IRL, you'll get California from my cold dead hands, and not without one helluva fight. My line in the sand is still here, and so am I. If you run from the fight, you'll never fight the fight, and you'll never win.
My plan for California is like Poland's: when the state goes bankrupt (and it's headed there like a freight train), the wheels come off that wagon, and the statues of Marx come down. It's going to have to be that drastic, here. But communists always run out of other people's money. They can't help it.
You should also bear well in mind that there are more 2A supporters in CA than in any other state, even now, and more gun owners here than there are people in any state in 80% of the rest of the country. So maybe think about walking back the lazy snark that would diss an army 10 times the size of what the U.S. can currently field. And that goes for 2A supporters in NFY, MA, NJ, or anywhere else you don't like. If "just showing up" really counted for anything serious, we'd have had this knocked here thirty years ago. But the truth is it gets you nothing but a big target, unless you have more of a plan than getting together. We'll come back to that point in a bit.

Those of you who left, best wishes when the same thing happens again there. Where will you run next? And then? And then?

My gentle suggestion is to stop running and start digging in, if you have any self respect.

Forgive me if thinking that perhaps Virginians, and Southerners in general, might have a better understanding of those sentiments than those who've never experienced living in occupied territory, but clearly some people's memories are shorter than their wedding tackle. But there it is. And it's coming to your state too. Look around if you doubt me.

8) So having said that, you might show just a dash more understanding when I tell you that playing in the street is pointless. It changes no votes, it delivers no votes, and it sways no votes. And even when voting works (or used to), a federal judge will simply overturn the vote. This is how Pres. Jimmy Peanut gave California back to Mexico, long after he was out of a job himself, and turned it into the Califrutopia you, and I, know and loathe. One judge, one vote, one state.

It happened long before this became just about guns, here or anywhere, and between people coming in and people going out, it was over before it started for us. We didn't lose our state in November, and face a fight over guns the next month. It was a long, slow slide into where we are now. The so-called Republican Party in this state was gutless and spineless long prior, and rolled over on assault weapons over one incident, and the "Republican" governor lacked the guts to veto the bill. And within a couple of years after the floodgates were opened to illegals, there weren't any Republicans anywhere who could stop anything, even if we could have found one or put one in office with a functional spine.

And holding public rallies would have accomplished nothing.

So put a sock in that noise, swallow some braggadocio, and learn a hard lesson:

9) There's what you can do, and what you can't do.
So if you're going to do something, DO IT.
Stop yakking about it. Stop marching for it. Stop wishing for it.
Think as long and hard as it takes.

Cheerleader b.s. pep rallies aren't going to get it done.
I'm sure your high school won every pep rally they held, because nothing was on the line.
What mattered was the score on the field, and whether your team moved the ball.
So please, for the love of all that matters, stop playing with your balls, and move the ball.

a) That means stop grandstanding for the cameras, which will never love you, never help you, never tell the truth about you, and never help you win.
The revolution will not be televised.
And get cracking on firing up your neighbors and friends, who will do all of those things, but only if you can get together with them on doing things that matter, things that count, things that WORK.

You are not going to stupid your way to victory.
You are not going to rally your way to victory.
You are not going to talk your way to victory.
You are not going to wish your way to victory.

You're going to have to recruit hard-hearted, like-minded, tough-headed people to plan your way to victory, organize your way to victory, and work  your way to victory, if you want to win a victory.

And dollars to donuts, the only marching that's going to work is going to be done with a pack, not a placard. PR may set the table, but bullhorns don't win battles.

You are not  going to be the first army in history to fly to victory on unicorns spewing strawberry-scented farts and pooping rose petals and happy gas to conquer the people in Point 2.

b) Propaganda, however, is a tool, and a weapon, if you would wield it as such, in the dimming twilight before the night of any actual war. So if you're going to get 20,000 people together, don't do just that.

But you would have needed the wit to have someone on the podium announce 
"Governor Northam, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!"
Right before you did it yourselves, on cue, just like Berliners did.

If those 20,000 in Richmond had dismantled that fence, rolled it up, stacked it in neat pieces, announced that free speech means everywhere, peaceful assembly means everywhere, and keeping and bearing arms means everywhere, and then peacefully walked away, you would have been more effective than if you'd pulled Gov. Babykiller onto the stage live, peeled his underwear off, and paddled his behind.
Your cell phone video of that would have gone worldwide viral.

So FFS, if you do what you did again, and TPTB put up a fence again, Flip The Friggin' Script, Will Ya?

If you'd all shown up with no masks, but all in blackface, you would have made the rally about shaming him, instead of shaming yourselves by providing photo ops for the EneMedia at ABCNNBCBS.

If you'd all been in coats and ties, instead of camo, you would have looked like the Sunday School teachers whose manners you displayed on Monday, and not like the bitter gun-toting clingers of liberal fever-dreams.
Unless and until things go hot
Write that on your hands in laundry marker.

But it's only a weapon if you wield it like one, deliberately, with more of a plan than "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we all showed up?" and no actual control over your own people beyond best wishes. Hope ain't a plan.

None of this after-game quarterbacking. It just demonstrates that there was no leadership at the goatrope with actual no sh*t contingency plans ready for
* How we co-ordinate this thing from bottom to top
* What we do if 50 people show up
* What we do if 500 people show up
* What we do if 5000 people show up
* What we do if a whole Army shows up, and we outnumber the cops 20:1.
No one thought about any of that, because no one thought about much beyond showing up.

Let alone
* What we do if someone (or a lot of someones) get(s) arrested
* What we do if someone gets injured
* What we do if someone gets shot
* What we do if shooting breaks out all over, and it goes pear-shaped

Failure to plan is planning to fail.
That's why Monday was a fail before it ever happened.

And you have to have another plan (or five) for what happens when it switches from a war of words to an actual war (like it will), because you won't propaganda your way to victory either, by itself. And you need to tell that truth to every Swinging Richard who shows up, until they can repeat it from memory. At some point, you'd better be ready to pick a fight.

11) You're going to have to get to the point where they either flee before your actual hardass forces, or get to where you shoot m*****f*****s in the face, and string the survivors up to lampposts in droves.

(Option Three is, you're getting loaded into boxcars. I would counsel avoiding that.)

Which leads to everything you need to know from here on out:

12) Anything that doesn't clearly and directly help you do #11 is a waste of time, energy, resources, and everything else you need to win. And you have none of them in such abundance that you can afford to squander them, for even a moment.

That's the topic.
Flame away on it. If you can.

Want MOAR! good ideas?
Go here. Read this.


Anonymous said...

NH is already lost, I fear, as last election cycle the legislature went Demonrat majority in both houses. They have, almost immediately, embarked on the traditional Dem gun grab agenda by passing, in the House, a Red Flag Law, last week and they have several others on the docket for consideration. Today, there's a hearing before the NH Senate Judiciary Committee, in Concord, on the Red Flag and two other gun grab bills, one of which OUTLAWS Gun Shows. The only saving grace for now, I hope, is we a Republican Governor, who, in the past, has vetoed similar gun grab legislation.


bearcub7250 said...

monday's protest was worthless.

why would any current member of the the va state government care when, for decades, they've been able to tax the crap out of us, shove 100Ks illegals into our neighborhoods, ram through abominations such as abortion AFTER delivery, etc, and we do NOTHING but whine?

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ, bearcat but I'm not going down that road anymore. What Aesop is saying ( and I have been saying too) is "What now?'.
A good point-of-departure can be found at Virginia 1-13 which I've pointed to several times in this blog. It nests nicely with suggestions our host made last week.
I'll leave all of you infallible paragons of wisdom and patriotism to continue; I'm going to the range.
Boat Guy

Cynyr said...

Wow. School has just been in session. I hope all of you listened, and are willing to do the homework.

Charles in VA said...

I've been saying , to any and everyone who would listen, for well over 10 years now that this only ends one way...that there's no other possibility.

The only question in my mind has been the exact route taken to get from where we are to where we are inescapably going. How long is that road and how fast we will traverse it?

It seems to me that these exact same discussions were had just prior to the American Revolution AND the American Civil War. Eventually the talking stops and the fighting begins. It always does.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thanks for yet another excellent synopsis, Aesop. You're one in a thousand. Top of the class.

Charles in VA said...

Well, there you go.

Walk tall, rally bois.

And just so you don't think it's a one off...


On a separate note, those who DO plan locally DON'T discuss it all over the stop asking stupid questions on the interwebs.

Anonymous said...

What now is precisely the question.

Boat guy, got a link for Virginia 1-13?

Georgians and North Carolinians, this same shitshow is coming our/your way.

Tempus fugit.


Aesop said...


Boat Guy's at the range. :)

Here's the link you wanted:

Anonymous said...

Please. Clarity. "Abortion after delivery" is murder. (Okay, well all abortion is) But, FFS, stop using "their" definition.
They're "too close for missles, I'm switching to guns"

Reltney McFee said...

Aesop, occasionally I find you coarse, condescending, and contemptuous.

Sometimes, inappropriately so.

Some of the commenters let the "gift wrap" obscure "the gift", and the nature of the gift.

I'm pleased that your prediction of a bloody trap, was in error.

I suspect your assertions of data collection are spot on.

I pray that your predictions of ineffectiveness are mistaken, and it is just too soon to tell.

But we all ought to plan and prepare, as if you and Mr. Bracken, are correct.

15Fixer said...

Well said....

Anonymous said...

"Toothless banjo-playing kinfolk"? White people from New Orleans and Appalachia did not flip CA's nutjob state legislature and contaminate its public offices, universities, primary and secondary schools and Hollywood studios with Boston-NYC-Wash., DC Ivy League Marxism and PC ideology. That award goes to CA's egalitarian and historically wealthy elite class and labor unions: Men such as Tom Hayden, Hiram Johnson, Henry Kaiser, Ed Roybal, the Mexican farm worker labor union and the CA longshoreman union.

A.B. Prosper said...

11:07 is mostly correct, its not Appalachia.

This is mostly for the WRSA small state types, not our host who gets the problem space.

Obviously no one wants to be Damned Yankees on the current Right but a pro tip here, there are no federal rules against pedophile story our and under the 9th and 10th amendments if Leftwingistan wants to do that , its 100% A-OK. Private business can also do whatever the fuck they like again, no rules.

Because we no longer have Adam's moral and religious people its now your job to enforce morality top down.

If you don't want drugs, hard core porn, perversion, illegal immigration or just being overthrown, you are going to be the boot on necks.

Its not "forever and ever" but its not going to take less than twenty years, probably forty. If it isn't wrapped up by 50, its never going to happen.

This means if the Right gets power they had better well use it. The temptation to cuck and run is so ingrained in them that odds are within months of a so called victory , there would be a counter revolution or baring that subversion.

Become Worthy, Take Power, Use power

Indispensable Destiny said...

If the Richmond Rally motivates out folks those who did not attend "DO IT," then it was worthwhile. Even in other states. Big events, like political rallies, can bring people out of the woodwork. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Word. I was born in the "Golden State" in 1947. Along with the usual suspects you have named, the only ones I can add are the (((public school boards))) who forced secularism and busing on all of us. As I posted over at Unz Review some time back in response to one of Fred's rants(Mexico Bueno, America malo); we got out of Riverside before we had to shoot our way out and then evacuated the rest of our white tribe who were prisoners in their own home.
I do not know where Aesop lives and I do hope he and those like him can make a difference. I do not see that happening. The power vacuum formed when the CA economy goes south will be filled by another entity more horrific than the legions of Marxists, cucks, and sexual deviates who are pulling on the reigns right now. We all live in interesting times.

jimbilly03087 said...

@nemo, NH is in a scary place. That said, Im going out Sunday to get better. I cant blv it has come to this here and the fudds, keep saying "Sununu will veto". Got any ideas, Im ready to talk.

Jethro said...

Now they want to make political dissent illegal in VA. I'm not kidding...check the Big League Politics article. They're going to have to be removed from office. This is going to fall on the LE community of VA.

Anonymous said...

wow, just wow.

the Fusa is losing it's lunch to suit wearing punk ass bitchez

no talk whatsoever about any stupid gun control down there in my state MI

i do however agree there should be at least a minimum level of agreement going forth...


T-Rav said...


When/if you have time, please do a post on the Virginia 1-13 resolution.

I would like to hear your thoughts on it, and moreover, it would be good for discussion of such proposals to spread around as far as possible.

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

Unknown said...

Here on the east side of the Sierras, I can see Nevada from my front porch.

Wheel said...

I appreciate your line in the sand: “As I told four fine people, several of whom you've read in comments here and elsewhere, over dinner last week IRL, you'll get California from my cold dead hands, and not without one helluva fight. My line in the sand is still here, and so am I. If you run from the fight, you'll never fight the fight, and you'll never win.”

You have said what needs to be said, what MUST be said at this critical juncture. Moreover, you back up your statements with a plan and logic. Your blog inspired my improved PT and need for tactical training. We are slowly building a network.

Keep fighting the good fight. Your wisdom is not falling on deaf ears.

GW in PA